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Honolulu Guide

Honolulu, Hawaii is a dream destination for many. While it’s technically part of the United States, its culture is so unique from the rest of the country. The USA is only a few hundred years old, but the Hawaiian culture goes back more than 1500 years and has roots in Polynesia. Hawaii has a very unique landscape that spreads across eight islands. The island of Oahu is home to Honolulu and many of Hawaii’s tourist attractions.

Each week, about 245 flights depart from Melbourne to Hawaii. The major airlines to fly from Melbourne to Honolulu include Jetstar, Qantas, Hawaiian Airlines, and United. Most of the flights to Hawaii from Melbourne have layovers, but Jetstar has some direct flights to Hawaii from Melbourne as well. Without stops, the journey is ten and a half hours. You also cross over the International Date Line when you fly from Melbourne to Hawaii, so you’ll gain an extra day to explore.

Are you ready to discover the magic of the Hawaiian Islands? Webjet has your ultimate guide on how to make the most of a trip from Melbourne to Honolulu.

Things to do in Honolulu

Honolulu is an exciting city with lots to do. The city centre is full of great restaurants, shopping, and gorgeous beaches. Head just outside the city, and you’ll find some incredible nature. With great weather year-round, Honolulu is a city where you’ll be spending most of your time outside taking it all in.

Diamond Head Crater

Hawaii is full of great hikes. One of the best is located right in Honolulu a short distance from the Waikiki neighbourhood. Diamond Head is an inactive volcano with an easy hour-long hike to the top. From its summit, there is an incredible view of the city, the ocean, and the bright green Hawaiian landscape.

Iolani Palace

One of the best places to learn about Hawaii’s interesting history is at Iolani Palace. Until 1893, Hawaii was a kingdom with its own royal family. Iolani Palace is the former home of Hawaii’s royal family, and it’s a great place to learn about Hawaii’s culture and history before it became a US state.

Go to the Beach

You can’t travel from Melbourne to Hawaii without spending some time at the beach! Honolulu and the whole island of Oahu have some incredible beaches to experience during your trip. Waikiki Beach is located right in Honolulu and is an easy walk from the city centre. Located slightly outside the city, Lanikai Beach is a relaxing oasis, with small crowds, calm waves, and beautiful blue water. Take a bus or rent a car and head up to the North Shore, which is one of the top surfing hot spots in the world. North Shore is especially known for its surf, but surfing is great all over Oahu. If you’ve never tried surfing before, what better place to try it for the first time than in Hawaii?

Kalakaua Avenue

This long road stretches through Waikiki and central Honolulu and is the place to go for food, drinks, and shopping. Kalakaua Avenue starts right at Waikiki Beach and is lined with tropical palm trees and plenty of things to do.

Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor is one of the most significant historical events to happen in Hawaii. The bombing of Pearl Harbor took place in December 1941 and is the event that brought the United States into World War II. Today, you can visit the spot where this occurred to learn about the bombing and how it affected Hawaii. Pearl Harbor is made up of several memorials, including multiple ships, a submarine, and a museum.

Koko Head and Hanauma Bay

This is a challenging hike that rewards you with some incredible views. Koko Head is a mountain located east of the city centre. What makes this hike so unique is that instead of hiking up a regular trail, you walk up an old railroad track. From the top, you get a sweeping view of Honolulu and the Oahu coastline.
After hiking Koko Head, be sure to head to nearby Hanauma Bay. The bay has calm, clear water and is the perfect spot to go snorkelling. You’ll see lots of colourful coral, fish, and even some turtles.  

Best time to visit Honolulu

When should you book flights to Hawaii from Melbourne?

There’s no bad time to book flights to Hawaii from Melbourne. Honolulu has a pretty stable tropical temperature year-round. The weather is fairly dry most of the year, but between January and April, rain showers are more common. This is also the busiest time to visit Hawaii because it’s when the surf is the best. If you’re a surfer, this is an exciting time to visit for great waves and regular surfing competitions.

Outside of surfing season, the shoulder seasons from April to early June and September to mid-December are great times to travel from Melbourne to Honolulu. The weather is perfect, the island isn’t quite as busy, and there are lots of festivals and events to keep you entertained.


Departing from Melbourne

Melbourne Airport (also known to locals as Melbourne Tullamarine) is located north of the city and is the departure point for most international flights leaving Melbourne. There are about 35 flights to Hawaii from Melbourne every day on many of the top airlines, including Qantas, Jetstar, and Hawaiian Airlines. Avalon Airport is Melbourne’s second airport. It’s a small airport with flights within Australia, but some international flights leave from Avalon if they are connecting through Sydney. Qantas, United, and Hawaiian Airlines have a few flights that depart from Avalon Airport.

Getting to Melbourne Airport (MEL)

The Skybus offers five different express services departing from all over Melbourne. It’s the most stress-free way to get to Melbourne Airport. Each Skybus route runs every day and offers free Wifi on board.

