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From hip bars to soaring skyscrapers, Jakarta is one of the world's great megalopolises. Use Webjet to plan your trip to The Big Durian by comparing airlines to find the perfect flight that fits your holiday budget.

Jakarta Guide

A Brief History

Jakarta has a rich history that you can experience first-hand after booking flights to Jakarta. Located on the island of Java, Jakarta was first settled in the 4th century BC as a sea port. Over its first several centuries, Jakarta traded hands between various different kingdoms. In 669 AD, Jakarta and the rest of western Java became the Kingdom of Sunda, which ruled for close to 1,000 years. In the late 16th century, Java was visited by the Dutch who colonised the region soon after. Jakarta then became a major port within the Dutch East India Company. Tensions began to rise between the locals and the Dutch, but Jakarta remained a Dutch colony until 1942. During that time, Java was occupied by Japanese forces as World War II was being fought. Following the war, Indonesia declared its independence, and Jakarta became the capital city of this newly independent nation. Jakarta is teeming with history and cultural artefacts for you to explore following your arrival into Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK).


Top Things to Do and See After Your Flights to Jakarta

Merdeka Square

The large Merdeka Square is located in the heart of the city and is one of the most popular destinations for visitors with an airfare to Jakarta. Events regularly take place in the square, including parades and civic demonstrations. Visitors with return flights to Jakarta can enjoy the large park containing fountains and a deer enclosure that surrounds Merdeka Square.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Translated into English, this landmark is the Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. Throughout the park, visitors with flights to Jakarta can learn more about the history and culture of Indonesia’s 26 different provinces. Each province is represented by a pavilion that contains important cultural items from the region, such as artwork, clothing, and architecture.

Kota Tua

After your cheap flights to Jakarta arrive, immerse yourself in the city’s history in Kota Tua. This neighbourhood made up the original city centre of Jakarta. The architecture throughout Kota Tua will transport you back in time to Indonesia’s colonial era due to the unique Dutch design. While Indonesia was part of the Dutch East Indies, Kota Tua was known as the epicentre of the Asian spice trade.

National Museum

Head to the National Museum following your flights to Jakarta in order to learn more about the place you are visiting. The museum illustrates the story of Indonesia, through its geography, art, culture, history, and traditions.

Jin De Yuan

This Buddhist Temple was first constructed in 1650, making it the oldest Chinese temple in Jakarta. In recent years, it has become a popular landmark for visitors with tickets to Jakarta. The temple is beautifully designed with elaborate dragons on the roof and a collection of ceremonial bells and ancient calligraphy inside.


Etiquette Tips For Travelling on Return Flights to Jakarta

Avoid using your left hand

The left hand is typically associated with personal hygiene in Indonesia. Avoid using your left hand after your flights to Jakarta, particularly when eating or when touching someone else.

Dress conservatively

The majority of locals in Jakarta are Muslim. Visitors with return flights to Jakarta are still expected to avoid wearing revealing clothes. Pay extra attention to how you are dressed while visiting religious sites or rural villages.

Don’t point with your index finger

This is considered rude among locals in Jakarta. Instead, indicate something by motioning to it with your right thumb.

Smile at locals

After arriving on your cheap flights to Jakarta, you’ll notice that most locals will look at you with a cheerful disposition. Smile back at them, as many Indonesian people find it disrespectful to look at them with a serious facial expression.


The Best Time to Visit on Cheap Flights to Jakarta

With a tropical island location, Jakarta experiences hot weather all year round. The city has both a wet season and a dry season, each offering a unique experience to visitors with flights to Jakarta. With warm temperatures of about 30° and minimal humidity during the day, the dry season is the most popular time to book return flights to Jakarta. The city’s dry season lasts from June to September.

During the wet season between October and May, humidity increases and rain storms are common. January is the rainiest month of the wet season, so it is not an ideal time to book cheap flights to Jakarta if you are hoping to explore the outdoors. Outside of January, the wet season is a great opportunity to visit Indonesia on a budget with affordable accommodation and cheap flights to Jakarta.