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Easter Island Guide

Top Things to Do and See

Visit the 15 Moai

The most popular attractions in Easter Island are the 15 moai at Ahu Tongariki. Many people booking flights to Easter Island may have seeing the 15 moai at the top of their to-do list while they’re on the island. The giant stone heads are famous the world over and the 15 found at Ahu Tongariki are the best ones to visit. Not only are these statues perfectly preserved, but their ideal positioning offers an iconic view of the beautiful rolling hills, especially at sunrise. The historic site is situated just 30 minutes’ drive from the Airport Mataveri (IPC).

Go for a dip at Anakena Beach

Easter Island was formed by volcanic activity deep under the sea hundreds of thousands of years ago. Because of this, most the shoreline is ragged and rocky and doesn’t offer many great places to enjoy the picturesque Pacific ocean water. One of the few places you can enjoy a beach day is Anakena Beach. Now, most people don’t look for flights to Easter Island with a tropical, beach holiday in mind. But if you book your tickets to Easter Island at the right time of year, you’ll be able to explore some of the clearest waters the Pacific has to offer.

Book a local tour

As soon as you’ve landed at Airport Mataveri (IPC) and you’ve settled in to your accommodation, the best way to get your bearings is to take a tour around the island with a local. It’s a great way to learn about the island’s history and culture. If you’ve booked your return flights to Easter Island, take a minute to read about the island’s rich and complex history before boarding the plane.

Hit the waves

Easter Island is a lonely little plot of land. The nearest landmass is South America, almost 4000 kilometers away. Because of this isolation, the waves of the Pacific come at the island without any hindrance, giving it some of the most enjoyable surfing waves in the region. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned waver-rider, there’s a wave waiting for you off the coast of Easter Island. If you’ve already found and booked your flights to Easter Island, but you’re not keen to fly with a surfboard, no worries. You can rent a board from many of the village shops at around $23AUD for half a day.

The Cost of Visiting With Plane Tickets to Easter Island

Flights to Easter Island

There are no direct flights to Easter Island from Australia. However this is perhaps not surprising, given Airport Mataveri (IPC) is frequently labelled as one of the most remote airports in the world. Most return flights to Easter Island require one or two stopovers and the average airfare to Easter Island may start from about $1600 AUD. Your best bet when it comes to finding cheap flights to Easter Island is to book for travel between March and July. This period tends to be the island’s off season and you may have increased chance of finding cheaper tickets to Easter island.

Accommodation on Easter Island

Given its size and remote location, the number of accommodation options available on Easter Island can be limited. That said however, there are still good choices for all travellers, no matter what your budget. An entry-level room at a basic stay can run from $150 AUD per night. On the other hand, those with flights to Easter Island and who are looking for a more luxurious homebase can book a room at a five-star hotel, beginning at about $1100 AUD per night. The money you save by booking cheap flights to Easter Island on Webjet could help go towards your accommodation costs.

The main city on Easter Island is called Hanga Roa. It’s a tiny city with only a few hotels. The town is designed for a smaller population, so when tourist season kicks in, and accommodation is less scarce, it’s easy to see how Easter Island can get a bit pricey. Not only does the price of accommodation increase during this time, but the cost of flights to Easter Island can increase too. You’ll be able to find a basic, budget room for around $85 AUD. A comfortable, 4-star restaurant could cost you up to$150 AUD. If you’re looking able to afford a trip (and you’ve booked your return flights to Easter Island) you’ve got a lot to look forward to!

Food on Easter Island

Flights to Easter Island might be an expensive part of your trip, but if you budget properly for food and experiences, you’ll be able to make the most of every day you have on the island. A main meal on the island ranges between$18 AUD and $20 AUD. Imported foods and ingredients run at a higher cost than some seafood, which may be caught locally.