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Emerald Guide

What should I know before visiting Emerald?

Emerald is the hub of the Central Highlands

The Central Highlands is one of the most unique regions of Queensland, and Emerald is its tourist hub. Book return flights to Emerald to explore the stunning natural landscapes and Indigenous heritage of the Central Highlands.

Emerald is home to the largest gemfields in the Southern Hemisphere

For visitors who book flights to Emerald, one of the top attractions to explore is the Sapphire Gemfields. These gemfields cover 900 square kilometres, making them the largest gemfields in the Southern Hemisphere. Plan a visit to the gemfields when you book return flights to Emerald, and you may be able to find some valuable gemstones of your own!

Reserve a rental car when you book airfare to Emerald

Emerald has a small and compact town centre, making it easy to get around on foot. However, most of the best landmarks are located outside of the town limits. When you book tickets to Emerald through Webjet, you can also reserve a rental car to pick up from Emerald Airport (EMD).


What can you do in Emerald over the weekend?

Emerald Botanic Gardens

Wander through a tropical oasis at the Emerald Botanic Gardens. The gardens are located just south of the CBD, making them an easy sight to see while holidaying on flights to Emerald. The gardens sit on the banks of the Nogoa River and are made up of 12 different plant communities. These gardens are planted with a variety of flora species; many representing the subtropical flora of the Central Highlands. Walking tracks wind through the Emerald Botanic Gardens, and various sculptures add an element of storytelling. Plan to spend some time at the Botanic Gardens when you book cheap flights to Emerald and experience the nature of the Central Highlands without even leaving the town.

Carnarvon Gorge

Carnarvon Gorge is considered one of the most impressive landmarks in the Central Highlands, so be sure it’s on your list of places to see when you book flights to Emerald. The gorge stretches for 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) through Carnarvon National Park, and the surrounding area is a hikers’ paradise with a handful of different trails. The main hiking trail stretches for a total of 22 kilometres (13.7 miles) and passes a variety of breathtaking viewpoints along the way, however there are shorter trails too. Carnarvon Gorge is also a prominent location for the Indigenous community of the Central Highlands. Learn about Indigenous history and culture of the region by engaging a Carnarvon guide and taking in more than 2,000 examples of rock art. While holidaying on cheap flights to Emerald, visiting Carnarvon Gorge is a great way to learn more about the local heritage while enjoying stunning vistas.

Minerva Hills National Park

Experience another side to the Central Highlands between your return flights to Emerald by spending time at Minerva Hills National Park. It’s south of Emerald and about halfway between the town and Carnarvon National Park – so you could combine the two parks into a single day. Throughout Minerva Hills National Park, there are dramatic peaks that were formed by volcanic activity. The main features on the park’s skyline are the impressive Mount Boorambool and Mount Zamia. Explore the park by taking advantage of several hiking tracks and lookout points. For some of the best views over the park, make the quick trek to the Skyline, Fred’s Gorge, or Eclipse Gap Lookouts. If you enjoy watching wildlife, you may want to pack a pair of binoculars for your flights to Emerald as well – the Minerva Hills are home to unique birds as well as kangaroos, koalas, and sugar gliders.


When is the best time to visit Emerald?

Emerald and the Central Highlands experience a sub-tropical climate. Whether you plan flights to Emerald in the summer or winter, pleasant temperatures will make it possible to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. In the summer, daytime temperatures reach up to about 35°C during the day. There’s some humidity, and regular rainfall provides a bit of relief from the heat. Emerald doesn’t have a true high season in the same way that other Queensland destinations like Noosa or the Whitsundays do. However, summer is the busiest time to plan airfare to Emerald when kids are on school holiday. If you book tickets to Emerald in the summer, get your accommodation locked in early for the lowest rates. If you’d prefer a cooler and drier holiday, consider booking cheap flights to Emerald in the winter. Daytime temperatures average at a beautiful 23°C, and there’s very little rain. Winter temperatures cool down at night, but they rarely dip below 8°C.