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Fri 01 Jul 26 Jun
Sat 02 Jul 25 Jun
Mon 04 Jul 28 Jun
Tue 05 Jul 25 Jun
Wed 06 Jul 28 Jun
Thu 07 Jul 25 Jun
Fri 08 Jul 25 Jun
Sat 09 Jul 24 Jun
Sun 10 Jul 27 Jun
Mon 11 Jul 26 Jun
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Departure Date
Fri 01 Jul
Updated on 24 Jun
$2,463 RETURN
Sat 02 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$3,555 RETURN
Mon 04 Jul
Updated on 28 Jun
$2,515 RETURN
Tue 05 Jul
Updated on 25 Jun
$2,053 RETURN
Wed 06 Jul
Updated on 28 Jun
$10,703 RETURN
Thu 07 Jul
Updated on 25 Jun
$2,028 RETURN
Fri 08 Jul
Updated on 25 Jun
$2,028 RETURN
Sat 09 Jul
Updated on 24 Jun
$10,102 RETURN
Sun 10 Jul
Updated on 25 Jun
$2,118 RETURN
Mon 11 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$2,514 RETURN
Tue 12 Jul
Updated on 28 Jun
$1,963 RETURN
Thu 14 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$2,138 RETURN
Fri 15 Jul
Updated on 29 Jun
$2,363 RETURN
Sat 16 Jul
Updated on 24 Jun
$3,194 RETURN
Sun 17 Jul
Updated on 30 Jun
$2,033 RETURN
Mon 18 Jul
Updated on 30 Jun
$2,926 RETURN
Tue 19 Jul
Updated on 29 Jun
$1,996 RETURN
Wed 20 Jul
Updated on 24 Jun
$1,975 RETURN
Thu 21 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$2,028 RETURN
Fri 22 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$1,963 RETURN
Sat 23 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$1,855 RETURN
Sun 24 Jul
Updated on 25 Jun
$2,028 RETURN
Mon 25 Jul
Updated on 28 Jun
$1,887 RETURN
Tue 26 Jul
Updated on 24 Jun
$1,853 RETURN
Wed 27 Jul
Updated on 24 Jun
$1,891 RETURN
Thu 28 Jul
Updated on 24 Jun
$2,744 RETURN
Fri 29 Jul
Updated on 29 Jun
$2,028 RETURN
Sat 30 Jul
Updated on 28 Jun
$2,901 RETURN

Route information for flights from Melbourne to Dubai

Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,853
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $1,277
Cheapest month November 2022
Most expensive month June 2022
Average flight time 14h 5m

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Currency used in Dubai

$1 AUD =

Current Time in Dubai

Average Temperature in Dubai

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Compare Cheap Melbourne to Dubai Flights

If you’re travelling to Dubai to see the Palm Islands from the air, or you’re planning a romantic holiday, or you want to experience every bit of the diverse food scene, start your trip off with a few more dollars in your pocket. Booking cheap flights from Melbourne to Dubai on Webjet allows you to keep more of your money so you can use it on things you want. And with a wealth of activities, shopping, and cultural elements to experience, those added savings may come in handy. With hundreds of cheap flights available from Webjet on a daily basis, you’re sure to find the right flight that fits your budget.

Webjet’s Deal Finder can find the perfect flight from MEL to DXB that fits your travel needs. Sort through airlines, stopover cities, and even seating classes in minutes with a few clicks of your mouse.

The best time to visit Dubai

Dubai is known to be hot most of the year. However, winter months between November and March offer respite from the heat when temperatures average 23°C (73°) This cooler season draws big crowds from locals and tourists alike resulting in increased airfare and hotel rates. Summer months of April through October experience high humidity as well as scorching temperatures. If you don’t mind 40°C (104°F) days with 100% humidity, summer holidays may be the best time to score cheap flights from Melbourne to Dubai. With the added savings, you may want to check out the indoor activities such as Ski Dubai and the Dubai Mall.

Departing From Melbourne

The fastest route to Dubai from Melbourne is with Emirates Air or Qantas. Both fly directly to Dubai International Airport in a little more than 14 hours.

