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Wed 13 Nov 03 Nov
Thu 14 Nov 12 Nov
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Sun 17 Nov 05 Nov
Mon 18 Nov 03 Nov
Tue 19 Nov 01 Nov
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Fri 22 Nov 03 Nov
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Wed 13 Nov
Updated on 03 Nov
$1,191 RETURN
Thu 14 Nov
Updated on 02 Nov
$1,192 RETURN
Fri 15 Nov
Updated on 31 Oct
$1,340 RETURN
Sat 16 Nov
Updated on 31 Oct
$1,418 RETURN
Sun 17 Nov
Updated on 31 Oct
$1,252 RETURN
Mon 18 Nov
Updated on 01 Nov
$1,242 RETURN
Tue 19 Nov
Updated on 01 Nov
$1,189 RETURN
Wed 20 Nov
Updated on 02 Nov
$1,361 RETURN
Thu 21 Nov
Updated on 01 Nov
$1,189 RETURN
Fri 22 Nov
Updated on 10 Nov
$1,304 RETURN
Sat 23 Nov
Updated on 29 Oct
$1,314 RETURN
Sun 24 Nov
Updated on 03 Nov
$1,312 RETURN
Mon 25 Nov
Updated on 11 Nov
$1,486 RETURN
Tue 26 Nov
Updated on 11 Nov
$1,236 RETURN
Wed 27 Nov
Updated on 09 Nov
$1,430 RETURN
Thu 28 Nov
Updated on 29 Oct
$1,311 RETURN
Fri 29 Nov
Updated on 10 Nov
$1,460 RETURN
Sat 30 Nov
Updated on 01 Nov
$1,949 RETURN

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Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,189
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $1,079
Cheapest month February 2020
Popular month December 2019
Average flight time 16h 55m

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Compare Cheap Flights from Brisbane to Johannesburg



The largest city in South Africa and one of the of the largest urban centres in the world, Johannesburg is an incredible city to visit. The city was established in 1886 after a farmer discovered gold. To gain some of these riches, thousands of people swarmed to the city, turning it into the cosmopolitan hub that it is today. Johannesburg is full of activities that can appeal to all different types of travellers. There’s lots of history, particularly relating to apartheid. For years, Johannesburg was highly segregated, and many of the townships faced oppression and hardship. The city managed to overcome that dark period in its history and has become an inspiring place with a real feel of community. As well as history, Johannesburg is full of art, nightlife, and good food. Head outside of the city, and you’ll find lots of African nature to experience, including some of the most world’s most famous safari spots. Booking cheap flights from Brisbane to Johannesburg is the perfect way to start off a holiday around South Africa.



Ready to book cheap flights from Brisbane to Johannesburg? With plenty of cheap airfares from Brisbane to Johannesburg, Webjet can be your guide to spending time in the breathtaking city of Johannesburg, South Africa.


The best time to book cheap flights from Brisbane to Johannesburg



For an ideal holiday experience, plan your return flights from Brisbane to Johannesburg in the months between March to May or September to November. Weather during these seasons is great, hitting the mid-20°C during the day. Travelling in the spring and autumn allow you to miss the summer peak season. From December to February, Johannesburg fills up with crowds, and hotel costs increase due to the higher demand. Summer gets hot in Johannesburg and experiences more rain than the other seasons.



If you don’t mind chilly weather, you might want to plan BNE to JNB flights during the winter months between June and August. While temperatures can drop as low as 2°C at night, daytime temperatures average at a pleasant 17°C with plenty of sunshine and minimal rain. One of the main benefits to visiting Johannesburg in the winter is the amazing hotel deals that you can find as a result of low season in the city. If you’ll be continuing your South African holiday to include a safari, the winter months are the best time to do so. Since the weather is mild, animals venture out to watering holes in groups rather than sheltering themselves from the heat.


Departing From Brisbane

Brisbane Airport is one of the largest airports in Australia. It is located about 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) north of the CBD and offers affordable transport links from the city. Plenty of airlines transport travellers from Brisbane to Johannesburg on a daily basis.



With more than 1,200 return flights from Brisbane to Johannesburg each week, Webjet provides plenty of options for travellers. Major airlines with cheap airfares from Brisbane to Johannesburg include Etihad Airways, Virgin Australia, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, and South African Airways. There are currently no direct flights, but you can easily find a flight with one stopover. With a short stopover, cheap flights from Brisbane to Johannesburg take about 17 hours.



Getting to Brisbane Airport



For the most affordable journey to the airport, you might consider taking Brisbane’s Airtrain. It can get you from the CBD to the airport in close to 20 minutes. This train leaves every 15 minutes during peak operating time and every 30 minutes during off-peak times. It runs from 5am-10pm on weekdays and 6am-10pm on the weekends. Depending on what station you travel from, the train will vary in prices. Tickets from Brisbane Central Station cost $18 AUD for adults.



For the most direct trip from your home to Brisbane Airport, you can catch a taxi or a Uber. A taxi from the CBD will arrive to the airport in about 20 minutes for a fare ranging between $45-$55 AUD.




