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Ceduna Guide

When is the best time to visit Ceduna?

The best time to visit Ceduna is from March to May and from September to November. During these times, the weather is pleasant with average temperatures sitting between 21℃ and 27℃. There is more rain at these times of the year than during summer, but the temperatures are more comfortable for those looking to spend more of their time outdoors following their flights from Adelaide to Ceduna.
Winter in Ceduna is mild, with average temperatures hovering at 18℃. The winter months also see Ceduna experience its greatest rainfall level, with an average of six rainy days per month. If cooler temperatures and some rain don’t deter you, this could be a good time to visit the small South Australian town. As winter is also the region’s off season, you may also be able to find cheap flights to Ceduna from Adelaide.
If you prefer warmer weather, consider booking your Adelaide to Ceduna flights to coincide with the summer months. Summer in Ceduna is hot and dry, with temperatures averaging 30℃ during the day. Keep in mind that this period does coincide with Australian school holidays, meaning that flights from Adelaide to Ceduna and hotel rates may be more expensive.

What are the top tips for first-time travellers to Ceduna?

No trip to Ceduna would be complete without a spot of fishing, as the town has earned a reputation for its thriving seafood industry,There are several fishing spots around town popular with locals, including jetties at Denial Bay, Fowlers Bay, Smoky Bay and Ceduna. Cast a line in the hopes of catching a few fish, or try your hand at squidding or drop-netting. Fishing charters departing Ceduna are also available if you are wanting to head further out to sea following your Adelaide to Ceduna flights or make the most of local fishing knowledge.
Ceduna is the last stop many people make before heading west across the Nullarbor Plain. If you’ve booked flights from Adelaide to Ceduna and hired a car with the plan of setting out on the famed drive, ensure your car’s petrol tank is filled before you begin your journey. There are several petrol stations between Ceduna, on the eastern side of the Nullarbor Plain, and Norseman, situated on its western edge.

What are the top things to do and see in Ceduna?

Arts Ceduna

Managed by the Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation, Arts Ceduna was established to help local Indigenous artists continue to practice their craft, share their talents and keep the traditions of Indigenous art alive. Visit Arts Ceduna after your Adelaide to Ceduna flights to learn more about Indigenous art, admire some incredible artworks and even support an artist by purchasing a piece to take home. Within the arts centre, you’ll find a variety of original artworks on show, from lino prints and paintings to ceramics and an assortment of hand crafted artefacts. Themed exhibitions are held throughout the year, so be sure to find what will be on show when you arrive on your cheap flights to Ceduna from Adelaide.

Ceduna School House Museum

Situated on Ceduna’s Park Terrace, the Ceduna School House Museum is the place to head when you arrive on flights from Adelaide to Ceduna and are wanting to learn more about the history of the region. Housed within an old school building constructed in 1912, the museum showcases a variety of Indigenous artefacts, an assortment of memorabilia relating to the nuclear testing undertaken at Maralinga in the 1950s and 60s, and more. Along with old medical equipment and farming machinery, you’ll also find a few unusual exhibits within the museum grounds, including a plaster cast of a 7.5-metre basking shark.

Ceduna’s Coastal Walking Trail

Stretching from the Ceduna Sailing Club to Thevenard’s Pink Point Lookout, Ceduna’s Coastal Walking Trail is a great way to explore the foreshore of Murat Bay. Covering a total of 3.6 kilometres one-way, a stroll along the purpose-built walking trail makes for a lovely start to the day, a nice afternoon outing or a great way to stretch your legs following your flights from Adelaide to Ceduna. The length of the trail is covered with a sealed walkway, making it ideal for a scenic bike ride too. The return journey takes about two hours to complete.

Eat fresh Ceduna oysters

Claiming the title of Australia’s ‘Oyster Capital’, no trip to Ceduna would be complete without sampling some of the region’s famed delicacies. Make your way to one of the fish processors in Thevenard after your cheap flights from Adelaide to Ceduna to snap up freshly harvested oysters, or stop by the Ceduna Oyster Barn for just-shucked oysters, fish and chips, and more. Next door to the Ceduna Oyster Barn, you’ll also find the town’s very own ‘big thing’, the Big Oyster.