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Krabi Guide

Top Experiences for Visitors with Cheap Flights to Krabi

Railay Beach and Caves

Located within the Railay neighbourhood, many visitors with flights to Krabi consider this beach to be the region’s most beautiful. From the beach, there are some incredible views of the ocean and tall limestone cliffs. For an adventurous activity, hop in a kayak and explore the coastline around Railay Beach. In addition to the striking cliffs, there are several caves that you can paddle into when the waves are calm.

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

If you’re hoping to experience some of the Thai jungle after your cheap flights to Krabi, visit Thung Teao. The Natural Park is home to gorgeous hikes, natives plants and animals, and waterfalls. Another major attraction you can visit in the park is the Emerald Pool, which is perfect for a post-hike swim.

Phi Phi Islands

The famous Phi Phi Islands can be reached by boat from Krabi in about 45 minutes. There are two Phi Phi islands to visit when you have return flights to Krabi – Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. Phi Phi Don is the larger of the two islands and the most popular among tourists with an airfare to Krabi. The islands are teeming with natural beauty, from the cliffs and caves to the turquoise coloured water. While spending time on the Phi Phi Islands, you can lounge on the beach, go for hikes, snorkel, and take a boat ride along the coastline.

Neighbourhood Overview

Ao Nang

This neighbourhood is the most popular among tourists who book cheap flights to Krabi. It is centrally located with lots of shopping, restaurants, and bars. The neighbourhood also has a beautiful beach and plenty of high-end accommodation options. Ao Nang is a popular neighbourhood to stay in after arriving on flights to Krabi as it is an easy starting point for exploring the region.

Railay Beach

If you’re looking for an authentic experience when you have tickets to Krabi, plan to spend some time in the secluded neighbourhood of Railay Beach. Due to large limestone cliffs surrounding the neighbourhood, it can only be reached by boat. There are also no motorised vehicles in Railay Beach, adding to the charm. Within Railay Beach, there are plenty of caves and hiking trails to enjoy.

Noppharat Thara

This neighbourhood is located next to Ao Nang and offers a slightly quieter experience than its neighbour. While there are plenty of hotels, shops, restaurants, and bars to enjoy in Noppharat Thara, it experiences less tourists than Ao Nang. Noppharat Thara surrounds the Klong Haeng River and offers easy access to the Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi Marine National Park.

Koh Lanta

While Koh Lanta is located off the mainland of Krabi, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for visitors with return flights to Krabi. The neighbourhood has a relaxed atmosphere to it, but still offers a variety of accommodation and dining options. Head to Koh Lanta after your flights to Krabi to go snorkelling, diving, and island-hopping.

Travelling with Children

Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand is just as exciting for the adults as it is for the children. There are several elephant sanctuaries throughout southern Thailand, but Krabi Elephant Sanctuary north of the city is a must for visitors with cheap flights to Krabi. While visiting, travellers with flights to Krabi can learn more about Thai elephants, help bathe them, feed them, and go for a walk with them.

Go Snorkelling

One of the top activities for people with flights to Krabi is to go snorkelling or scuba diving. Krabi is within easy reach of some of Thailand’s most incredible coral reefs, tropical fish, and turquoise ocean water. Snorkelling is an activity that the whole family can enjoy after arriving into Krabi Airport (KBV). Some of the most popular snorkelling spots to have on your radar after flights to Krabi are the Phi Phi Islands, Chicken Island, and Koh Poda.

Go Kayaking in Koh Hong

Koh Hong is a small island located off the western mainland of Krabi. When you have return flights to Krabi, visit Koh Hong to take in its breathtaking natural beauty. You can kayak through caves and past tall limestone cliffs. On the beaches, you can enjoy some great snorkelling and even have the opportunity to spot some monkeys playing in the trees.

How Much Time to Spend in Krabi

Booking cheap flights to Krabi is the perfect way to relax on the pristine beaches of southern Thailand. While it would be easy to spend months at a time in Krabi, many visitors book flights to Krabi for a week to enjoy both the mainland and the islands of the Krabi region.

Best time to visit Krabi

Krabi features a hot, humid climate which remains fairly consistent throughout the year. Average lows sit around 23 degrees all year round, with average highs fluctuating between 31 and 34 degrees in autumn and spring, respectively. The rainy season occurs from May to November, with particularly heavy monsoons in August, September and October. The best time to visit Krabi is between November and March, as the weather is drier and slightly less humid. That said, this fine weather coincides with peak tourist season, so be prepared for higher rates and busier streets. If you’re looking to save money and don’t mind risking the unpredictable weather, try visiting Krabi between May and August.


Krabi International Airport

Flights travel to Krabi International Airport from a number of destinations, including Bangkok, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Chiang Mai. Krabi International Airport is located about 12 kilometres from the centre of town; simply catch a tuk-tuk to get there with ease.