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Edmonton Guide

An Introduction For Travellers on Flights to Edmonton

Edmonton is one of North America’s fastest growing cities. It is home to the this dynamic mix, the city centre is filled with an eclectic mix of fun opportunities and culinary experiences. It’s no wonder people from all around the world book their flights to Edmonton to explore the Canadian wonder, every single year.

Top Things to Do and See

If you’re on the hunt for cheap flights to Edmonton, you should make sure you know everything there is to do in and around the city. No matter which season you plan on booking those tickets to Edmonton, there’s always something to do. One could easily spend 10 days in this up-and-coming Canadian city. Here’s how:

Visit The Inner City

The inner city of Edmonton, Alberta, is an exciting, lively city filled with things to do. If you’d booked your flights to Edmonton just to spend a few days in the city, you wouldn’t regret it. Not only will you find small, boutique cafes and restaurants offering some of the finest food in Canada, but you would also be able to visit art galleries and studios showcasing the incredible local talent.

See A Show

Theatre lovers don’t only book tickets to Edmonton during the International Fringe Festival. The iconic Citadel Theatre hosts some of the most sought-after performances in all of North America.

If you’ve been looking for cheap flights to Edmonton online, you’ve likely to have seen photos of the Muttart Conversatory - particularly the four glass pyramids that sit within this botanical garden. These pyramids double as greenhouses; three house plants native to tropical, temperate or arid regions. And the fourth pyramid is dedicated to showcasing the effects of seasonal change upon various blooms. The greenhouses are open to the public year-round. You might even catch a glimpse of these structures as you come in to land at Edmonton International Airport (YEG).

Visit The Ice Castles

The Ice Castles are a massive drawcard for anyone looking to buy tickets to Edmonton. The giant, LED-lit ice structures have been hand-build by thousands of icicles, placed by professional artists. If your to-do list isn’t too full by the time you’ve found cheap flights to Edmonton, make sure to add the Ice Castles to your itinerary.

The Edmonton Mall

One wouldn’t think that you’d find and book flights to Edmonton just to spend one of your valuable afternoons at a mall, right? However, the West Edmonton Mall is unlike any other mall you’ve been too before. It’s the biggest mall in North America (coming in at 490,000 square metres). As well as the prerequisite shops and restaurants, the mall also houses an indoor waterpark, amusement park, marine life habitat and other activities such as ten-pin bowling and mini golf greens. A trip to the Mall is a great activity option for families travelling on return flights to Edmonton.

The Best Time to Book Flights to Edmonton

So you booked flights to Edmonton, what will the weather be like?

Weather in Canada is everything. If you’re looking to book your tickets to Edmonton during the winter months (November to April), you can expect super low temperatures (down to -30°C!). If you’re thinking about booking tickets to Edmonton during the summer months (May to September), you can expect warm, sunny weather. During these warmer months, the city comes alive with festivals and markets.

In June, the city hosts the Edmonton International Fringe Festival; a massive music, arts and culture festival that sees more than 850,000 people walk through the arrivals gates at Edmonton International Airport (YEG).

The real sweet spot to book those flights to Edmonton is at the start of summer, before the crowds arrive (May to June). The temperatures are mild enough to enjoy everything that the city has to offer, but because it isn’t the city’s high season yet, prices are still reasonable. The average hotel room price comes in at about $80 AUD per night, which is about $15 AUD less than the normal rate during the summer when tourism peaks.