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With excellent food, beer and culture, it's no wonder Copenhagen is one of the must-visit destinations in Europe. Check out Webjet's latest deals, find the perfect flight for your budget and get ready to explore the City of Spires.

Copenhagen Guide

Know Before You Go

Copenhagen doesn't have many taxis, and the few that are around aren't cheap. If you need to get around rather use Uber, it's 20% cheaper, and the charge goes straight to your credit card.

Tivoli is the world's second oldest amusement park. If you want to visit it plan your holiday around its open dates: April 10 - September 21; October 11-27 and November 15 - December 31. Children under 8 get in for free and for everyone else it's DKK 95.

Almost everyone in the city speaks English and Danish. Most citizens are fluent in three languages or more, so you don't need to worry about downloading a translator or dictionary app.

Denmark's capital city is a haven for beer lovers. Copenhagen has an excellent craft beer scene with countless options to choose from.

Hotels in Copenhagen are expensive. If you want to save money, consider staying outside of the city centre. It won't take long to commute into town, and you'll have room in your budget for more exciting things.

Getting Around Copenhagen

The cheapest way to get around Copenhagen is to walk. The city is flat making it easy to explore on foot. But if you need to get somewhere faster than your feet can carry you, the city has a variety of transport options to choose from.

The metro is a fast and convenient way to get around the city. Trains run every 3-6 minutes and every 2-4 minutes during rush hour. If you need to use the metro at night, the trains run at 7-15 minute intervals after 1 am on Saturdays and every 20 minutes after midnight from Sunday to Thursday.

Copenhagen has three types of buses that you can use. The seven A-buses operate routes around the city centre and runs every 10 minutes. The eight S-buses serve suburban routes every 20 minutes and are faster than the A-buses due to fewer stops. Lastly, there is a night service bus that runs from 1 am to 5 am.

Another affordable way to get around is on a bike. If your hotel doesn't have any you can borrow, you can rent one in the city and live like a true Copenhagener.

Buy the Copenhagen Card if you want unlimited public transportation including to and from the airport. You'll also get free admission to more than 70 attractions in the city and discounts at several restaurants and cafes. Passes start at DKK 389 for a 24-hour card and go all the way up to DKK 889 for 120 hours.

Best time to visit Copenhagen

When is The Best Time to Visit Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a destination you can visit year-round, but it really comes alive from May to August. The summer months mean festivals are in the air, and the popular coffee houses spill out onto the sidewalks. While all this activity does drive up hotel rates and airfare, if you book a few months ahead you'll be able to lock in prices before they skyrocket. Don't forget to pack some light layers as the Baltic Sea can bring in a chilly breeze even during the warmer months.

While the weather isn't as warm, visiting Copenhagen in spring is still a good idea. From March to May, you'll find fewer crowds, cheaper airfare and lower hotel rates. The famous Tivoli Gardens also reopen during this time, making it the perfect excuse to explore the city during its shoulder season.

If you are looking for a quieter holiday, head to Copenhagen during its autumn months. From September to November, the city goes into hibernation as the colder weather rolls in, but you'll have the city's attractions to yourself. For budget travellers, it's the best time to visit with hotel rates cheaper than the rest of the year.

Copenhagen's winter months (December to February) are freezing. You'll need to layer up with your warmest clothes if you want to explore the city during this time. For those that do brave the cold, you'll be rewarded with Copenhagen's famous Christmas markets and festive atmosphere.


Airports in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is the main international gateway for the city and Denmark. It's the largest airport in the Nordic countries and one of the oldest airports in Europe. It's located 8 km from the city centre and is used as a hub for Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airlines.

Getting To and From Copenhagen Airport

The metro is located above terminal 3, and it's one of the fastest ways into the city. Trains leave every 4-6 minutes and the travel time is about 13 minutes. A single ticket costs DKK 36, or you can buy one of the various public transport passes.

Trains run every 10 minutes from Terminal 3 to the central station in Copenhagen. Travel time is 13 minutes, and if you arrive at the airport in the evening, you can catch a train into town every 30-60 minutes.

If you don't mind a longer travel time, you can also take the bus from the airport. Bus 5A runs to Copenhagen Central Station and a few other stops around the city. Journey time is 30-35 minutes, and buses leave every 10 minutes during the day with limited service at night.

If you prefer a taxi, you can find cabs waiting outside Terminals 1 and 3. The drive into the city will take about 20 minutes and cost you DKK 250 - 300 one way.