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Short haul flights from Australia

To enjoy an incredible international holiday, there’s no need to spend multuple days in transit. You’ll find an assortment of destinations that feel a world away even though it may just be a few hours' flight from Australia. If you’re searching for your next holiday location, look closer to home with great short haul international flights from Australia.

New Zealand

One of Australia's closest neighbours, New Zealand is a popular destination for Australian travellers. NZ is a country that can be experienced in so many ways, as it is abundant in natural beauty, rich with culture and offers plenty to see and do, Get adventurous in Queenstown, see the sights of Auckland or take time out to marvel at the beauty of the country’s countless national parks, beaches and mountains. With direct flights to Auckland from Australia’s east coast capitals clocking in at less than 3 hours 30 minutes, you could leave Australia at lunch time and arrive in the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ in time for dinner.


Located to the northwest of Australia, Indonesia is a firm favourite among Australian tourists. Less than four hours' flight from Perth and slightly more than six hours from Sydney, Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Aussies, thanks to its sun, surf and laidback lifestyle. Jakarta, Indonesia’s sprawling capital is also well worth exploring, with its unique culture, cuisine and way of life just waiting to be discovered.


Renowned for its beautiful beaches and crystalline waters, Fiji is a great destination for those wanting to experience what makes the South Pacific such an incredible corner of the globe. Recharge your batteries with a cocktail in hand at an all-inclusive resort, head outdoors and embrace the beauty of the archipelago’s coastline and rugged interior, or simply take some time to embrace laidback island living. Less than four hours' flight from Australia’s east coast, Fiji is a great go-to for a short stay, a long holiday or something in between.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia is only a stone’s throw away from Australia’s east coast, so there’s no need to travel all the way to Europe to enjoy a taste of French culture. Blending French heritage, traditions and cuisine with a picturesque South Pacific setting, there’s plenty to see and do during a stay in the archipelago. Go snorkelling and see spectacular marine life in the wild, wine and dine in Noumea, or spend time getting to know more about the traditions of the local Kanak people.


Long haul flights from Australia

Although Australian travellers are within easy reach of New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific, some other popular international destinations are not always so close by. If you’re wanting to experience new cultures and experiences, long haul international flights may be necessary.

United States

The home of Hollywood, ‘The Big Apple’ and the iconic Grand Canyon, the United States is filled with incredible landscapes, vibrant cities and a unique blend of cultures. Spend time exploring New York’s diverse neighbourhoods, soak up some sun in California or set out on a road trip, stopping at some of the country’s breathtaking national parks along the way.


Home to more than 40 different countries, Europe is an incredibly diverse continent that’s not only rich with culture, but also history. Wander through ancient laneways in Rome, keeping an eye out for monuments dating back thousands of years. Delight the senses with an incredible meal in Paris before touring the Louvre, or spend the day sunbathing on a beach in the Greek Isles. Enjoy the finer things in Vienna, from delicious chocolates to world-class classical music, or spend time discovering what it is that makes Berlin, the German capital, so special. With each city and country offering something different, there’s certainly no one way to discover the magic of Europe.


Combining rich traditions with a thoroughly modern way of life, Japan has become one of Asia’s most popular holiday destinations. Whether you’re wanting to surround yourself with the bright lights of Tokyo or would prefer to discover the history of Kyoto, there’s something for just about every traveller across Japan and its islands. Explore ancient temples, dine on delicious Japanese food or simply take some time out to soak up your surroundings.


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