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Route information for flights from Sydney to Dubai

Cheapest return price for the current month from $984*
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $984*
Cheapest month December 2024
Most expensive month December 2024
Average flight time 14h 25m

Dubai Guide

The glowing city of Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ prime jewel. One of the holiday hot spots of the world, this revolutionary city can be considered as one of the modern wonders of humanity. Undergoing a massive transformation from a desert outpost to a tourist paradise, Dubai offers some of the most famous attractions in Asia, such as Burj Khalifa, as well as plenty of opportunities for shopping. The city also offers some unique locations such as gigantic aquariums and indoor skiing tracks.

For history enthusiasts, there is the Bastakia district where you can get a glimpse of what old Dubai used to look like. To experience the tradition, and culture of this place, you can take one of the Dubai Creek cruises and you will feel the true soul of this city, seemingly engulfed in the modern age.

Webjet’s airfare finder has prepared all kinds of cheap flights to Dubai from Sydney to help make the ticket-finding process into a pleasant experience. Start off your Dubai adventure on a high note!


Things to see in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Any Sydney to Dubai trip should begin with a visit to the tallest skyscraper in the world. Standing in at a whopping 830m, Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s biggest, and most famous landmark.

A mesmerising panorama of the entire city can be seen from the tower’s observation deck which is located all the way on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa. The visit to the observation deck also comes with a captivating multimedia presentation about the tower, as well as the city itself.

The Dubai Mall

Needless to say, plenty of Sydney to Dubai flights will be booked so that you can visit the second largest shopping mall in the world. The Dubai Mall is an enormous complex for which you will literally need a map to find your way. Apart from countless stores, The Dubai Mall offers plenty of activities for the visitors, such as an ice-skating rink, gaming areas, as well as a cinema. Restaurants are also aplenty.

Bastakia (Old Dubai)

After starting off your Sydney to Dubai trip with a view of what modern Dubai has to offer, the visit to the city should continue with the exploration of its history. The Bastakia Quarter, also known as Al-Fahidi, dates all the way back to the 19th century, when rich merchants from Persia saw the potential of this place, and established a site. A tour of The Bastakia will offer you a glimpse into the ingenuity of old Persians as some houses had wind towers, primitive structures which provided an effect similar to that of modern air conditioners.

Best time to visit Dubai

When is the best time to book flights Sydney to Dubai?

The most recommended time to visit Dubai is during the long winter period, from October, to April. The weather can be scorching during the summer, so these winter months will be kinder on your skin, and you will be able to visit any of Dubai’s famous beaches.

Keep in mind, this is also the peak season in Dubai, so be prepared to see hordes of tourists. Booking any of the summer flights Sydney to Dubai might help you avoid the crowds, however, the weather might be too hot and humid for most people’s taste.

This will also help you reduce the cost of your trip as Sydney to Dubai flights are cheaper during this time, and hotels also offer cheaper bookings. For the most economically friendly option, book cheap flights to Dubai from Sydney during Ramadan, when hotel prices go down more than 50%!


Cheap Flights to Dubai from Sydney

With Dubai being one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, Webjet has made it a top priority to offer hundreds of flights Sydney to Dubai each day. Most, if not all of those, also offer a return option.


Departing from Sydney Airport (SYD)

Sydney Airport (SYD) can be found just 8 km from the Central Business District of Sydney. As the busiest Australian airport, it offers plenty of Sydney to Dubai flights daily. Also known as the Kingsford Smith Airport, SYD can be reached from any part of the city.

Getting to Sydney Airport (SYD)

Because of the millions of passengers that travel via Sydney Airport, there are more than enough travel options to get to the airport from the city. For the most economically friendly option you may choose the Airport Link train. Depending on where you catch the train, it can cost you anything from AUD 15 to AUD 20. For travellers seeking more convenience you may opt for a taxi or Uber, a service which will cost you slightly more than AUD 50.


Parking at Sydney Airport

The Kingsford Smith has made sure to provide substantial parking for anyone travelling from Sydney to Dubai. The cheapest choice would be the Blu Emu car park, which is located slightly further away from the international terminal. There is no reason for concern, however, as a 24/7 free shuttle service is available, and goes directly from the parking to the terminals.

If you still wish to be closer to the terminals, the P7 car park is here for you, as it is located only 5 minutes away from the terminals. This will, however, cost you almost twice as much as the Blue Emu, and might not be a good choice if you plan to stick around for a longer period.


Which International Terminal will your cheap airfares from Sydney to Dubai depart from?

Most of the flights from Sydney to Dubai will depart from the international T1 terminal at the Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD).


Arriving at Dubai International Airport DXB

As the central airport of Dubai, the Dubai International Airport DXB is also the third-busiest in the world, and is home to Emirates and Flydubai. Located just 5 km from Dubai allows you to easily get to your hotel.


Arriving at Dubai Bus Station Airport XNB

While technically not an airport, some of the flights will get you to the Dubai Bus Station Airport XNB. Located around 25 km away from DXB, this serves as the coach terminal for Etihad.


Getting to your hotel from Dubai International Airport DXB and Dubai Bus Station Airport XNB

The most affordable option for getting to your hotel is certainly the bus, which has stops all around the city and can take you there directly from any of the airports. You have the option to buy the Nol card and take any of the buses available.

The metro is another convenient way to get to your hotel, as trains leave every 10 minutes. For ultimate convenience, you may opt for a taxi, however, this is also a more expensive option. If you arrange it in advance, a private shuttle service is also a great choice.