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Gdansk Guide

Major Events and Festivals

Gdansk is one of Poland’s most underrated cities. And before you book flights to Gdansk it’s wise to know if you’ll be in town for any of the city’s major events or festivals.

St. Dominic’s Fair

St. Dominic’s Fair is a tradition almost 800 years old. Every year, millions of people come to the event, which is one of the biggest open-air festivals in Europe. Many festival-goers buy tickets to Gdansk just to take part in the celebration. The festival was established in 1260 by Pope Alexander IV and is held during the last week of July. Attendees can look forward to the street theatre performances and concerts, as well as parades, sporting matches and competitions too. The headline attraction of the event is the sprawling market.

The Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

In a celebration of arguably the world’s most famous playwright, the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre holds its annual Gdansk Shakespeare Festival. Taking place in either late July or early August, the festival sees loyal Shakespeare admirers and scholars book flights to Gdansk in order to take part in the event. Performances and renditions of Shakespeare’s work, naturally, feature throughout the festival.

Sounds of the North Festival

The Sounds of the North Music Festival happens every two years and sees travellers, musicians and music fans from around Europe book flights to Gdansk to enjoy a week of vibrant folk music. If you’re a fan of this music genre and would love to attend, make sure you book early to get cheap flights to Gdansk. The popularity of the festival can see a rise in the price of an airfare to Gdansk.


Top Things to Do and See

The Murals of Zasp

Feed your love of street art by booking flights to Gdansk and making a beeline for Zasp. This suburb boasts Europe’s largest collection of residential wall murals, with a majority of the larger buildings in the area bedecked with a work of art. The murals depict everything from the artist’s personal story, to Polish history and culture. Once you have your tickets to Gdansk booked, take a look at Zasp’s official website where you can learn a bit about the murals and even book a street art tour.

Ulica Długa

There is good reason so many people flock to Ulica Dluga (‘Long Lane’ in English) upon landing on their flights to Gdansk. This thoroughfare is incredibly photogenic and is lined on either side by gorgeous architecture, cafes and restaurant umbrellas. It is one of the most photographed sights in the city. If you’d like to add this famous street to your Polish sightseeing agenda, book your flights to Gdansk and be inspired for your own happysnaps by looking up the geotag on Instagram.

The Royal Way

The Royal Way is a world-famous path that takes travellers from the old city gate, down to the Motlawa river. This stretch was once frequented by Polish kings during visits to the city, and the route is flanked by grand facades, historic buildings and a handful of notable landmarks. Wandering the Royal Way is a great place to gain insight into Polish history once you land with flights to Gdansk.


Best Time to Visit With an Airfare to Gdansk

Any time of the year is a good time to book flights to Gdansk. The city changes with the seasons and offers an array of experiences and weather types depending on the time of year you tickets to Gdansk are booked.

Spring starts late in Gdansk. If you have flights to Gdansk booked anytime between early May and mid April, you may experience temperatures dropping below zero. The upside to booking flights to Gdansk at this time is that the peak tourist season is yet to begin, so crowds will be fewer and you may have better access to the city’s most popular attractions.

The best time to book tickets to Gdansk is for travel during June. Not only is the weather considerably warmer, but the city comes to life during the summer. The city is so pleasant during summer that it is also a popular destination for Polish travellers who also book their own flights to Gdansk. The downside to travelling during peak season is the crowds. The rates for accommodation also increases during summer - and the price of an airfare to Gdansk can also inflate. Aim to book your plane tickets to Gdansk a few months in advance to avoid last-minute price increases.

Temperatures in Poland drop well below zero in the winter. However, if you book your flights to Gdansk during the winter months, there are a few upsides in store. The streets are quiet, accommodation can be cheaper and there are plenty of snow- and winter-related activities, such as ice-skating or snowboarding. Travel during winter may also increase the chances of finding fantastic-value flights to Gdansk.