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Hervey Bay Guide

What should I know before visiting Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay is the unofficial whale-watching capital of Australia

One of the top things to do while holidaying on flights to Hervey Bay is a whale-watching tour. For several months each year, migrating humpback whales can be seen frolicking in the waters. Some sightings even happen from spots on land. If you’re hoping to see some whales, book your airfare to Hervey Bay for travel between July and November.

Hervey Bay is the main jump-off point for Fraser Island

The iconic Fraser Island, which is the world’s largest sand island, is just a stone’s throw away from Hervey Bay. When you visit the area with cheap flights to Hervey Bay, set aside a day or two to explore the stunning nature of Fraser Island. Guided tours are available from Hervey Bay, or you could rent a 4WD and do a self-guided trip.

Book a rental car to pick up from Hervey Bay Airport (HVB)

Hervey Bay is fairly spread out, without a great public transport network. Renting a car is the best way to explore the area between your return flights to Hervey Bay. Use Webjet to find the top deals on rental cars, and reserve one to pick up once your flights to Hervey Bay arrive. A regular sedan works well for the mainland, but 4WD cars are necessary on Fraser Island. If you book a 4WD, you can take it over on the ferry to Fraser Island.


What can you do when you book flights to Hervey Bay over the weekend?

Point Vernon Coastal Walk

The Hervey Bay area is teeming with beautiful coastal areas and beaches. One of the best spots to discover between return flights to Hervey Bay is Point Vernon. This peninsula is located just west of the city centre and has a gorgeous coastal walk. The walk begins at Parraweena Park and borders Point Vernon for about 5 kilometres (3.1 miles). Once it reaches the other end of the peninsula, the Point Vernon Coastal Walk joins up with the Hervey Bay Esplanade. Several parks and beaches are located around the border of Point Vernon, so there are plenty of spots to take a break along the way.

Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens

One of the top activities to enjoy between your return flights to Hervey Bay is the city’s Botanical Gardens. Spanning 26 hectares of land, these gardens are teeming with plants native to the Fraser Coast. Explore walking trails that loop through the gardens, or bring along a picnic to eat lunch surrounded by beautiful nature. Alongside the Fraser Coast flora, the Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens feature a Chinese Garden as well as an Orchid House that contains about 15,000 rare flowers.

Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere

While holidaying on flights to Hervey Bay, going on a whale-watching tour is an incredible experience. However, if you book tickets to Hervey Bay between December and June, there will be no whales to see, so spending time at the Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere is another great option. Throughout the Discovery Sphere, there are educational panels and interactive displays where you can learn about humpback whales and the biodiversity of the Fraser Coast. Have a virtual underwater encounter with whales in the theatre, and hear Dreamtime legends based around the whales and landscapes of the Fraser Coast.

What is the cost of visiting Hervey Bay?

With so many experiences on offer, it’s important to make a budget when you book cheap flights to Hervey Bay. Tours of Fraser Island are a must-do for many travellers visiting the area. A single-day tour of Fraser Island will set you back about $215 to $250 AUD. On the other hand, you could spend a bit longer on the island with a three-day/two-night tour for about $500 AUD. If you book airfare to Hervey Bay between July and November, embark on a whale-watching trip for an unforgettable experience. Whale-watching tours out of Hervey Bay start from about $100 AUD.

After booking cheap flights to Hervey Bay, also use Webjet to plan a couple other aspects of your holiday. When you book a hotel room through Webjet, plan to spend between $100 and $150 AUD for a room in the city centre. If you’re hoping to explore beyond the CBD, a rental car is essential. Book through Webjet to pick up your rental car from Hervey Bay Airport (HVB) on arrival. Sedan cars are available from about $45 per day, while a 4WD starts from about $95 AUD per day.

While visiting the Fraser Coast with tickets to Hervey Bay, food and drink are another aspect to budget for. A meal from a casual restaurant in the city will cost about $20 AUD, and local beers come to about $7 AUD.