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Lima Guide

A Brief History of Lima

Lima is the capital of and largest city in Peru. With a population of more than 10 million people, the city is the third largest in South America and has been given the nickname El Pulpo (‘The Octopus’). Travellers aboard flights to Lima can uncover the capital’s historical roots, which encompass Spanish settlement and the Inca Empire, however the city also has its foundations in a pre-Incan civilisation. Nods to Lima’s heritage can be seen at Huaca Pucllana, a seven-tiered structure that acted as a shrine for the Lima Culture. Upon the arrival of Spanish conquistadors and colonial settlers, the city was used as a go-between point for Andean silver being transported back to Spain. Lima was also the location used by Jose de San Martin, the Argentinian general, to declare Peruvian independence in 1821. The city’s main square, Plaza San Martin, is now named after him. As well as giving you the opportunity to explore this vibrant city, booking flights to Lima can take you into the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, which are located in the central coastal part of the country and will leave you with views overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Travelling with Children on Return Flights to Lima

Taking kids on-board cheap flights to Lima? The Peruvian capital is happily kid-friendly and there are a good range of activities and pursuits for families with plane tickets to Lima. Explore the city and its main historical centre on a walking tour; some free options leave from the Tourist Information Center in Miraflores. For a different mode of transport where the city’s glass skyscrapers sit on the street grid layout that highlights the plazas of green spaces, monuments or statues can be explored, take an eco-friendly bicycle tour and ride through the green city and along the cliffside on the coastline. For a child-friendly stop, visit the Circuito Mágico del Agua. This is a spectacular water park where visitors can wander through the displays of fountains and at night, a display that lightens up the fountains. To save the legs of youngest passengers aboard flights to Lima, exploring the city can also be done via a panoramic bus. There are many tours that leave during the day and throughout the night and will take you to the historical centre of Lima. Why not hop off your bus ride at the local zoo, Parque de las Leyendas houses more than 215 species of mammals, reptiles and birds, and is a perfect place to view some of Peru’s diverse wildlife. And right next door to the zoo is the Maranga, a pre-Incan archaeological site. This historical site was built in seven phases by seven different cultures and there are substantial ruins that remain. Whether you want to stroll as you take in the city, cycle to experience Lima, or sit and relax on a bus, flights to Lima provide the opportunity to learn about the city as you wish.

The Best Time to Visit

Airfare to Lima should be booked with the climate in mind. Even though the city is located just 12° South of the Equator, the area is ruled by its desert climate and subtropical temperature ranges, which range from approximately 12°C to 29°C. Book flights to Lima in Summer, from December through to April for warmer temperatures and clearer views across the city. This will also provide the opportunity to participate in the many water activities that Lima offers. Remember to secure cheap flights to Lima as soon as possible as the city attracts many visitors during Summer in particular. In the Winter Months, from May to November, you can expect persistent fog and low clouds over the city. This is not an ideal time to book tickets to Lima as the stunning views that the city boasts will not be seen. As there is a best time to visit Lima, flights do fill up fast and so make sure to get your airfare to Lima secured as soon as possible. Webjet offers cheap flights to Lima for the chance to enjoy the urban, but still green and luscious city that sits on the Pacific Ocean. One of the way to experience these views is to spend a day paragliding by the coast overlooking the diversity of Lima’s landscape.

Cafes and Restaurants

Flights to Lima lead straight to a cuisine capital where your tastebuds will be delighted and surprised. Peruvian cuisine is a mixture of flavours and influences from the landscape, other cultures and the traditions of people across the world. If you’re interested in the Peruvian ceviche, Lima is one of the best places to enjoy the dish and the culture surrounding it. As soon as you’ve booked your cheap flights to Lima, reserve your spot at Central, a restaurant repeatedly ranked as Latin America’s best. Helmed by chef Virgilio Martinez, who has the Michelin starred restaurant LIMA in London, Central will treat you to contemporary Peruvian dishes that celebrate Peru’s best flavours and traditions. Not only will flights to Lima send you into a cuisine capital, book tickets to Lima to experience the South American city that is known by many for the nightlife. There are many popular spots to spend your evening out in this bustling city. Barranco, also a district in Lima, quickly transforms from the artsy, trendy area that it is in the day to Lima’s party district where one can enjoy great restaurants and bars. Spending your evenings making the most of the local nightlife is a fun way to meet and learn about the local cultures and people, and is definitely worth booking flights to Lima for.