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Havana Guide

Neighbourhood Overview

Habana Vieja (The Old Town)

Habana Vieja is the beating heart of Havana. For centuries, the entire population called this neighbourhood home, and it was surrounded by walls to protect the city from pirates. When you book flights to Havana, you can see remains of some of these city walls and the colourful colonial buildings that Havana is known for.

El Vedado

While Habana Vieja is the most popular neighbourhood for tourists with flights to Havana, locals enjoy spending their time in El Vedado. This neighbourhood offers a more dishevelled appearance compared to the beautiful Old Town, but is a great spot to experience when you book tickets to Havana. The neighbourhood has narrow laneways and some of the city’s best restaurants and bars, making it one of the coolest neighbourhoods to visit when you book cheap flights to Havana.


Miramar is one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods to visit when you book return flights to Havana. The area is made up of government buildings, wide avenues, great shopping, and beautiful houses. To explore Miramar, walk along the Malecón until you reach the end, then continue along the tree-lined 5th Avenue.

Cayo Hueso

Cayo Hueso offers a similar trendy experience to El Vedado. This neighbourhood focuses on the African influences of Cuban culture. Throughout the neighbourhood, visitors with cheap flights to Havana can witness African-Cuban art, music, and dancing. You’ll also notice colourful murals throughout the Cayo Hueso neighbourhood.


The Best Time to Visit Cuba with An Airfare to Havana

Cuba experiences both a wet season and dry season. For the best weather, plan your cheap flights to Havana for travel between December and May. Humidity is low, there isn’t much rainfall, and daily temperatures are about 27°C. This is the most popular time to book flights into Jose Marti International Airport (HAV) due to the great weather. Book your flights to Havana and hotel early for the best rates.

Havana’s wet season lasts from June to November. Rain is common, humidity is high, and temperatures reach about 32°C. If possible, avoid booking your airfare to Havana between August and October when hurricanes can occur throughout the Caribbean. Outside of those months, wet season is a good time to book return flights to Havana if you want to avoid heavy crowds and get a better deal on hotels.


Top Experiences for Visitors

Walk along the Malecón

The Malecón is a long avenue that hugs the coast for 8 kilometres (5 miles) through central Havana. As you walk along after your flights to Havana, you can see waves crashing up over the seawall, locals fishing, and people going for a relaxed stroll. The view along the Malecón is especially beautiful to experience at sunset.

Go salsa dancing

The locals in Havana love both live music and dancing. Experience both by heading to one of the city’s many salsa bars after your flights to Havana. Watch the locals dance to the upbeat music or join in and dance some salsa yourself. If you’ve never danced salsa before, locals are friendly and love to teach newcomers. You’ll also find a wide number of dance schools in Havana where you can take a lesson.

Ride in a classic 1950s car

You could hire a car to ride around the city or catch a Taxi Particular. These local taxis are often classic convertibles that are in pristine condition. A taxi ride within the city limits will often cost between 5 and 10 Cuban pesos ($7 and $14 AUD).

La Cabaña

The fortress of La Cabaña was built by the Spanish in the late 1700s as a way to protect Cuba from the British. Throughout the history of the fortress, it has been used as a military base as well as a prison under the government of Fidel Castro. Today, people with flights to Havana can visit museums and exhibits within La Cabaña. Each night, the Cañonazo de las Nueve ceremony is held in which soldiers dress in traditional 18th century clothing and set off a large cannon.

El Morro

One of the top attractions for visitors with airfare to Havana is the castle of El Morro. This castle was built in 1589 as a way to protect the city against pirates. El Morro is located across the Canal de Entrada from the city centre and can be seen from the Malecón. The castle has a commanding presence on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, and is scenic to watch as the waves crash over the base of it when you book return flights to Havana.