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Esperance Guide

A Brief History

Indigenous Australians have been in the Esperance region for more than 20,000 years. The Indigenous name, Kepa Kurl, for the area roughly translates to ‘the place where the waters lay down like a boomerang.’ The town of Esperance got its start courtesy of French explorers, who took shelter from a storm in a cove (now located within Cape Le Grand National Park). That was in 1792, however Matthew Flinders - a prominent name in Australian exploration history - also sailed through the area, naming key points around the area, in 1802.

Top Experiences For Visitors with Plane Tickets to Esperance

Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier is one of Australia’s true natural wonders. The protected site and its compelling strawberry colour is a major reason that people from all around the world book their flights to Esperance for a visit. The exact reason behind Lake Hillier’s pink hue continues to baffle scientists, however it is speculated that it may be due to the salinity levels and presence of microorganisms. The lake is located in the Recherche Archipelago and can only be seen from the air, by helicopter. Book your helicopter excursion as soon as you lock in your return flights to Esperance.

Cape Le Grand National Park

Esperance has some of the best beaches in the world - and many of them are located within Cape Le Grand National Park. The pure white sand and crystal-clear waters been featured on postcards, Instagram accounts and various tourism campaigns. If you’ve got your flights to Esperance booked, you’re in for a treat. The view of the broad beaches and dreamy blue waters will have you in awe as you’re coming in to land at Esperance Airport (EPR). Some of the most popular sites within the park include Hellfire Bay, Dunn Rocks, Frenchman Peak and Le Grand Coastal Trail. Visitors with cheap flights to Esperance will find the park holds a bounty of diving, canoeing, surfing, swimming and bushwalking experiences, among others. There are even camping sites, though spots have to be booked in advance. Once you’ve found and booked your airfare to Esperance, be sure to pencil a few days of exploring the park into your holiday itinerary.

Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay may be the most famous site within Cape Le Grand National Park. If you’ve booked flights to Esperance, you may have already seen photos of this iconic beach. The long, wide bay is home to some of Australia’s friendliest beach-dwelling marsupials. A mob of kangaroos have made this particular stretch of beach their home and you’ll often find them sunbathing on the sand and occasionally even hopping through the shallows. Lucky Bay has its own campsite just a short distance from the beach Make sure you organise some basic camping gear once you’ve booked your flights to Esperance.

Frenchman’s Peak

Located at 260 metres high, the summit of Frenchman’s Peak offers an incredible outlook of the Cape Le Grand National Park landscape. Those planning to ascend the peak with their flights to Esperance will need to pack a sturdy pair of hiking boots for the climb.


Not expecting to encounter a British landmark upon landing with cheap flights to Esperance? Locals have built a replica of Stonehenge just outside the main town, and seeing it is a unique thing to do for visitors in Western Australia on plane tickets to Esperance.

The Best Time to Book Flights to Esperance?

First-time travellers looking to book cheap flights to Esperance should consider travelling in the springtime (September to November). Travellers with tickets to Esperance during this time will catch the end of the whale-watching season, see the blooming wildflowers and maybe even spot a baby kangaroo or two on Lucky Beach. Temperatures are also usually a bit warmer around this time. Looking to make the most of Esperance’s neighbouring coastline? If it is a beach holiday you seek, look to buy flights to Esperance for summer travel (December to February). During this time, the daytime temperatures hover around 28°C.