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Langkawi Guide

What should I pack for Langkawi?

Langkawi is an ideal tropical holiday destination for Australian travellers. The conditions are usually hot and humid, and you should pack clothes that are breathable and lightweight. With plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures, such as snorkelling or hikes, bring along a strong bug and mosquito repellent. If you have the time before your flights to Langkawi, spray your clothes with a permethrin spray. It will help deter the insects, in addition to any creams or sprays you apply before you head out on your excursions. When it comes to the dress code, Langkawi has a large Muslim population. Be mindful of the local culture and bring more modest clothes that cover your shoulders and knees.

What's on in Langkawi?

Langkawi International Water Festival

Got your eye on cheap flights to Langkawi in April? It's one of the best months to visit if you want a glimpse into the local culture. Since 2002, the island has hosted the Langkawi International Water Festival. It's a water-sports competition, and people from all over the island take part in a kayak race, sandcastle competitions, beach netball, fishing and an underwater treasure hunt.

Langkawi Geopark Carnival

Langkawi Geopark Carnival is a four-day event held in June. It mainly takes place in Kuah around the Eagle Square and visitors can watch musical and theatre productions, colourful parades and craft demonstrations. There is also a gastronomic program that foodies with flights to Langkawi can attend. You can taste local Malaysian food and learn about the history behind each dish.


Ramadan is the holy fasting month for Muslims, where those practicing refrain from eating or drinking between dawn and dusk. The dates for Ramadan change each year as it's based on the sighting of the new moon. At the end of the fast, there is a three-day celebration called Eid al Fitr. If your return flights to Langkawi fall over Ramadan, keep in mind that many restaurants and eateries may be closed during the day. You should also be respectful of local beliefs and take care not to eat in public where possible.

What should I know before visiting Langkawi?

How long to stay in Langkawi

When deciding how many days to book an airfare to Langkawi for, it all depends on the kind of holiday you'd like to have. If you want a relaxed experience without feeling rushed, buy tickets to Langkawi for a stay of at least a week. It will give you time to sightsee and go on excursions and outings, but also simply relax on the beach and do nothing.

How much money to bring

Your return flights to Langkawi will typically be your biggest expense. If you book accommodation at a budget to a mid-range guesthouse and eat at local restaurants, a good average budget to account for is about 250-300 MYR (up to $110 AUD) per day. When it comes to budgeting for activities, it all depends on how much you want to do. Entrance fees for the famous SkyCab start at 40 MYR ($14.42 AUD), and you can sign up for guided outdoor activities like island hopping and mangrove kayaking for around 120 MYR ($43.25 AUD) per person.

When to visit Langkawi

Langkawi has two distinct seasons: wet and dry. However, the peak rainy season only has short storms. Temperatures are usually 30-35°C during the day and only drop slightly in the evenings. If you want to avoid the rain at all costs, book your tickets to Langkawi for travel between December and April. However, if you'd like to see the island's waterfalls at their best, plan to travel at the end of the wet season in November.

Transport from Langkawi International Airport (LGK)

There is no public transport service at Langkawi International Airport (LGK). When your flights to Langkawi land, you'll need to take a taxi to your hotel. Rates start at 24 MYR ($8.65 AUD) to get to Pantai Cenang or 35 MYR ($12.61 AUD) for destinations like Tanjung Rhu.