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Christmas Island Guide

When is the best time to visit Christmas Island?

The best time to travel on flights to Christmas Island is between October and November. You'll be in time for the annual crab migration, a natural phenomenon that sees more than 60 million crabs make their way to the coast. If you can't buy airfare to Christmas Island over those months, don’t fret too much as the island is a great destination all year round. The tropical climate means temperatures tend to be reliably warm and daytime temperatures average around 22°C. Those who do decide to book tickets to Christmas Island over the wet season (October to April) and want to rent a 4WD to go off-road will need to keep in mind that not all roads are passable. Some of the tracks are prone to flooding, and you'll need to watch out for the migrating crabs. If you want to go on a 4WD adventure around the island, it's best to book your return flights to Christmas Island for travel between May and September.

What is the best way to get around Christmas Island?

Rent a car

The best way to explore as much of Christmas Island as possible is to hire a car. When booking your return flights to Christmas Island with Webjet, you can select the vehicle of your choice at the same time. Alternatively, you can choose a vehicle at Christmas Island Airport (XCH), but there are a limited number of cars on the island. Keep in mind; a 4WD is preferable as there are a lot of off-road-style tracks around the island that regular sedans or compact cars may find difficult to navigate.


There isn't any public transportation like trams, buses and trains on the island. If you need to get around and you don't have a car, you can flag down a taxi. The service operates Tuesday to Sunday from 6:30am, expect on Sundays when it starts at 7:30am.

Transfers from Christmas Island Airport (XCH)

If your flights to Christmas Island arrive between Tuesday and Sunday, you can use a taxi to get to your hotel. However, if you land on a Monday, you'll need to book a transfer. Prices for a one-way trip from Christmas Island Airport (XCH) into town are about $25 AUD. You can also book a return transfer for $35 AUD.

What's on in Christmas Island?

Christmas Island Golf Open

Golf enthusiasts thinking about tickets to Christmas Island should visit the islet in May. You can attend the annual Christmas Island Golf Open, a golf tournament that attracts players from across the globe. It's held at the Christmas Island Golf Club, and you can sign up to play on one of the most remote courses in the world.

Bird ‘n’ Nature Week

Bird 'n' Nature Week is held each year in September. Bird-lovers buy flights to Christmas Island to attend a week's worth of events. Some of the activities you can participate in include guided tours, field trips, and talks by leading bird experts.

Territory Day Celebrations

Ever since becoming an Australian territory in 1958, the island celebrates the occasion with a week-long event. If you find cheap flights to Christmas Island in early October, don’t miss out on the celebrations. You can attend the famous raft race, shop at the market stalls and attend various sports and music events.

Christmas Island Marathon

As well as the annual crab migration in October, the Christmas Island Marathon is another reason why travellers buy return flights to Christmas Island. The internationally-listed running event attracts runners from all over the world, and sees competitors run through the jungle and along the coast. With so much going on in October and limited accommodation available, book your flights to Christmas Island and hotel room as early as possible.

What is the cost of visiting Christmas Island?

As Christmas Island is a remote destination, expect certain prices and the cost of visiting to be higher than in mainland Australia. Meals at restaurants may cost anywhere between $20 to $50 AUD, although you can get smaller meals at eateries for around $10 to $20 AUD. When it comes to drinks, travellers with airfare to Christmas Island should budget between $5 to $8 AUD for a beer and $3 AUD for soft drinks.