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Darwin Guide

A Brief History

After arriving on your cheap flights Broome to Darwin, you’ll find yourself in a city with a fascinating history. Before European arrived in the area and established the early Darwin township, the region was inhabited by the Larrakia tribe for tens of thousands of years. Today, this group is still prominent in Darwin, and you can learn about their culture after your Broome to Darwin flights. Europeans arrived to the area in 1839, naming the early city after Charles Darwin. A permanent settlement was established in Darwin in 1869. Soon after in the 1870s, Darwin became a prominent city when the Australian Overland Telegraph Line connected it to Port Augusta in South Australia. With this new connection, news could easily travel between the two cities, connecting Australia with the rest of the world. The population of Darwin grew steadily after that, with many people moving to the city from China, Japan, and the Philippines. During the 1940s, Darwin played a role in World War II. It was bombed by the same fleets who bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii; these became the most serious attacks on the country during WWII. Darwin was devastated further in 1974 when a major cyclone destroyed about 70% of the city’s buildings. In the following decades, Darwin rebuilt to become the city that it is today while still retaining stories of its rich history.



Top Experiences for Visitors with Flights Broome to Darwin

Mindil Beach

Mindil Beach is a local gem to experience when you have flights Broome to Darwin. Located at the western end of the CBD, Mindil Beach offers beautiful waterfront views, and is particularly loved for its views of the sunset. If you book your tickets to Darwin from Broome between October and May, you can also visit the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets for delicious food and live entertainment.


Litchfield National Park

If you want to take a day trip from the city after your flights Broome to Darwin, consider visiting nearby Litchfield National Park. Visitors with cheap flights to Darwin from Broome can visit Litchfield to experience some gorgeous waterfalls, hiking trails, and swimming holes. The national park is also well-known among visitors with Broome to Darwin flights for its tall magnetic termite mounds.


Go on a Crocodile Cruise

The tropical region surrounding Darwin is famous for its large crocodiles. When you have cheap flights Broome to Darwin, you can see these impressive animals in the wild by joining a crocodile cruise. Crocodile cruises along the Adelaide River are available from a few different tour operators. While on a cruise, visitors with flights Broome to Darwin can see crocodiles jump out of the water for food. Going on a crocodile cruise is an unforgettable experience when you have Broome to Darwin flights.


Darwin Botanical Gardens

There is some gorgeous nature to experience after your flights Broome to Darwin, some of which you can see without even leaving the city. The Darwin Botanical Gardens feature tropical plants that are native to Northern Australia. Visitors with cheap flights to Darwin from Broome can appreciate a rainforest garden, tropical orchids, and bromeliad plants.



Cafes and Restaurants

Rachael’s Seafood Shack

With its coastal location, Darwin is known for its fresh seafood. Rachael’s Seafood Shack is owned by a former MasterChef Australia contestant, contributing to the restaurant’s strong reputation. Rachael’s Seafood Shack serves high quality seafood at affordable prices and has a great atmosphere on the waterfront. Visit this restaurant after your Broome to Darwin flights to try dishes such as classic fish and chips, oysters, crab, and seafood chowder.


Laneway Specialty Coffee

Based in the heart of Darwin’s CBD, Laneway Specialty Coffee is a great spot to grab breakfast or lunch when you have Broome to Darwin return flights. The cafe has a bright and airy design and ethically-sourced coffee. Dishes to try at Laneway Specialty Coffee include the brekkie bowl, eggs benedict, and homemade granola.


PM Eat & Drink

PM Eat & Drink is a stylish restaurant located down a laneway painted with street art. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and has a menu inspired by the foods of Japan, Greece, and Spain. PM Eat & Drink is particularly known for its seafood, which can be accompanied by local beers and wines. Dishes to tempt you after you arrive into Darwin Airport (DRW) include tacos with sriracha mayo, whole prawns, wagyu steak, and chargrilled eggplant.


Moorish Cafe

Moorish Cafe is an eclectic dining spot inspired by the cuisines of Spain, the Mediterranean, and Northern Africa. When you have cheap flights to Darwin from Broome, head here for some tapas prepared with local produce and seafood. Their tapas is a great way to try several smaller dishes, but there’s a full menu of large mains as well.