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Sat 20 Apr
Updated on 16 Apr
$581 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Sun 21 Apr
Updated on 18 Apr
$542 ONE WAY
VA Airlines
Mon 22 Apr
Updated on 18 Apr
$455 ONE WAY
VA Airlines
Tue 23 Apr
Updated on 17 Apr
$425 ONE WAY
VA Airlines
Wed 24 Apr
Updated on 19 Apr
$425 ONE WAY
VA Airlines
Thu 25 Apr
Updated on 18 Apr
$425 ONE WAY
VA Airlines
Fri 26 Apr
Updated on 18 Apr
$411 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Sat 27 Apr
Updated on 18 Apr
$487 ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Sun 28 Apr
Updated on 18 Apr
$805 ONE WAY
VA Airlines
Mon 29 Apr
Updated on 18 Apr
$605 ONE WAY
VA Airlines
Tue 30 Apr
Updated on 19 Apr
$455 ONE WAY
VA Airlines

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Route information for flights from Hobart to Darwin

Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $411*
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $305*
Cheapest month September 2024
Most expensive month September 2024
Average flight time 4h 20m

Darwin Guide

Tips For First-Time Travellers to Darwin

Catch the sunset each evening

Darwin is known among visitors with Hobart to Darwin flights for its stunning sunsets. When you have cheap flights to Darwin from Hobart, try not to miss a single sunset. Mindil Beach and East Point Reserve are both great places to watch the sun go down.


Learn about Darwin’s Aboriginal culture

Darwin is perhaps one of the most diverse cities in Australia when it comes to Aboriginal culture. The city embraces its Aboriginal history and Dreamtime stories that are told about the region. When you have Hobart to Darwin return flights, you’ll see plenty of Aboriginal art and get the chance to attend art fairs and festivals complete with music and dancing.


Take caution when swimming

With beautiful beaches and hot weather, you’ll likely be tempted to go for a swim after your cheap flights Hobart to Darwin. However, be sure to check that the place you swim is safe for swimming. Due to its tropical climate, the Darwin area is known to have jellyfish and crocodiles in some bodies of water.



Major Events and Festivals

Garrmalang Festival

If you’re fascinated by Aboriginal culture, plan your flights Hobart to Darwin for this four-day festival at the end of May. Garrmalang is the Aboriginal name for Darwin, and the festival celebrates the Top End’s diverse Aboriginal groups. If you plan cheap flights to Darwin from Hobart during Garrmalang, you can enjoy a variety of performances of Aboriginal music, dancing, art, and language.


Territory Day

Held on 1 July every year, Territory Day celebrates everything that makes the Northern Territory exciting and unique. It marks the day the NT was granted self-governance in 1978. During the festival, visitors with flights into Darwin Airport (DRW) can expect outdoor markets, fireworks, and a concert showcasing music and dancing of the Territory.


Darwin Festival

While Territory Day celebrates life in the NT, the 18-day Darwin Festival focuses on the many aspects that make the capital city special. A variety of events are held during Darwin Festival, including music, dance, theatre, circus acts, and comedy. Performers during the festival come from Aboriginal, European, and Asian backgrounds, celebrating the diversity of Darwin’s cultural landscape.



Travelling with Children

Splash around at the Wave Lagoon

Located in the Waterfront Precinct of Darwin’s CBD, the Wave Lagoon is the perfect way to cool down in the heat and humidity of Darwin. The tropical Wave Lagoon is open year-round, so it will feel like summer no matter what time of year you book cheap flights Hobart to Darwin.


See crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cove

Crocodiles are a well-known feature of the Darwin area and are a must-see when you have Hobart to Darwin flights. A child-friendly place to get up close to crocodiles is at Crocosaurus Cove in the CBD. When you visit this attraction after your flights Hobart to Darwin, you can learn about the personalities and incredible strength of these animals. Visitors can watch large crocodiles jump in the air for food, hold and feed baby crocodiles, and learn about other Top End reptiles in the Reptile House.


Visit the Territory Wildlife Park

Located south of Darwin, the Territory Wildlife Park is a favourite for families with flights Hobart to Darwin. The park teaches visitors about the native plants and animals of the Northern Territory through up-close encounters. Visitors with tickets to Darwin from Hobart can walk through the park, which displays the different landscapes of the Top End. Animal encounters to enjoy after your cheap flights to Darwin from Hobart include a wallaby walk, pelican feedings, and birds of prey.



The Best Time to Visit

With its tropical location, Darwin experiences unique weather compared to most of the country. The region experiences both wet and dry seasons. The dry season is one of the best times to book Hobart to Darwin flights, thanks to its comfortable daily temperatures, low humidity, and mild rainfall. The dry season lasts from May to September. Because this season is known for the most comfortable weather, it’s also the busiest time to book flights Hobart to Darwin. If you’ll be visiting during this time, book your hotel early for the best rate. On the other hand, Darwin’s wet season occurs between October and April. During the wet season, weather is hot and humid. You’re likely to experience tropical rainstorms at this time. There are pros and cons to visiting during wet season. If you’re looking for a bargain, the wet season is Darwin’s low season when you’ll find great deals on hotels and Hobart to Darwin flights. The national parks and waterfalls near Darwin are at their most beautiful during the wet season; however, certain attractions close when there’s a chance of heavy rain or flooding.