If you’re travelling from the CBD, the Melbourne City Express gets you from Southern Cross Station to Melbourne Airport in under 45 minutes. Buses run every 10 minutes between 4:30AM-midnight every day, getting you to the airport and on your way from Melbourne to Honolulu in no time. The Skybus City Express runs 24 hours, so even in the early hours of the morning, you can get a ride to the airport every 15-30 minutes. Tickets for the City Express are $18 online or $19.50 at the station.

Travelling from the Southbank or the Docklands, the Southbank Docklands Express has 6 different pick-up points to choose from. This Skybus runs between 7AM-7PM and departs regularly for the airport. Buses leave every half hour during the week and every hour during the weekend. Tickets for this service can be purchased for $18 online.

The St Kilda Express picks up passengers from 4 different locations. During the week, it runs every half hour between 6:15AM-8PM, and during the weekend it runs between 6AM-7PM. The St Kilda Express is $19 to Melbourne Airport and will get you to your terminal in about an hour.

If you’re coming from a bit further south of the city, the Peninsula Express has 16 pick-up points along the Mornington Peninsula and southeastern beaches, including Brighton and Frankston. Fares vary between $22-$55 based on pick-up point, and there are regular departures throughout the day. Check the Skybus website for your stop’s daily timetable.

Coming from the western suburbs? The Western Express has pick-up points in both Werribee and Tarneit and will get you to Melbourne Airport in about 45 minutes to an hour. Tickets for the Western Express are $21, and buses leave hourly between 6:15AM-6:30PM.

If you prefer to take a taxi or an Uber to the airport, a ride from the CBD will have you to Melbourne Airport in under thirty minutes. Taxi fare from the CBD to Melbourne Airport comes out to about $55-$75 depending on traffic.

Parking at Melbourne Airport

If you plan to drive, Melbourne Airport has plenty of parking options to choose from. The Long Term car park is the best option for the budget-conscious traveller. You can park your car for less than $10 a day, and the sooner you reserve your spot, the lower your rate will be. A free shuttle bus is available to take you from the car park to the terminals in less than 5 minutes, so you can be on your way from Melbourne to Hawaii in no time!

Getting to Avalon Airport (AVV)

Avalon Airport is located about 50 km southwest of Melbourne’s CBD, just outside of Geelong. The Skybus has an Avalon City Express route, which picks up passengers in Southern Cross station and on Synnot Street in Werribee. Tickets from the CBD cost $22, and tickets from Werribee are $19. The Skybus Avalon timetable changes a little bit each day, but has buses scheduled to meet all departing and arriving flights. The Skybus will get you to Avalon Airport in 50 minutes from the CBD and 30 minutes from Werribee.

Parking at Avalon Airport

Avalon Airport has a “tap and go” system for its car park. When you arrive, you can either take a ticket or tap your credit card. If you choose to get a ticket, you can pay via a pay machine at the end of your trip when you’re leaving the airport. With the tap and go system, you simply tap off with the same credit card you used when you arrived, and you will be charged the corresponding amount. The cost of parking varies and the price per day goes down for each day you are parked. A short 4-day trip from Melbourne to Hawaii would cost $77 to park. However, a longer trip of two weeks from Melbourne to Honolulu would only cost $132 to park. The car park is under 24-hour surveillance and is located just outside the airport, so you can be inside the terminal within a few minutes.

Arriving in Honolulu

Honolulu’s international airport is located just 8 km from the city’s Downtown, so you can get into the city quickly and easily. If you are someone who prefers window seats, make sure to book a seat by the window for your flight from Melbourne to Honolulu. The view flying in is so beautiful with Hawaii’s bright blue water, green hills and volcanoes, and the skyscrapers of the city.

Getting to Your Hotel from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL)

The most budget-friendly way to get from Honolulu’s airport to the city is by public transport. Honolulu’s public bus service is simply called TheBus and has three routes departing from the airport. Routes 19 and 20 both have stops throughout Downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. If you are staying outside of the city, Bus 31 will take you to the Kalihi Transit Center where you can catch buses going all over the island, including the North Shore. Bus tickets are $2.50 each way for adults.

Honolulu’s airport also offers a shuttle that will take you right to your hotel. The shuttles are located just outside of baggage claim and operate on demand. You can reserve a shuttle in advance or book onto one right at the airport. Shuttle tickets cost $16 per person and include two pieces of luggage and a carry-on. If you brought your surfboard with you as well, the shuttle can accommodate it for an additional $22.

Taxis are available on the centre median outside of baggage claim. Airport taxis calculate fare by metre rather than a flat rate. A taxi to Downtown Honolulu or Waikiki costs about $40-$45, and there is a 50 cent surcharge for each piece of luggage.

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