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The Best Time to Visit with Brisbane to Honiara Flights

No matter what time of year you book flights Brisbane to Honiara, you can expect warm temperatures of about 30°C during the day and 23°C at night. However, a factor that does change throughout the year is humidity. The months between December and March are the wettest with high humidity and increased chance of rain. June to September is the driest time to travel on cheap flights to Honiara from Brisbane, but there is always a chance of tropical rain showers. The Solomon Islands are starting to emerge as a tourist destination, but the country doesn’t experience the same crowds as many other Pacific islands. So no matter whether you book your cheap flights Brisbane to Honiara in the wet or dry season, you can expect an authentic experience without too many other tourists.


Cafes and Restaurants

The Breakwater Cafe

Between its waterfront location and great selection of food and drinks, the Breakwater Cafe is a great spot to go after your Brisbane to Honiara flights. The cafe serves both breakfast and lunch that you can eat while enjoying the stunning ocean view. Dishes to try here after your flights Brisbane to Honiara include fish and chips, quiche, tuna baguettes, and plenty of pastries to enjoy for dessert.


Lime Lounge

This laid-back spot in the city centre is open for breakfast and lunch during the week and for dinner on the weekends. The restaurant staff pride themselves on the Lime Lounge’s friendly atmosphere and home-cooked food. There is a diverse menu to enjoy after your cheap flights Brisbane to Honiara, including omelettes, sandwiches, fish and chips, pastas, and fresh seafood.


The Ofis

The Ofis is the perfect spot to go for dinner when you have tickets to Honiara from Brisbane. The restaurant serves Italian-inspired food with menu items such as pesto chicken pasta, thin-crust pizzas, garlic bread, and decadent desserts. The Ofis is located right on the waterfront with beautiful views that you can enjoy while you dine. In addition to serving dinner, the Ofis is also open for breakfast and lunch on the weekends.


The Bamboo Bar

Don’t be confused by the name; rather than cocktails, the Bamboo Bar specialises in breakfast and coffee. It’s the perfect place to start your day when you have Brisbane to Honiara return flights. The cafe is located in the centre of town, just two streets away from the waterfront. The Bamboo Bar is beautifully designed as well, with an outdoor terrace and bamboo walls giving a true island vibe.


Major Events and Festivals

Spear Dancing Festival

Each May, this famous festival is held on the small Solomon Island of Santa Catalina. This is the perfect event to experience Solomon Islands culture after your Brisbane to Honiara flights. Throughout history, spear dancing has been a central and fascinating aspect to the nation’s culture. Festival-goers with flights Brisbane to Honiara can witness traditional spear dancing and see the beautiful island of Santa Catalina.


Lagoon Festival

If you have Brisbane to Honiara flights booked for October, you may get to experience the annual Lagoon Festival. During this event, a variety of competitions are held in different water sports. Locals compete in canoe racing, an open water swim, and the Tie Va Rani triathlon. While you’re visiting after your flights Brisbane to Honiara, you can watch the events and cheer on the competitors.


Independence Day

Plan for your cheap flights to Honiara from Brisbane to arrive in early July if you’d like to join in on the Independence Day celebrations. The holiday is celebrated on 7 July and marks the day the Solomon Islands became independent in 1978. On Independence Day, locals celebrate their country with a series of parades, cultural performances and sporting events.


Packing Tips

Since Honiara experiences hot weather year-round, pack lightweight clothing for your flights Brisbane to Honiara. While you are at your hotel or resort, you can dress similarly to how you would at home when it’s warm – shorts, sleeveless tops, and swimsuits. However, the Solomon Islands is a fairly conservative country, so visitors are recommended to cover up while exploring the local towns and villages. Bring a sarong or lightweight scarf that you can tie around your waist or shoulders after arriving into Honiara International Airport (HIR) and while exploring the local area. Other essentials for your Brisbane to Honiara flights include sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and comfortable walking shoes.

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