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Goa Guide

Top Experience for Visitors with Flights to Goa


Fontainhas is known as Goa’s Latin Quarter. When India was colonised by Europeans, the Portuguese had a strong influence on the Goa region. Throughout the neighbourhood, you can still witness aspects of this historical and cultural impact after your cheap flights to Goa. Fontainhas is made up of colourful buildings built in a traditional Portuguese style. Cobblestone streets wind through the neighbourhood, and as you walk through, you may feel as if you’ve been transported back several hundred years. Some Fontainhas attractions to visit after your flights to Goa are the Chapel of St. Sebastian, Gitanjali Gallery, Maruti Temple, and Velha Goa Galeria.

Dudhsagar Falls

All across southern India, visitors with return flights to Goa can enjoy many waterfalls. Dudhsagar Falls are accessible by both car and train from the city, followed by a hike through the jungle. The Falls reach a height of about 310 metres and split into three streams as the water plummets down a cliff. The Dudhsagar Falls are a beautiful sight for visitors with tickets to Goa, offering a different side to the region compared to the beaches.

Tambdi Surla Mahadeva Temple

When you book cheap flights to Goa, you’ll find no shortage of elaborate Hindu temples in the area. Mahadeva Temple is the oldest temple in the Goa region, having been built in the 12th century. There are plenty of sculptures and carvings surrounding and inside the temple. It is also located just steps away from the scenic Surla River.

Agonda Beach

Cows are considered sacred in much of India. So rather than spotting cows on farms and in rural fields, you’ll regularly see cows wandering around Goa as they please. One of the most interesting places you can see cows after your flights to Goa is at Agonda Beach. In addition to soft sand, palm trees, bright blue water, and mountain views, Agonda Beach is home to a group of cows that enjoy lounging in the sand, taking in the fresh ocean air.


Etiquette Tips for Those Travelling With Flights to Goa

Eat with your right hand

Throughout India, the left hand is traditionally associated with personal hygiene. After arriving in Goa International Airport (GOI), always use your right hand when eating or shaking someone’s hand.

Dress conservatively

While fashions in Goa are more laid-back than in other regions of India, visitors with flights to Goa are still expected to dress conservatively when they’re not at the beach. This means loose fitting clothing that doesn’t reveal too much skin. When visiting temples after booking your airfare to Goa, both men and women are often expected to cover their heads. Carry a scarf around with you on days you plan to visit a temple.

Keep both feet on the floor while sitting

In India, it is considered disrespectful to show the soles of your feet or the bottom of your shoes. Similarly, if you are visiting a local’s house, be sure to take your shoes off when entering.

Don’t hug or kiss in public

While urban and young Indians have become a lot more open in this regard, elderly locals and people in rural areas are still conservative when it comes to physical interaction. To be safe, avoid hugging or kissing in public after your cheap flights to Goa, particularly with people of the opposite gender.


The Best Time to Visit with Cheap Flights to Goa

Goa and Southern India experience a dry season and wet season. During the dry season, temperatures are the coolest (about 25°C during the day), there’s little rain, and humidity is low. The weather is perfect for spending time at the beach and going for nature walks. However, dry season is also the most popular time to book an airfare to Goa. The number of tourists increases and hotels raise their prices. If you don’t mind paying a bit extra for your hotel, plan your return flights to Goa for travel between November and February.

March, April, and May are the shoulder months between the dry and wet seasons. Visitors with flights to Goa won’t experience much rain, but temperatures are hot and humidity is high. Daily temperatures increase to about 30°C. If you don’t mind hot weather, this is a great time to book cheap flights to Goa. There aren’t many tourists, and you can get good rates on a hotel.

Goa’s wet season lasts from June to October. Temperatures decrease slightly to about 28°C, and rain is common, particularly in June and July. For great accommodation prices, plan your return flights to Goa for the later part of the wet season.