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Colombo is the capital and largest city in Sri Lanka and has a lot to offer to visitors. Sri Lanka is a small island country off the southeast coast of India. While Indian culture has influenced Sri Lanka over the years, planning a trip to Colombo offers a completely different experience. Colombo is located on the coast of Sri Lanka and has played a large role in trading throughout history. Due to its location, Colombo has some beautiful beaches and coastal areas to explore. In addition to its coastal charm, Colombo is teeming with markets, temples, parks, and unique architecture. In addition to its Indian influences, Britain and the Netherlands have also contributed to the culture of Colombo–something you can still witness all throughout the city. Colombo is a fast-paced and exciting city that is always abuzz with people and tuk tuks. Outside of the city, Sri Lanka has some of the most incredible nature you could imagine. The majority of international flights into Sri Lanka arrive in Colombo, making it the perfect place to start off your trip around the country.



Book your cheap flights from Perth to Colombo with Webjet, and use our guide to Colombo to start planning your Sri Lankan adventure.

Best time to visit Colombo


The best time to visit Colombo



Colombo is located in the tropics, leading to warm weather all year long. The city’s high season occurs between November and March when weather is at its hottest and most humid. Temperatures average about 31°C during the day with lots of sunshine. This season is the busiest time to visit Sri Lanka, meaning hotel rates can increase. While Colombo is busy, this season is also an exciting time to experience the culture of Sri Lanka. There are several major festivals, including Diwali in November and Duruthu Perahera in January.



Sri Lanka is unique in that it doesn’t just experience one wet season; it has two. During each wet season, a different part of the country is affected. Colombo’s monsoon season goes from June to September. These months are rainy, but you are likely to experience some sunshine as well. As this is low season in Colombo, it’s the perfect time to find great deals on hotels in Colombo and cheap airfares from Perth to Colombo.



Departing From Perth



Perth is home to one airport, which is located 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) east of the city centre. The airport is divided up into four terminals and two precincts. The T1/T2 Precinct is where most international flights depart from. You may fly from T3/T4 if you are travelling with Qantas or if you have a stopover in another Australian city.



You can book cheap flights from Perth to Colombo on several major airlines, including Virgin Australia, Qantas, AirAsia, SriLankan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Jet Airways. There are no direct cheap airfares from Perth to Colombo currently. However, with one stopover, you can reach Sri Lanka in about 11 hours. With about 35-45 flights from Perth to Colombo Airport available each day, you can be on your way to Sri Lanka in no time.



Getting to Perth Airport



There are several quick and affordable ways to reach Perth Airport from the CBD. The most cost-effective option is to catch the city bus. If your flight is departing from the T1/T2 Precinct, you can catch bus 380, which runs every 30 minutes and reaches the airport in about a half hour. This bus originates at the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station and also stops at Victoria Park Transfer Station, Burswood Train Station, and Belmont Forum Shopping Centre on the way to the airport. If you need to get to the T3/T4 Precinct at the airport, catch bus 40 from Elizabeth Quay Bus Station. The bus arrives to the airport in about a half hour and departs every 20 to 30 minutes. Tickets for each of these bus routes cost $4.80 AUD.



If you’d prefer a direct ride from home to your terminal, you can catch a taxi or an Uber from locations all over Perth. From the CBD, a taxi will get you to your flight in less than 20 minutes for a fare of $30 to $45 AUD. If you are travelling from the Fremantle area, a taxi takes a little more than 30 minutes and costs about $50 to $70 AUD.



Parking at Perth Airport



Each of Perth Airport’s four terminals offers both Long Term and Short Term parking. When you pre-book your parking space, you can save up to 30% on your rate.



Where to Park at Perth Airport



• The Long Term car park is the most affordable option. A 24-hour shuttle bus operates every ten minutes travelling between the car park and the terminals. Parking starts at $27 AUD per day and $95 AUD per week.



• The Short Term car park is the most convenient option, located only a few minutes’ walk from the terminals. Parking rates start from $49 AUD per day and $129 AUD per week.




Arriving in Colombo



Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) is the major airport for international visitors travelling to Sri Lanka. It is 30 kilometres (18 miles) north of the city centre. Currently, Terminal 1 receives international flights, while Terminal 3 operates domestic flights. Terminal 2 is being renovated and will receive more international arrivals once it is completed in 2019.



How to Get from Bandaranaike Airport (CMB) to Your Colombo Hotel or Accommodation



Once your flight arrives into Colombo Airport, you have several affordable transport options to choose from. Public bus 187 is the most affordable option, costing just 110 Sri Lankan rupees (90 cents AUD). You can catch this bus between the hours of 5:30am and 6:30pm, departing every half hour. The bus makes a few stops near the airport and then takes the airport expressway to Colombo Central Bus Stand in about 45 minutes. From there, much of the city centre is within walking distance. Otherwise, you could catch a tuk tuk the short distance to your hotel.



For a direct ride to your hotel, you can catch a taxi from Bandaranaike Airport (CMB). Taxis into the city arrive in about 35 minutes for a fare of about 2,900 rupees ($24 AUD). Tuk tuks are one of the most popular ways to get around Colombo, but they aren’t available from the airport. While you are in the city, be sure to take a tuk tuk at least once as they are an exciting and unique way to see Colombo.

Things to do


Things to do in Colombo



Go to the Beach

Located on the coast of Sri Lanka, there are several beaches to experience in Colombo. Galle Face Green is a park beach located within the city centre. Lining the beach, you’ll find lots of lively activity, including restaurants and bars. About 10 kilometres (6 miles) south of Colombo, you can visit Mount Lavinia Beach by hopping in a tuk tuk. This beach has a tropical feel to it with lots of palm trees and soft sand.



National Museum of Colombo

The National Museum of Colombo is the largest museum in Sri Lanka and is the perfect place to learn about the country’s history and culture. Throughout the museum, you can see a range of Sri Lankan artefacts, including textiles, pottery, paintings, the throne and crown of the Kandyan monarchs, and several other exhibits showcasing the various periods of Sri Lankan history. Entrance to the museum costs 500 Sri Lankan rupees (about $4 AUD).



The Floating Market

One of the most popular attractions in Colombo is its floating market. This market is located right in the city centre and is made up of about 100 different stalls based on boats. Vendors sell a variety of products, ranging from food and souvenirs to clothing and jewellery. If you are looking to find some traditional Sri Lankan items during your holiday, the floating market is the place to go.



Explore the Fort Neighbourhood

In the past, Sri Lanka has been colonised by both the British and the Dutch. While it’s been decades since these cultures had a direct influence over Sri Lanka, you can still see examples of colonial architecture all throughout the city. The best neighbourhood to go to see British and Dutch-style buildings is the Fort neighbourhood. Some buildings to check out are the Old Parliament Building, the Old Dutch Hospital, the Clock Tower, Central Point, and Old Galle Buck Lighthouse.