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Learmonth Guide

A Brief History of Learmonth

Tickets to Learmonth will land you at Learmonth Airport (LEA), which is both a civil airport as well as the site of the Royal Australian Air Force base. The airport is a launching pad for exploring Western Australia’s Coral Coast and for travellers heading to Exmouth. Those landing on flights to Learmonth with the intention of then driving to Exmouth can expect the car journey to take about 40 minutes. Travellers can hire a car in advance on Webjet or try to rent one upon arrival. Exmouth has an extensive history stretching back to 1618. The area was used as a military base in World War II where the advanced base was also used as a rest camp for submariners. An airfield, now called RAAF Learmonth Airport (LEA), was constructed in an effort to provide fighter defense. Today Exmouth is primarily a tourist destination, with its population growing from approximately 2, 000 people to 6, 000 during peak season. This region of Western Australia is known for offering its visitors the opportunity to go from ‘Range to Reef’ so put flights to Learmonth on your upcoming travel plans if the prospect of exploring world-famous national parks and underwater reefs piques your fancy.

Top Things to Do and See with Flights to Learmonth

The ‘Range to Reef’ experience can be enjoyed when you book your tickets to Learmonth. The Cape Range National Park covers more than approximately 506 square kilometres and is the ideal setting to unwind and connect with nature as you enjoy views across the gorges, rivers and the breathtaking Australian coastline. The Cape Range National Park can be explored by guided boat tour, trail drives along magnificent canyons, or walks through the rugged bush landscape. If you’re thinking about visiting and camping in the area between April and October, book your cheap flights to Learmonth as early as possible as the campgrounds are in extremely high demand during this time and get booked up well in advance. Spending time in the national park is an excellent place to see native fauna and birdlife and is a top attraction for tourists who have booked an airfare to Learmonth. If the thought of long, pristine beaches and coral waters entices you, a top place to visit is Ningaloo Reef in the Ningaloo Marine Park. Flights to Learmonth will land you right near this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is also the world’s largest fringing reef. Home to turtles, tropical fish and whale sharks, the diverse marine life living around the reef is bright and abundant. Booking plane tickets to Learmonth can definitely lead to adventure, no matter if you choose to visiting Skelton Beach and its reef shark nursery situation there; swim alongside an enormous whale shark; soar above the clear waters in a microlight flight; or head out on a expedition to spot pods of humpback whales. Spending your day on the white stretch of beach or in the stunning waters of Turquoise Bay is just one reason to make sure you have snapped up your cheap flights to Learmonth. This beach will leave you in awe, and when you grab a snorkel and swim over the pristine coral gardens in the sea, you will be blown away. Turquoise Bay can be found in the Cape Range National Park and is a wonderful addition to your weekend adventures - maybe even alone worth the flights to Learmonth for dedicated beach-lovers.

Best Things To Do on Weekends with Cheap Flights to Learmonth

Travelling to Western Australia on your return flights to Learmonth is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the scenic drives along the Coral Coast’s incredible shoreline. A notable stop is the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, which has a commanding outlook across Lighthouse Bay. Make your way to this lookout spot for sunset or sunrise, perhaps while sipping a sundowner and keeping an eye out for the whales that are frequent guests in the waters. An airfare to Learmonth can take you to another interesting site to visit: the Exmouth Navy Pier. This is a top diving site in Western Australia, however dives are only available through the licensed tours as the pier is still an active Navy location and is occasionally used as a docking point. As access to the pier is restricted, these diving experiences are extraordinary and promise views of the teeming marine life. Those seeking to get an adrenaline rush out of their flights to Learmonth can take up the opportunities at Ultimate Watersports, located in Exmouth, or keen anglers can use their return flights to Learmonth as the opportunity to hit the open seas on a fishing charter.