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Chennai Guide

What are the best things to do in Chennai?

Kapaleeshwarar Temple

One of the most iconic landmarks to see after your flights to Chennai is the Kapaleeshwarar Temple. This Hindu temple was built in the 7th century in a classic Dravidian style. It was dedicated to the lord Shiva, who is one of the principal deities in Hinduism. Shiva is often portrayed as a peacock, and this is reflected in the bright colours of the temple. While visiting Kapaleeshwarar Temple after your cheap flights to Chennai, you can see several several shrines, the rainbow Gopuram tower, and Mandapa pillars.


Mylapore is Chennai’s old town and an essential spot to visit after flights to Chennai. The neighbourhood dates back more than 1500 years and is famous as the birthplace of Indian philosopher Valluvar. Due to the history of the area, Mylapore is one of the best places to immerse yourself in the local culture between your return flights to Chennai. Throughout the neighbourhood, there are various temples and churches to explore and restaurants serving up traditional South Indian food.

Madras High Court

The Madras High Court stands out from the other buildings of Chennai for its bright red colour and Indo-Gothic architectural style. It is one of three high courts in India, along with Calcutta and Mumbai. It also covers an impressive land area and is the second largest court complex in the world, following the Supreme Court in London. When you book airfare to Chennai, visit Madras High Court to take a tour of the complex and learn more about the Indian judicial system. An official form of ID is required to enter the Madras High Court, so keep your passport with you after your cheap flights to Chennai. 


What is the cost of visiting Chennai?

While booking your airfare to Chennai, you can plan your accommodation through Webjet as well. A variety of hotels are available to book across Chennai, ranging from budget to luxury. On average, a hotel room in the city centre costs between $100 and $150 AUD per night.

Once you arrive into Chennai International Airport (MAA), you’ll have a couple of transport options into the city. If you are travelling on a budget, you can catch a bus from the airport into central Chennai for 35 rupees (about 70 cents AUD). If you are tired after your flights to Chennai and want to get to your hotel quicker, taxis are available for around 400 to 500 rupees (about $8.25 to $10.30 AUD). Once you have reached the centre, both buses and trains are available to make your way around Chennai. Bus and train tickets range between 5 and 15 rupees (between about 10 and 30 cents AUD), based on distance travelled.

Food and drink are another aspect to plan for when you book return flights to Chennai. Grabbing a meal from a casual restaurant in the city costs about 150 rupees (about $3.10 AUD). Ordering a latte from a local cafe will cost about 100 rupees (about $2.05 AUD), and purchasing a pint of domestic beer in Chennai costs about 150 rupees (about $3.10 AUD).


What are the dos and don’ts of visiting Chennai?

Do learn a few basic phrases in Tamil

When you arrive in India after purchasing plane tickets to Chennai, you’ll find that the locals are passionate about their language. Although many people in Chennai speak English, they take it to be a huge compliment to their culture when a visitor attempts to speak some Tamil. Some basic Tamil phrases to know for your flights to Chennai include vanakkam (hello), nandri (thank you), mannikka vendum (excuse me), and Neengal aangilam pesuvi gala? (Do you speak English?).

Don’t smoke in public places

Smoking is banned in much of Chennai. If you are caught smoking in a public area after your flights to Chennai, you could be given a fine by a local police officer.

Do take caution while taking taxis or rickshaws

Some local drivers take advantage of tourists and charge much higher prices than they would for a local. When you have return flights to Chennai, be sure to agree on a price with the driver before getting in. A fair price for a taxi is about 12 rupees (25 cents AUD) per kilometre travelled.


How much time should I spend in Chennai?

In order to fully experience the culture of Chennai and the state of Tamil Nadu, book cheap flights to Chennai for about five days. Once you have booked plane tickets to Chennai, continue your explorations around South Asia by booking additional cheap flights through Webjet. Visit other Indian cities, such as Goa, Mumbai, or New Delhi, or catch a flight over the Bay of Bengal to Sri Lanka.