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Honiara Guide

A Brief History

There is a vast and fascinating history to discover in the Solomon Islands when you book return flights to Honiara. Historians believe that the Solomon Islands were first settled around 2000 BC by Austronesian people from neighbouring Pacific islands. The land was divided between small communities who lived together peacefully. Europeans first discovered the islands when a Spanish explorer visited in 1568, and were visited again by the English in 1767. The Solomon Islands were colonised throughout the 1800s when European missionaries were sent to trade and spread their religion. During the 1890s, the Solomon Islands became a British protectorate. The Solomon Islands had a strong involvement in World War II, and witnessed many battles between the Japanese and American forces. Following the war, natives decided to fight for more control over their land from the British. After several conflicts, the Solomon Islands became independent in 1978. When you book flights to Honiara, you can learn more about the history and culture of this beautiful island nation.


Top Things to Do and See With Plane Tickets to Honiara

National Museum

After your flights to Honiara arrive, start off the holiday with a trip to the National Museum. The museum is the perfect spot for visitors with return flights to Honiara to learn more about the country’s history and culture. The National Museum displays local art, sculptures, natural history, and relics from the Solomon Islands’ involvement in World War II.

Snorkel Among WWII Ships

The Solomon Islands were occupied by Japan during WWII, and several battles were fought off the country’s shores. Visitors who book tickets to Honiara can see the remains of war ships that sunk near the islands. Mbonege Beach near Honiara is home to the remains of two shipwrecks. Experience the wreckage up close by renting some snorkelling gear and snorkelling above the ships.

Savo Island

There are many Solomon Islands to visit by booking cheap flights to Honiara. Savo is a small island located off of Guadalcanal, where Honiara is located, and makes a great day trip from the city. In addition to having beautiful beaches and scenery, Savo Island is home to some WWII battle sites. Experience a lighter side to the island after your flights to Honiara by hiking on Savo Volcano and watch dolphins playing in the waters off the shore.

Central Market

One of the best ways to experience a new culture is by visiting their local markets. After arriving on cheap flights to Honiara, head to the Central Market in the city centre. Market stalls sell a variety of local items, including clothing, art, souvenirs, and fresh produce and fish.

Vilu Open Air Museum

Also known as Vilu War Museum, this spot is another reminder of the war, which greatly affected local life in the 1940s. Visitors with an airfare to Honiara can visit the museum for exhibits on WWII battles, war relics and equipment, and the remains of both Japanese and American fighter jets.


Etiquette Tips

Dress modestly

People in the Solomon Islands are conservative. Tourists with flights to Honiara, particularly women, are expected to dress modestly.

It is illegal to swear in the Solomon Islands

Swearing in public can result in large fines.

Carry cash

Most places in the Solomon Islands are cash-only. There are only two ATMs in the country, so plan to exchange some money before you depart or when you arrive to Honiara International Airport (HIR).

Avoid eye contact with local women

It is seen as a sign of respect to look away while speaking as a sign of respect.


The Cost of Visiting

After arriving on cheap flights to Honiara, your main expense will be accommodation. Hotels in the nation’s capital cost about $200 AUD per night. There aren’t many hotels in Honiara, so be sure to book yours early once you have your cheap flights to Honiara sorted.

The cost of restaurants to visit when you book flights to Honiara can vary, but the average cost of a meal tends to fall between $50 and $100 SBD ($8.70 and $17.45 AUD). Ordering a domestic beer costs about $23 SBD ($4 AUD), and a latte averages about $33 SBD ($5.75 AUD).

If you take public transport when you have return flights to Honiara, tickets cost about $3 SBD (50 cents AUD). A taxi costs about $10 SBD ($1.75 AUD) for every kilometre travelled.

Once you’ve booked your accommodation and flights to Honiara, the largest expense will likely be activities. Popular excursions including scuba diving and snorkelling. Prices vary based on which company you go with, but a diving lesson costs about $600 SBD ($105 AUD). Hiring snorkel equipment for a day costs about $110 SBD ($19 AUD).