Buy Cheap Flights Now To Avoid Airline Price Hikes

All airlines are feeling the financial pressures of high petrol prices and as a result, forced to increase their airfares. Many airlines have already increased their prices, so hurry before others follow - and they will! The earlier you purchase your tickets the more money you could save.emirates price hike

Emirates will increase their economy, business and first class airfares booked on/after Sunday 3rd August 2008.

How much are Emirates airfares increasing?

  • First class - 10%
  • Business class - 10%
  • Economy class - 5%


How much can I save on Emirates flights to London if I book before the price hike?

  • save up to $2,000 on first class flights
  • save up to $1,200 on business class flights
  • save up to $200 on economy class flights

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