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Edinburgh's cobbled lanes and castles are just the beginning of a long list of reasons to visit the Scottish capital. Check out Webjet's latest deals to find the cheapest flights and get ready to explore this ancient city.

Edinburgh Guide

The Best Time to Visit Scotland with Flights to Edinburgh

If you’re looking for plane tickets to Edinburgh, the best time to book them is for travel in the shoulder months (spring and autumn). Between April and June, the spring conditions mean brisk temperatures (between 10°C and 15°C during the day), minimal wind and almost no rain. If you’re not able to find your flights to Edinburgh during this time, your next best bet is for travel between August and October. Travel in these shoulder seasons allows you to avoid the summer crowds and major national holiday periods.

Packing Tips for Those with Return Flights to Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is a city for exploring by foot and public transport. Travellers from all around the world book their tickets to Edinburgh, excited to explore the city’s cobbled streets, bars, restaurants and historic sights. That means a lot of walking, buses and train rides. One of the first things to check off your packing list is a comfortable backpack. Use it as a daypack while exploring the city, and make sure it’s roomy enough to fit things such as an umbrella and a scarf (if you’re travelling during the cooler months). Some passengers who are travelling light might even be able to use a backpack as their carry-on luggage aboard flights to Edinburgh. Another must-pack item is comfortable walking shoes. Edinburgh is strewn with cobbled streets and alleyways, and a pair of broken-in sneakers will help you navigate the cityscape without giving yourself blisters or sore toes. Travellers looking to use flights to Edinburgh as a reason for venturing further into Scotland for hiking and outdoor pursuits will want to invest in proper, thick-soled adventure boots. If you’ve already got your tickets to Edinburgh sorted, make sure you remember to pack a thin, top-quality windbreaker that will help protect you from the elements should the weather turn while you’re out and about. You might even want to fly with this in your hand luggage so that you it within easy reach as soon as you land at Edinburgh Airport (EDI).

Public Transport and How to Get Around

Take the Bus

The buses in Edinburgh are world-renowned for their top quality and service. Once you’ve booked your flights to Edinburgh and you’re busy working on your itinerary, make sure you take the bus lines into account. The city center is quite small, so you don’t need to worry about travelling long distances to get around. The bus fare is generally quite reasonable too. There’s also a 24-hour line that travels between the city and Edinburgh Airport (EDI).

Try the Trams

Looking for a comfortable way to get between key points in Edinburgh? The tram is your answer. Not only is there a 24-hour line between Edinburgh Airport (EDI) and the CBD, but the trams are WiFi enabled, giving you a chance to connect with your loved ones after your long-haul flights to Edinburgh.

Hail a Taxi

Taxis are definitely the most convenient way to get around while you’re visiting Scotland, but they also happen to be the most pricey. There are 1000s of black cabs driving around the city, making it easy to hail one when you’re in need of a ride. Be sure to keep your eye on the fare, as some visitors get caught off-guard and end up paying more than they’d expect. If you think a cab is going to be your primary way of getting around, make sure you do some research on the cost soon after you’ve booked your flights to Edinburgh.

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss After Booking Cheap Flights to Edinburgh

The Royal Mile

The quaint streets that link the Edinburgh Castle with the Palace of Holyroodhouse are lined with small residential buildings, cafes and coffee shops. This iconic area of Edinburgh is a major drawcard for travellers looking to book tickets to Edinburgh.

Blair Street Underground Vaults

If you’re looking to get a unique experience out of your cheap flights to Edinburgh, make sure you book a tour through the Blair Street Underground Vaults. These excursions are led by tour guides well-versed in local stories of creepy hauntings and ghostly encounters.

Arthur's Seat and the Salisbury Crags

A quintessential experience for a tourist in the city with flights to Edinburgh is the walk up to Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park. The lookout point sits at 820-feet high and offers hikers a spectacular view of the entire city.