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Guangzhou Guide

Top Things to Do and See With an Airfare to Guangzhou

Canton Tower

This 604-metre tall structure dominates the Guangzhou skyline and measures up as one of the tallest towers in the world. At night, the tower is lit up in a fluorescent rainbow of colours. Because of the Canton Tower’s height, it’s considered by many to be the best vantage point over Guangzhou. Visitors with flights to Guangzhou can view the city from the tower’s observation deck or go for a ride on the tram that circles around the top of the tower.

Shamian Island

Shamian Island is a large sandbar that is located just off the banks of the city centre. Throughout history, Shamian Island has played an important role in Guangzhou’s trading industry. It has been strongly influenced by European culture, which is evident in the island’s architecture. Visitors in China with cheap flights to Guangzhou can admire the grand mansions and government buildings that dot the island.

Baiyun Mountain

Also known as White Cloud Mountain, this attraction is a must for travellers who book an airfare to Guangzhou. The mountain is located just outside the city centre and is accessible by subway. Baiyun Mountain covers an area of about 20 square kilometres and consists of 30 different peaks. Visitors with flights to Guangzhou can walk through the many gardens that surround the mountain and catch a cable car to the top for a stunning view over Guangzhou.

Eat Cantonese Food

Guangzhou is also known as Canton and is one of the hubs of Cantonese culture. The region has a unique culture compared to other parts of China, and one of the most internationally loved aspects of the culture is its food. Visitors who book return flights to Guangzhou will likely be familiar with the cuisine, because Cantonese food is the most popular form of Chinese food served in restaurants abroad. The cuisine focuses on light ingredients and sweet sauces. Some foods to try when you book cheap flights to Guangzhou are sweet and sour pork, chow mein, wontons, and dim sum.


Neighbourhood Overview


Tianhe is quickly emerging as a cultural hub to visit when you book tickets to Guangzhou. The neighbourhood is located east of the city centre near Baiyun Mountain. It’s home to Shipai, which is the oldest urban village in the city. Between Shipai and the modern skyscrapers that are being built, Tianhe is an interesting blend of old and new to experience between your return flights to Guangzhou. The neighbourhood has shopping, restaurants, and direct train connections to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) as well as Hong Kong.

Yue Xiu

This neighbourhood is home to Guangzhou’s government buildings. In addition to city buildings, Yue Xiu is the hub of government for China’s Guangdong province. Visitors with flights to Guangzhou will immediately notice the skyscrapers of Yue Xiu, but the neighbourhood has plenty of green space as well, such as the Guangzhou Orchid Garden and Yue Xiu Hill.

Zhujiang New Town

This up-and-coming neighbourhood is located beside the city’s Pearl River. The neighbourhood was modelled after New York City, with a large park in the centre and high-rise apartments and office buildings surrounding the green space. Zhujiang New Town is home to several cultural icons to visit when you have return flights to Guangzhou, including the Guangzhou Opera House and Guangdong Museum.


Public Transport and How to Get Around Upon Landing on Flights to Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a large city with an extensive and modern public transport system. The most popular way to get around after your flights to Guangzhou is on the city’s subway. With 297 stations, it is the 3rd largest subway in China and the 10th largest in the world. The Guangzhou subway has 14 lines and connects to every corner of the city, including Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN). Subway fare is calculated based on how far you travel, typically costing between 2 and 4 yuan (42 to 84 cents AUD).

After your cheap flights to Guangzhou, you can also get around the city by bus. There are a wide variety of bus lines to take when you book flights to Guangzhou, including three tourist routes that travel to many of Guangzhou’s popular sights.

For a direct ride through the city after your flights to Guangzhou, you can also take a taxi or the city’s major ride sharing service called Didi Chuxing.