Flights to Da Nang

Da Nang Guide

What are the best things to do in Da Nang?

Da Nang is Vietnam's third-largest city and one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. Home to stylish bars, stunning natural scenery and white-sand beaches, Da Nang has something for everyone. Here are some of the best things for travellers buying flights to Da Nang to do:

Hang out at the Waterfront Bar

Located on the Han River, the Waterfront Bar is one of the top places in the city to enjoy a craft beer or cocktail. Once your flights to Da Nang arrive, head here for a sundowner and grab a meal from the elegant restaurant upstairs.

Tackle the Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass is a 21-kilometre road and has a rich cultural and historical significance. If you want to take in the spectacular scenery for yourself, you can hire a car, rent a motorbike or join a group tour.

When buying your flights to Da Nang with Webjet, you can add car hire to your trip at checkout. When you arrive, your vehicle of choice will be waiting for you at Da Nang International Airport (DAD).

My Khe Beach

For beach lovers buying cheap flights to Da Nang, stretches of sand don’t come much more appealing than My Khe Beach. It's one of the most easily accessible public beaches near the city, but is rarely crowded. Bring a book, pack some snacks, and spend the day catching some rays (just don’t forget to layer up on the SPF beforehand!).

Go to the Golden Hands Bridge

The Golden Hands Bridge is an attraction in the Ba Na Hills resort. It's located 40-minutes drive’ outside of Da Nang. Travellers buying return flights to Da Nang will need their own car or a driver for the day. The entrance to the park includes food and drink vouchers, and you can easily spend the whole day there.

The best time to visit the famous Golden Hands Bridge is just before sunset. There will be fewer other tourists around, and you'll have gorgeous light for your photos.

Check out the pink Da Nang Cathedral

The pink Da Nang Cathedral was built in 1923 and is one of the city's most unique buildings. It's right in the middle of the busy city centre and is contrasted against the towering skyscrapers around it. The church is still used for services today.

Travellers buying cheap flights to Da Nang can attend an English sermon every Sunday at 9am. The Da Nang Cathedral is only 10-minutes’ drive from Da Nang International Airport (DAD).

What are the dos and don'ts of visiting Da Nang?

Dress more conservatively in Vietnam

The Vietnamese are modest, and it's best to dress on the more conservative side for your holiday in Da Nang. You'll want to avoid short shorts and plunging necklines where possible. For travellers booking airfare to Da Nang that want to see temples, you'll need to make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered on these visits.

Chopstick and food etiquette

When eating in Vietnam, it's considered bad luck to stick your chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice. Travellers booking plane tickets to Da Nang should rather place their chopsticks across the top of the bowl.

Another thing that travellers buying tickets to Da Nang should keep in mind is rice. In Vietnam, leaving behind a significant amount of rice in your bowl is considered rude and wasteful.

Do haggle at the shops

When you visit local markets, travellers buying return flights to Da Nang shouldn’t feel shy about haggling. The vendors will expect it, and bargaining should always be done in good spirits.

What should I pack for Da Nang?

Sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen

Whether you're booking airfare to Da Nang in the dry or wet season, you should pack sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Cloudy days still mean harmful UV rays.

Bug spray

The mosquitos in Da Nang can be plentiful - especially if you're buying flights to Da Nang over the wet season. Pack a bottle in your checked luggage and apply it every day at dawn and dusk.

Secure your day bag

Avoid falling prey to pickpockets by securing your bag to your body. Travellers buying flights to Da Nang can use clips or moon bags.

Clothing tips for Da Nang

Many travellers buying cheap flights to Da Nang may be planning to make the most of the area’s beaches and hotel swimming pools. So packing more than one swimsuit is going to be a must! And for when you aren't at the beach, you'll want to pack breathable cotton shirts, shorts and skirts.

For footwear, you'll need a comfortable pair of walking shoes, such as sneakers or sturdier sandals. Of course, having thongs in your pack is also a good idea.