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Helsinki Guide

Cafes and Restaurants


Toca has a relaxed atmosphere and puts a unique spin on Finnish cuisine. The menu is a fusion of Finnish and Italian cuisine. The menu changes each week, and diners can choose between a three-course or five-course meal. Make your dinner reservation as soon as you lock in your cheap flights to Helsinki.

Baskeri & Basso

The chefs at Baskeri & Basso favour fresh, local ingredients. They keep dishes simple, but pack them full of flavour, putting a Scandinavian touch on the classic French bistro. Restaurant guests with an airfare to Helsinki can order their meal à la carte or order from a three-course menu. The dishes at Baskeri & Basso are beautifully styled, making it the perfect dinner spot when you book flights to Helsinki.

Cafe Regatta

Regatta is a casual cafe located on the Helsinki waterfront. The design of the cafe is traditionally Scandinavian and will make you feel as if you’re in the Finnish countryside after your cheap flights to Helsinki. During the summer, there is outdoor seating where visitors with return flights to Helsinki can admire the view while they eat. Cafe Regatta is a great spot to grab breakfast or an afternoon coffee and snack.

Ravintola Kuu

Ravintola Kuu offers a classy dining experience, making it great for a special night out after your flights to Helsinki. The restaurant is a favourite among locals and offers classic Finnish cuisine. The menu consists of several fish dishes, soups, and fresh vegetables. If you’re feeling brave after your cheap flights to Helsinki, you could even order the traditional Finnish dish of reindeer fillet.


Major Events and Festivals

Helsinki Festival

This annual event is held at the end of the summer and is the largest arts event in Finland. Visitors with flights to Helsinki can enjoy a range of performances, including music, dance, theatre, visual art, and even circus acts.

Flow Festival

The Flow Festival is a music event held over the course of a weekend in August. It features a main stage as well as smaller stages around Helsinki. Book flights to Helsinki during Flow Festival to experience live music across a variety of genres from some of the top Scandinavian music acts.


Scandinavia is known around the world for its Electronic Dance Music. Weekend is an EDM festival that is held in July. During the festival, visitors who book return flights to Helsinki can see a range of popular musicians and DJs.


Public Transport and How to Get Around

Visitors with plane tickets to Helsinki will have no trouble getting around with the city’s public transport. The HSL system is made up of a metro, buses, trams, trains, and ferries. There is one metro line, which also connects to regional and commuter trains to help you reach the outskirts of the city. There are 10 tram lines that stretch through the city centre and into the suburbs as well. Countless bus routes travel through Helsinki, and ferries are available to the many islands that are located nearby.

As the capital and largest city in Finland, Helsinki is linked to the rest of the country by major train and coach routes, making it easy to continue the adventure after your flights to Helsinki. Long-distance ferries are even available from Helsinki, travelling to international cities such as Tallinn, Stockholm, and St. Petersburg.


The Cost of Visiting with Return Flights to Helsinki

Overall, the Scandinavian countries are infamous for being expensive to visit. While it would be easy to have a luxury trip when you book an airfare to Helsinki, it’s possible to experience Finland on a budget as well. The average city centre hotel costs between $150 to $200 AUD each night. Nice restaurants can charge up to €45 ($72 AUD) for a set menu, but you could eat in a casual restaurant for about €15 ($24 AUD) for a meal. Getting a coffee from a local cafe will set you back about €3.50 ($5.60 AUD). After your flights to Helsinki, you won’t need to spend a fortune on transport. The train between Helsinki Airport (HEL) and the city costs €5 ($8 AUD); single tickets on public transport cost €2.90 ($4.65 AUD); and you can purchase an unlimited day pass for public transport for €9 ($14.40 AUD).