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Florence Guide

Major Events and Festivals

Looking to book flights to Florence? There are hundreds of reasons to book flights to Florence, however the chance to experience one of the city’s vibrant festivals, events or celebrations may be just the kind of convincing you need. This beautiful city has an incredibly rich and diverse history and culture, and organising tickets to Florence that coincide with some of these important dates is a sure way to create one memorable holiday.


Carnevale marks the beginning on Lent in the lead up to Easter. Carnevale celebrations in Florence are a buzzing affair and you can buy tickets to Florence to witness (or take part in) the annual procession, which sees locals dress in beautiful costumes and promenade from Piazza Ognissanti to Piazza Della Signoria.

St Patrick's Day

Ever thought about celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Florence? While the Tuscan capital is an unexpected location to commemorate this enigmatic Irish holiday, booking flights to Florence to line up with this annual event definitely has its rewards. Florentines love the festival (which they call Irlanda festival) and festivities include elements of Irish culture, including music. If your flights to Florence don’t line up with St Patrick’s Day, simply head into one of the city’s numerous Irish pubs.

Florentine New Year

If you’re looking for a reason to hunt down some cheap flights to Florence before the end of March, look no further. Florentine New Year is a festival that celebrates the arrival of spring. The colourful festival is a whirlwind of food, drink, music and parties. The idea of revelling in the Florentine New Year sees thousands of people make their way through the turnstiles at Florence Airport (FLR).


Tips for First-Time Travellers with Return Flights to Florence

Best Explored on Foot

There are many ways to discover the iconic Italian city, but if you’ve booked tickets to Florence (and you really want to explore the heart of it) the best way to do that is by foot. The city centre is small and compact, so it shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to get between any two points within the city. The local transport is of a great quality, but if you’ve got your flights to Florence, you shouldn’t need to use the bus to get around (apart from the initial trip from Florence Airport (FLR) to the city centre).

Florence Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Italy isn’t world-renowned as a budget destination so it’s not always easy finding cheap flights to Florence. There is a bit of a misconception about price for many visitors. The truth is, exploring the little city doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavour. If you do the research and find the cheaper neighbourhoods, like Duomo and Oltarno, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful city on more of a budget. If you really want to save a bit of money, the trick is to eat like a local. Affordable, and often far more delicious food from local vendors may take some time to find, but is totally worth it. Perhaps look around online and ask for some recommendations on local cafes and bakeries once you’ve got your tickets to Florence. Not only are these neighbourhoods a little cheaper than the CBD, but they’re not too far from it either. A cab or bus ride into the city from Florence Airport (FLR) is pretty much the only transport you’ll need to pay for while you’re there. In fact, most of the popular activities in Florence are free and the important ones that aren’t only cost around 7 to 12 Euros.

Pre-Book Your Visit to the Museums

Florence’s pages on the world’s art scene is a pivotal one. The city was the birthplace of Renaissance art movement and was home to some of the most influential artists in history. It’s no surprise that most people book their flights to Florence every year to see the city’s incredible coterie of galleries and museums. Visitor numbers to the city’s top institutions to a certain cap at the one time and queues to get into the galleries can be long. Avoid lengthy waits by pre-booking your entry at the same time as your plane tickets to Florence.