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Glasgow Guide

Tips For First-Time Travellers to Glasgow

Climb to the top of the Lighthouse building for a view of the city

Glasgow has an impressive skyline, and one of the best ways to experience it is from above. For a panoramic view over the city centre after your cheap flights to Glasgow, head to the top of the building called the Lighthouse. Downstairs, the Lighthouse features art exhibits, and upstairs you can witness a stunning view over Glasgow. And one of the best parts is that entrance to the Lighthouse is completely free to visitors with tickets to Glasgow.

Although Glasgow is a big city, it has plenty of nature

Central Glasgow is buzzing with culture and activity, but there is plenty of green space to experience around the city after you land on cheap flights to Glasgow. Visitors who book flights into Glasgow Airport (GLA) can enjoy Glasgow Green, Kelvingrove Park, Victoria Park, the River Clyde waterfront, and plenty more.

Take a day trip to Loch Lomond

While Glasgow is a fascinating city, many visitors are drawn to Scotland for its landscapes. Within easy access of Glasgow, you can experience some of the most gorgeous nature you could imagine. After your flights to Glasgow, head about 45 minutes north of the city to experience Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond is the largest lake in Scotland and offers visitors with cheap flights to Glasgow a completely different side to Scotland compared to the cities.

The subway stops at 6pm on Sundays

Monday through Saturday, the Glasgow subway runs until almost midnight. However, visitors with flights to Glasgow will notice that the subway service ends much earlier on Sundays. However, buses run later, so you’ll still have options to get around.


Major Events and Festivals

Celtic Connections

Celtic Connections is an annual festival that celebrates all the different aspects of Celtic culture. Music is the centrepiece of the festival, but visitors with flights to Glasgow can also enjoy art exhibitions and traditional dancing. In order to attend Celtic Connections, plan your return flights to Glasgow for late January or early February when the event is being held.

Glasgow International Comedy Festival

For a couple of weeks during March each year, comedians descend on Glasgow from all over the world. Over the course of the festival, visitors in Scotland on plane tickets to Glasgow can experience a variety of comedy shows, ranging from newcomers to some of the biggest names in the business. Comedy shows are held in theatres and comedy clubs across Glasgow, with many shows to pick from each day.

West End Festival

The West End is known as one of the most artistic neighbourhoods in Glasgow, and the West End Festival celebrates this legacy. The event takes place throughout the entire month of June and showcases the many facets to Glasgow’s culture. Book your airfare to Glasgow during the West End Festival to enjoy events and shows based around music, dance, theatre, film, and more.


Packing Tips For Travellers on Flights to Glasgow

The clothes you pack for your flights to Glasgow will rely heavily on what time of year you’re visiting. Glasgow winters are cold, requiring warm coats, boots, a scarf, and a hat. Summer gets warmer, but is still chillier than you will be used to in Australia. Summer temperatures in Glasgow average about 19°C during the day, but can dip down to about 12°C at night. Be sure to pack layers for your return flights to Glasgow and a jacket, even if you’re visiting in summer.

Another must-bring for your flights to Glasgow is an umbrella. Rain is common in the winter months, but can still occur throughout the rest of the year as well.

In order to use your electronics in Scotland, you’ll need to pack a plug adapter for your return flights to Glasgow. The United Kingdom uses type G plugs.


Public Transport and How to Get Around

Glasgow has a subway system that makes a 10-kilometre (6 mile) loop around the city. There is an outer line, which travels around Glasgow in a clockwise direction, and an inner line that travels counter-clockwise. Single-ride subway tickets cost £1.70 ($3.20 AUD), or you could purchase a daily ticket for £4.10 ($7.70 AUD).

In addition to a subway, Glasgow offers an extensive bus system. Buses travel all over Glasgow and its suburbs, and bus route 66 also makes the journey between the city and Glasgow Airport (GLA). If you’re continuing your adventure past Glasgow, coach buses and trains are available to major cities all across the UK.