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Mon 24 Jun
Updated on 22 Jun
$504* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Tue 25 Jun
Updated on 22 Jun
$439* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Wed 26 Jun
Updated on 23 Jun
$369* ONE WAY
JQ Airlines
Thu 27 Jun
Updated on 23 Jun
$499* ONE WAY
QF Airlines
Fri 28 Jun
Updated on 23 Jun
$535* ONE WAY
QF Airlines
Sat 29 Jun
Updated on 22 Jun
$527* ONE WAY
QF Airlines
Sun 30 Jun
Updated on 23 Jun
$506* ONE WAY
JQ Airlines

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Route information for flights from Melbourne to Christchurch

Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $369*
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $233*
Cheapest month November 2024
Most expensive month November 2024
Average flight time 55m

Christchurch Guide

If you’re looking for a place to spend a wonderful family vacation in, Christchurch, a beautiful city in New Zealand, has just what you seek!  

Called Ōtautahi in the native language, Christchurch is the third most populous city in New Zealand, and the largest on the South Island. Located north of Banks Peninsula, this Canterbury Region city is on the east coast of the South Island. 

Christchurch is recognizable for the beautiful Avon River flowing through the city centre, surrounded by an urban park along the banks. The river and the nearby greenery are one of the most lustrous details of this charming city.

Christchurch is a vibrant, delightful city that everybody should visit at least once in a lifetime. What’s more, this trip won’t leave you penniless – Webjet offers amazing deals for cheap flights Melbourne to Christchurch, so make sure to reserve your seat!


Things to do in Christchurch

Christchurch Hop-On Hop-Off Tram

Take a city tour with the lovely, historical trams! Costing only NZD 25, the ticket will take you to all important tourist spots you should not miss. Taking 50 minutes to complete the route and making 17 stops along the way, the tram provides a whole city tour. You can hop off and on at any stop – one ticket is valid for the whole day, so feel free to make the most of the journey and explore the areas. 

The adventure starts at Cathedral Junction and goes through the Cathedral Square, follows the Avon River and stops at every spot you should see. The tram is a perfect way to experience the city in whole, and it’s best taken the first day of your vacation – it will definitely help you understand the city. 

Punting on The Avon 

Ever wished to experience a gondola ride, like in romantic movies? You can have this in Christchurch. Have your 30 minutes of bliss in a punting tour on the river Avon. Punting, so named after the flat-bottomed boat fit for small rivers, is a perfect way to relax. 

Your guide - a punter dressed in traditional Edwardian attire whose historical narrative will surely get you lost in time. Revel under an umbrella or wrapped in a blanket during the quiet ride on a traditional low, cushioned seat, and share a quiet moment with your loved ones.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens 

The historical Christchurch Botanic Gardens are definitely a sight you shouldn’t miss. The lustrous gardens are a unique way to experience the exotic flora native to New Zealand. Whether you enjoy gardening, study biology or know nothing about plants at all - the tour guides can answer any questions you may have about the indigenous vegetation. Admire the aroma of 150 varieties of charming roses in the circular Rose Garden, and experience the colour explosion of the sub-Antarctic daisies at Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

Best time to visit Christchurch

What is the best time to visit Christchurch?

Depending on your plans for the trip, the best time to visit Christchurch may differ. 

If you wish to sunbathe on one of the beautiful beaches, make sure to travel between December and February. The pleasant December warmth goes perfectly with the 40 idyllic beaches. However, these months are pretty busy and the hotels may get very crowded, so make sure to book your stay in advance. 

If you’re a nature lover and would like to revel in Christchurch’s lush greenery, make sure to visit between September and November, when The Garden City is in full bloom. 

You can also make a budget-friendly trip Christchurch, and catch the lovely autumn colours from March to May, when the hotel prices drop with the temperatures. You can lower your spending even more if you get Webjet’s cheap flights Melbourne to Christchurch.


Departing from Melbourne

Over 90 cheap flights Melbourne to Christchurch depart every day from MEL to CHC. With Webjet, you can get great deals for cheap return flights from Melbourne to Christchurch, and arrive at your destination in just a bit over 3 hours. The flights are provided by reliable and reputable airlines like Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, and Singapore Airlines

Getting to Melbourne Airport (MEL)

The Tullamarine Airport (MEL) is the airport your flight Melbourne to Christchurch will take off from. It’s easy to get to the airport from the city centre, as it’s only 25 km away. To cross this distance, you can drive your own vehicle, take a car service like taxi or Uber, or take a bus.

Taking a taxi will cost you up to AUD 65 and it should take around 25 minutes to reach the airport in light traffic. If you decide to drive, the best route to take would be the Tullamarine Freeway. However, you may have to pay the freeway tolls with a CityLink card.

The cheapest way to get to the airport is the SkyBus service. The 24/7 bus may take up to 45 minutes to reach the airport, but the ticket price is only AUD 19. You can find a reliable timetable and a bus stop guide on their website. 


Parking at Melbourne Airport

Tullamarine airport (MEL) has great parking options. The cheapest available parking option is the Value car park. You don’t have to pay for each day, but get a great package price depending on the length of your stay instead. The open-air parking is connected to the terminals by a 24/7 shuttle bus. 

If you’re in a rush to catch your Melbourne to Christchurch flight, you might prefer a parking option that’s right outside the terminals. While these parks are, of course, pricier, they also have a valet service to make sure you don’t waste valuable time.


From which terminal will your flight from Melbourne to Christchurch depart?

Flights from Melbourne to Christchurch typically depart from the T2 terminal on Tullamarine Airport (MEL) in Melbourne.


Arriving in Christchurch

The Christchurch International Airport (CHC) is very easy to travel to and from as it’s only 12 km away from the Central Business District. Out of all airports in New Zealand, the CHC takes most international traffic. A two-level terminal with two runways serves both domestic and international flights. 


Getting to Christchurch from Christchurch International Airport (CHC)

Your arrival from Melbourne to Christchurch will be hassle-free as the airport is very close to the city centre and the transportation options are plentiful. 

The cheapest way to the city is the public transportation. 

The public buses in Christchurch are provided by Metro Red Bus, and the service regularly covers the distance from the airport to the city centre. You can take the Purple Line or the no. 29 buses. The bus tickets, costing NZD 8.50, can be bought from the driver.

If you would prefer a taxi, you can always find one outside the terminal. Taxis are great if you need to reach the Christchurch centre within 20 minutes. However, the ride costs up to NZD 65. 

Cheap flights from MEL to CHC are best accompanied with an easy to use city guide. Make your trip convenient and hassle-free with Webjet’s guide to the transportation options, accommodation and airports in the city!