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Faro Guide

Top Things to Do and See With Cheap Flights to Faro

Visit the Island Beaches

There's no wonder so many people book flights to Faro to experience a true Portuguese summer. This town is situated on the fringe of a massive lagoon and there are several unspoilt islands just off shore. If you’re booking tickets to Faro for a bit of R&R, make sure you take a day to head out to one of the lagoon’s hidden gems. The only way to reach these islands is by boat, and it’s not uncommon to have some patch of island or coast all to yourself.

Sample Local Cuisine

The cuisine in Faro is heavily influenced by the ocean, and many restaurant menus around the city may have a seafood focus. If you’re booking tickets to Faro to feed your appetite for lip-smacking fare then you will be well taken care of. Caldeirada is a traditional Portuguese stew made with white fish (like cod), shellfish (like clams and mussels) and an oilier fish (like tuna). Other dishes to try will on the Algarve with plane tickets to Faro include oysters, cataplana, sardines, piri-piri chicken and bifana (a pork sandwich topped with mustard).

Explore the Benagil Cave

Benagil is a small fishing town located about an hours’ drive from Faro. It is home to the Benagil Cave, an incredible cavernous space that is quickly become a must-see for those traveller to Portugal on flights to Faro. Make for the cave on a boat tour (these are super popular in summer so book your place as soon as you lock in your airfare to Faro), or hire a stand up paddle board to get your own way to the cave.

Ponta da Piedade

If you’ve booked your flights to Faro in the hopes of getting out and exploring the Algarvian wilderness, head to the Ponta da Piedade. It’s a is a group of rock formations along the coastline of Lagos, slightly more than an hours’ drive from Faro. To make your own way to Ponta da Piedade, you can opt to rent a car through Webjet at the same time you book your return flights to Faro. You could also pick a car up at Faro Airport (FAO).


Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss on Flights to Faro

Faro Cathedral

Faro is a city with a rich history. It has been a key point in the Portuguese’s battle for independence from both the English and Romans. The Faro Cathedral was built in 1251, just two years after Faro had been taken out of English control. Keen history enthusiasts will notice the facade of the cathedral (and many other historic buildings in the area) still show war-inflicted damage. The Faro Cathedral isn’t alone as one of the oldest buildings in the city, and the streets are dotted with heritage buildings. It’s no wonder budding historians choose to book flights to Faro to uncover its interesting past.

Faro Municipal Museum

The Faro Municipal Museum is the second-oldest museum in the Algarve. Even if you’ve booked flights to Faro to spend a few days in the city, visiting the museum is a great way to understand and learn more about local architecture. The museum’s doors opened in 1894 and relocated to its current home in 1969. Most of the museum’s ancient collection dates back to the Roman period, with a few relics (inscribed stones) dating back to the 2nd century. There’s also a grand collection of religious works found and saved from dissolved monasteries and churches around the Algarve.


The Best Time to Visit on Tickets to Faro

If you’re a budget traveller, the best time to plan to book flights to Faro is between September and November (autumn). The days are still warm and there isn’t much rain, and you may be able to find cheap flights to Faro because you’re avoiding the peak summer season. In the Algarve, tourism generally really gets going in the summer months. Cheap flights to Faro between June and August can be hard to find, so it’s wise to book well in advance if you’re looking to have a summer holiday in Portugal. If you’ve decided to book your flights to Faro between October and December, don’t forget to pack an umbrella.