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Casablanca Guide

Etiquette Tips for Tourists Travelling on Cheap Flights to Casablanca

Eating in Casablanca

When dining out at Casablanca's restaurants, there are a few etiquette tips you'll want to keep in mind. It is considered impolite to eat with your left hand, as that hand is reserved for "unclean" activities in Moroccan culture. When tipping, it's standard to leave behind 10-15% at upscale restaurants. It's also polite to tip porters, guides and hotel staff.

Visiting locals

If you're booking flights to Casablanca to visit friends, you should remove your shoes at the door of their home and greet them with your right hand.

Public displays of affection

In Morocco, you should keep any public displays of affection to a minimum as the country has a conservative culture. Once your flights to Casablanca arrive at Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN), it's a good idea to avoid kissing or hand holding in public.

The Best Time to Visit With Plane Tickets to Casablanca

One of the best months to visit Casablanca is June. The weather is warm but cooler than the city's peak season and the chances of rain ruining your holiday are slim. If you book return flights to Casablanca in June, prices for hotels and airfares may be lower, making it an affordable choice for all types of travellers. High season in Casablanca falls over the end-of year-holidays. From December to February, travellers from all over the world flock to the city. Flights to Casablanca increase to meet the demand, but if your budget allows for the higher prices, you'll be in time for the Fin D'annee week.

For budget travellers, the cheapest time to visit Casablanca is between October and November. The summer crowds have yet to arrive, and you'll have the city's attractions all to yourself. You won’t have a problem finding cheap flights to Casablanca and many of the city’s top hotels lower their rates. When booking your tickets to Casablanca, don't forget to pack an umbrella as these are some of wettest months in the city. 

Packing Tips


As soon as you've confirmed your flights to Casablanca you should check your wardrobe to see if you need to buy any items for your trip. It is wise to pack clothes that are loose-fitting and aren't too revealing. Some of the items to avoid are tank tops, shorts and sundresses. You'll also want to cover up any tattoos as much as possible.


One of the best things to bring with you on your flights to Casablanca is a lightweight travel scarf. Men and women will need them to cover up for visiting mosques and religious sites as well as to keep the sun off your face and neck. If you forget to bring one along, you can buy one at Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) or at any of the city’s local markets.

Power adapters

Casablanca uses a 220V supply voltage and 50 Hz. The hotels and guesthouses have plugs that are type C and E, so you'll need to bring along an adapter. You can pick one up in the airport before flights to Casablanca arrive at Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN).


Travellers who book flights to Casablanca should avoid walking around in or wearing a swimsuit in public areas. Most hotels will have a pool that you can use. Check with your accommodation and bring a swimsuit that isn't too revealing that you can wear to cool down from the heat of the Sahara.

Travelling with Children

Tamaris Aquarparc

If you're booking an airfare to Casablanca for you and your family, visit the Tamaris Aquaparc. It's a beautiful water park that has dozens of attractions to keep your kids entertained. There are swimming pools, a games room, a bowling alley and babysitting services.

Parc de Jeux Sindibad

Another excellent thing to do in Casablanca for families is the Parc de Jeux Sindibad. It's an amusement park and zoo where you'll find attractions such as playgrounds, large animal enclosures for lions and giraffes, as well as several restaurants and cafes. For families booking flights to Casablanca, it's one of the best things to do on the weekend.

Isesco Park

Isesco Park is one of Casablanca's most beautiful public parks. Inside the grounds, you'll find plenty of shade and manicured gardens to explore. For families buying flights to Casablanca, there are several playgrounds for young ones to enjoy and it's a great spot to go to if you want to take a break from sightseeing for an hour or two.

Learn to surf

If your kids have always wanted to learn how to surf, plan a trip to Ain Diab for an afternoon. The Ain Diab Surf School has lessons geared towards kids, and a two-hour lesson costs 120 MAD ($17.50 AUD). Wetsuits are included in the price, and you're welcome to join your kids for a lesson as well.