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Flights to Kathmandu Dec 2023 Jan 2024 Feb 2024 Mar 2024 Apr 2024 May 2024 Cheapest Flight
Departing Adelaide - - - Best Price MH Airlines
$1,246* RETURN
- SQ Airlines
$1,292* RETURN
$1,246* RETURN
Travel in March
Travel to Kathmandu from Adelaide with MH Airlines
Departing Brisbane - - - - - -
$1,526* RETURN
Travel in June
Travel to Kathmandu from Brisbane with MH Airlines
Departing Hobart - QF Airlines
$2,042* RETURN
- SQ Airlines
$1,714* RETURN
Best Price SQ Airlines
$1,436* RETURN
$1,436* RETURN
Travel in April
Travel to Kathmandu from Hobart with SQ Airlines
Departing Gold Coast - - Best Price SQ Airlines
$1,952* RETURN
TG Airlines
$2,014* RETURN
- -
$1,952* RETURN
Travel in February
Travel to Kathmandu from Gold Coast with SQ Airlines
Departing Sydney - - - - - Best Price SQ Airlines
$1,398* RETURN
$1,398* RETURN
Travel in May
Travel to Kathmandu from Sydney with SQ Airlines
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Kathmandu Guide

Tips for First-Time Travellers on Cheap Flights to Kathmandu

Apply for your visa at least a month in advance

Australians are required to have a visa before arriving into Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM). To apply for the visa, you can either visit the Consulate General of Nepal in Melbourne or send your documents by post. Once the visa has been issued, you have six months to use it and can remain in Nepal for up to 150 days.


Spend or exchange your Nepalese rupees before flying home

It’s actually against the law to take Nepalese money out of Nepal. After your flights to Kathmandu, try not to withdraw more money than you will spend. But if you do have excess cash, you can exchange it back to dollars at the end of your trip at Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM).


Obtain a TIMS card if you’ll be visiting national parks

Short for Trekkers Information Management System, a TIMS card allows access to all of Nepal’s hikes when you have return flights to Kathmandu. You can purchase a TIMS card from many trekking companies in Kathmandu for a fee of 1,000 rupees ($12.80 AUD) if you’re hiking with a tour, or 2,000 rupees ($25.60 AUD) if you’ll be hiking independently.


Try the local cuisine

After arriving on your return flights to Kathmandu, make it your mission to try as many local dishes as possible. Some popular ones for travellers with airfare to Kathmandu to try include dal bhat, momos, sel roti, chatamari, yomari, and juju dhau.



Top Experiences for Visitors in Nepal on Flights to Kathmandu

Hike to the Everest Base Camp

One of the main reasons people book tickets to Kathmandu is to see Mount Everest in person. For an unforgettable experience, book onto a group trek to the Everest Base Camp. While the mountain itself is only suitable for seasoned climbers, the hike up to Base Camp is not too challenging. The hike must be done slowly to avoid altitude sickness, so set aside about 14 days from your trip if you’d like to make the journey to Everest Base Camp. If you don’t have the time, there are also plenty of viewpoints within easy reach of the city where you can see Mount Everest after your flights to Kathmandu land you in Nepal.



This impressive temple is located a short distance from the city, in the Kathmandu Valley. It was constructed more than 2,000 years ago and is a popular attraction for visitors with cheap flights to Kathmandu. The temple features an elaborate design that is typical of Nepal. While visiting after your flights to Kathmandu, you’ll also be able to spot wild monkeys throughout Swayambhunath.


Durbar Square

Visitors with an airfare to Kathmandu can see this impressive square in the city centre. Durbar Square translates into English as Royal Square, and it was once the spot where Nepalese kings were crowned. There are traditional Nepalese temples and palaces within the square.


Kathmandu Old City

Immerse yourself in the history and culture after your flights to Kathmandu by visiting the Old City. The Old City is made up of narrow streets and temples that will transport you back to the ancient days of the city. The Old City is like a maze with lots of hidden gems to experience after your cheap flights to Kathmandu.


Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu. Located on the Bagmati River, it’s a beautiful place to experience when you have return flights to Kathmandu. While Pashupatinath is often referred to as a single temple, it is actually a large temple complex, consisting of 518 small temples and monuments. Pashupatinath was built in the traditional Nepalese pagoda style.



The Cost of Visiting

Travelling from Australia, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the prices in Nepal. After booking cheap flights to Kathmandu, you can book a great hotel in the city centre for around $80 AUD per night. If you are travelling on a budget, there are even options as low as $10 AUD. You can get a delicious local meal for about 400 rupees ($5.10 AUD) and a local beer for 300 rupees ($3.85 AUD). Once your flights to Kathmandu arrive to Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM), a taxi is the easiest transportation option and costs an affordable 800 rupees ($10.25 AUD) into the city.