Getting to Melbourne International Airport

Getting to Tullamarine Airport (MEL) from the city centre can take up to 30 minutes A taxi can get you to the airport for around $65. UberBlack is the only licensed Uber transfer in Melbourne has a set rate between $89-$115. The cheapest route to the airport is via the train. If you hop on the Craigieburn route out of Southern Cross Station, you’ll need to get off at Jacana Railway Station at Electric Street. From there it is about 8 kilometres to the airport. The SkyBus is a popular airport transfer. From the SkyBus terminal at Southern Cross Station, you can enjoy a quick 20-minute ride to the airport for a one-way fare of $19.

Parking at Melbourne International Airport


Before driving yourself to Tullamarine airport be sure you have the email confirmation of your pre-booked parking space. This can save you time and money when you get to the airport.

Where to Park at Melbourne International Airport

To make your trip from MEL to DBX a little easier, use one of the three Car Parks at Tullamarine airport designed for international travellers.

  • Valet Parking frees you from the hassle of finding a slot and it puts you closest to the terminals. Operating 24 hours a day, you can simply drive up, drop your keys, and get your trip started. Virgin Australia has its own valet service located on the Terminal 3 end of level 2. If you’re flying to Dubai on any other airline, you’ll pull up to the Valet service on level 2 on the Terminal 1 end.
  • If you enjoy the perks of valet but want to keep your car keys in your own hands, Premium Parking is perfect. No matter what airline you’re flying to Dubai International Airport with, Premium Parking spaces are conveniently located close to all terminals. To save a bit of money on your Premium Parking or to ensure your space, it is highly recommended you book your space before your departure date arrives.
  • Saving money before you even leave Melbourne can be the beginning of a great trip. Storing your car in the Long Term car park can keep more money in your pocket. Simply pre-book your space before you head for the airport. Once you park you can take the short 15-minute ride on the shuttle to the terminals.


Arriving in Dubai

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is strategically arranged to make international travel easier and faster. If you’re flying from MEL to DXB on Emirates or Qantas, you’ll arrive at Terminal 3. All other international flights from Melbourne will arrive at Terminal 1. While you will have to go through customs and immigration, Melbournians do not need to pre-apply for a visa to enter the UAE.


How to Get from Dubai International Airport to Your Dubai Hotel or Accommodation

While the airport isn’t far from the city, many hotels are located 30-40 kilometres away. Take note of what time your flight from MEL to DXB is set to arrive. The Metro does not run at night, but taxis and bus services are available. There are well marked signs throughout Dubai International Airport directing you to the exit. From there, you can hail a taxi to take you from the airport to your hotel in Dubai city in 45 minutes for around $52. The cheapest route into the city is via the Metro underground. Take the red line from Dubai International Airport into the city. Including 2-3 stops, you’ll arrive at the city centre in about 40 minutes for $2.50. If you plan on taking the bus from DBX to the city centre, the journey may take a little more than an hour. One-way bus fare is $3.15.

Things to do in Dubai

No matter if you’re in Dubai on business or for a special holiday, make a point to see the Grand Mosque. It may appear rather plain from the outside, but once you remove your shoes to walk inside, you’ll see the expansive white marble and gold inlays combined with oversized chandeliers and ornate carpet in the prayer room. If it’s thrills you’re seeking, take your pick of more than 20 theme parks across the city. Exciting rides await guests at LEGOLAND and Bollywood Parks or hit the only indoor ski slope in the Middle East at Ski Dubai. For the best shopping experience, head to the Dubai Mall. It can take an entire day to visit the more than 1,200 shops spread across six-million square feet. The mall also hosts Ski Dubai, an aquarium, as well as a movie theatre. At 160 storeys, Burj Kalif is the tallest building in the world, you can take a ride up 555 metres to the observation deck for expansive views of Dubai city. From Burj Kalif head straight to the lake for a water works display at Dubai Fountain. Each ‘show’ is choreographed to music and some of the streams shoot water 152-metres in the air.

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