Parking at Brisbane Airport



If you would like to drive to the airport, you can look into one of Brisbane Airport’s many affordable parking options. For the lowest prices, pre-book your parking spots as far in advance as you can.



Where to Park at Brisbane Airport



• AIRPARK Everyday typically costs $10 AUD a day, but only $5 AUD a day for trips longer than 10 days. Due to its 24/7 surveillance, this car park is secure for long trips.



• AIRPARK Undercover has the same rates as AIPARK Everyday. Drivers can park in covered spots, which protects your car from the heat of the Brisbane sun. You should book your spot online in advance, as this car park fills up quickly.



Arriving in Johannesburg



There are two airports that service international flights from Brisbane to Johannesburg: Johannesburg International Airport (JNB) and Lanseria International Airport (HLA). JNB is located about 35 kilometres (22 miles) east of the city centre and is the city’s main airport. HLA is the city’s secondary airport and is about 45 kilometres (28 miles) north of Johannesburg.



How to Get from Johannesburg International Airport (JNB) to Your Johannesburg Hotel or Accommodation



The easiest way to get from the airport to central Johannesburg is by taking a taxi. A taxi from Johannesburg International Airport (JNB) can take about 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic. Taxis in Johannesburg use meters, and fare from the airport into the city centre comes to about R265 ($25 AUD).



In order to save some money, you can catch a train from Johannesburg International Airport (JNB) to the city centre. The train system serving the Johannesburg area is called Gautrain. You can find a Gautrain station on the upper level of the airport, between Terminals A and B. The train stops at Park Station, which is right in the heart of central Johannesburg. Tickets for this train cost R170 ($16 AUD).



How to Get from Lanseria International Airport (HLA) to Your Johannesburg Hotel or Accommodation



For a direct trip from Lanseria International Airport (HLA) to your hotel in the city centre, you can catch a taxi. A taxi from Lanseria will get you to your hotel in about 35 minutes without traffic. Taxis operate on meters, and taxi fare from Lanseria International Airport (HLA) into Johannesburg costs about R500 ($47 AUD).



For a more affordable trip into the centre, you can catch a shuttle to the Sandton Gautrain station. Lia Shuttles makes regular departures throughout the day and costs R80 ($7.65 AUD) to Sandton. The train from Sandton to Park Station in the city centre costs R24 ($2.30 AUD) and arrives in 8 minutes.


Things to do in Johannesburg



Apartheid Museum

This museum chronicles the history of 19th century South Africa during apartheid. During this period, South Africans experienced systematic racial segregation. A trip to the museum is a way to gain an understanding of life before and during this difficult time in South African history. Entry is R95.00 (about $9.15 AUD) for adults and R80.000 (about $7.70 AUD) for students and children.



Try a beer at the Beerhouse

Beer connoisseurs will marvel at the amount of options offered at the Beerhouse. This beer hall takes “99 bottles of beer on the wall” literally; it has a numbered display of 99 different bottled beers on a large wall along with the 25 draft beers on tap. It was even featured in a list of the “21 Best Beer Bars in the World.” If you enjoy craft beer, you’ll love it here.



Lion Park

Lion Park is a 1,500 acre conservation area for lions and other wildlife. It hosts over 80 lions of different varieties, cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, jackals and antelopes. Entry to Lion Park is free for children under 12 years old and R195.00 (about $19 AUD) for adults. For an in-depth tour of the park, you can also book onto the Predator Tour, Night Feeding Tour, or Full Safari for an extra charge.



Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is a popular amusement park, located in an old gold mine in Johannesburg. As the location and name suggest, this park is themed around the gold rush. To demonstrate this theme, staff members wear costumes from the 1880s, and buildings are modelled after architecture from that period. Some of the most popular attractions include various roller coasters, water rides, and the Gold Reef City Casino. Adults planning to go on rides should expect to pay R215 (about $20 AUD) and non-riding adults pay R125 ($12 AUD).



Go to the “Top of Africa”

For incredible views over Johannesburg, head up to the observation deck of the Carlton Centre, which is the tallest building in Africa. From there, you can spot the vast amounts of trees, which make Johannesburg a literal urban jungle. Going to the top of the building costs R15.00 ($1.45 AUD) for adults and R10.00 ($1.00 AUD) for children.



Wits Origin Centre

This incredible museum is ideal for history-lovers who want to immerse themselves in Africa’s rich heritage. There are many artefacts from the humankind’s origins in Africa, art throughout African history, and fossils that were found throughout Africa. Entrance into the Wits Origin Centre costs R81.00 ($7.80 AUD) for adults and R40.00 ($3.85 AUD) for students and children under 12.



Bungee Jumping at Orlando Towers

The two 33-storey-tall towers are covered in colorful murals. Just as the playful design suggests, this is a place of fun and adventure. Tourists can participate in bungee jumping, zip-lining, abseiling, rock climbing, and the popular power swing. If heights aren’t your thing, you can also play paintball at the Orlando Towers.

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