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Kununurra Guide

Top Experiences for Visitors with Flights Broome to Kununurra

Mirima National Park

There is some stunning nature to experience around the Kimberley region when you have cheap flights to Kununurra from Broome. This national park is located just 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) east of the city. Also known as the ‘Hidden Valley,’ Mirima National Park is teeming with scenic vistas and Aboriginal history. The area is significant to the Miriuwung Aboriginal tribe, and examples of rock art can be seen throughout the park. Visitors with flights Broome to Kununurra can also enjoy hiking trails with views of rusty-red rock formations and native animals, including wallabies and dingoes.


Swim at the Grotto

The Grotto is a canyon located a short distance from Kununurra. It’s a natural water hole that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Kimberleys after arriving into Kununurra Airport (KNX). The Grotto forms a natural amphitheatre around the area where you can swim. If you book cheap flights to Kununurra from Broome during the wet season, you’ll also be able to see a waterfall within the Grotto.


Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is a natural wonder located south of Kununurra. It has the nickname ‘Jewel of the Kimberley’ due to its spectacular views. Lake Argyle is a large freshwater lake that is surrounded by a rugged landscape. When you have Broome to Kununurra flights, visit Lake Argyle to enjoy a variety of different activities. Visitors can go for a boat ride on the lake, go camping with a view, take in the scenery from hiking trails, and witness Aboriginal art. For an extra special experience, you could even go for a scenic helicopter ride over Lake Argyle when you have flights Broome to Kununurra.



Cafes and Restaurants

Wild Mango Cafe

This trendy spot in the city centre is open for breakfast and lunch each day. Wild Mango Cafe features a stylish interior and a great selection of food. When you visit the cafe after your flights Broome to Kununurra, you can enjoy dishes such as eggs benedict, a Japanese chicken burger, and lamb souvlaki. The cafe also serves a large selection of gelato – perfect for cooling off from the hot Kununurra weather.



Located on the shores of the Ord River, Pumphouse offers spectacular views to visitors with Broome to Kununurra flights. The menu consists of modern Australian cuisine that perfectly showcases the local produce and flavours of the Kimberley region. Pumphouse serves lunch and dinner throughout the week as well as breakfast on the weekends. Dishes to try here when you have cheap flights Broome to Kununurra include wood fired pizza, beer battered barramundi, and slow roasted lamb.


Cafe Sandalwood

Located north of town, Cafe Sandalwood is a great place to start your day after flights Broome to Kununurra. In addition to serving food and drinks, Cafe Sandalwood is also known for selling locally-made sandalwood oils and skincare products. Food items include a variety of pastries and main dishes, such as avocado with poached egg, pasta with slow-cooked beef cheek, and a salmon salad.


Cornerside Cafe

Right in the heart of Kununurra, Cornerside Cafe serves up beautifully plated dishes. Locally-known for its ambience, Cornerside Cafe is a great place to grab brunch when you have tickets to Kununurra from Broome. Dishes to try at the cafe include omelettes, pancakes, yoghurt parfaits, and maple bacon waffles.



The Best Time to Visit with Broome to Kununurra Flights

Located in the tropical Top End of Australia, Kununurra experiences both a wet season and a dry season. If you are hoping to enjoy many outdoor activities after your Broome to Kununurra flights, plan your trip in the dry season between April and October. During the dry season, humidity is low, there’s little chance of rain and daytime temperatures are a manageable 31 to 33°C. However, dry season is also the busiest time to visit. If you book cheap flights Broome to Kununurra in the dry season, be sure to book your accommodation early for the best rates.

In order to find a bargain, consider booking Broome to Kununurra return flights during the wet season between November and March. Weather during the wet season reaches about 40°C during the day, and humidity levels are high. You’ll also experience some tropical rainstorms, which can create a stunning view when accompanied by lightning shows. A downside to visiting in the wet season is the risk of flooding, which can cause certain attractions to close.