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What should I know before visiting Cairo?

Apply for an Egyptian e-Visa at least a week before your trip

Travellers from New Zealand need a visa to visit Egypt. Apply for an e-Visa at least seven days before your flights to Cairo, as it can take a week to process. The cost of the visa is $25 USD ($40.40 NZD). It will allow you to spend up to 30 days in Egypt. Keep a printed copy of your accepted visa on your way into Egypt as you’ll need to show it to border control at Cairo International Airport (CAI).

Tipping is expected

You’ll likely hear the word ‘baksheesh’ while visiting Egypt on cheap flights to Cairo. This refers to a tip, and there are several situations where tipping is expected. Always tip at least 10% any time you receive a service while holidaying in Cairo. This applies to restaurants, bars, and taxis. There are also other situations when it’s nice to tip locals, including tour guides, luggage porters, and bathroom attendants. A baksheesh of £1 EGP ($0.10 NZD) is appropriate in these instances.

The weekend is Friday and Saturday

Egypt follows the same model as several other Arabic countries by having its weekend on Friday and Saturday; the weekend begins after work hours on Thursday night. This means Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days to visit popular attractions and restaurants, and some shops close on Saturdays. Visit the pyramids and museums between Sunday and Thursday to avoid the weekend crowds while holidaying in Cairo.


What are Cairo’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Giza Necropolis

The Giza Necropolis can’t be missed when you book cheap flights to Cairo, Egypt. It’s home to two of Egypt’s most iconic landmarks: the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. The three main pyramids were built as tombs for Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, and three smaller pyramids were designed for their wives. The Great Sphinx of Giza represents the pharaoh Khafre and is a guardian to the pyramids. If you’re visiting following your flights to Cairo, you can even go inside some of the Pyramids - just know that no treasures remain hidden within.

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

You may not see Pharaonic artefacts inside the pyramids, but you’ll see a huge display if you visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities while travelling on cheap flights to Cairo. The museum holds more than 120,000 artefacts from Ancient Egyptian history and the largest collection of Pharaonic relics in the world. Spend time at the Egyptian Museum while holidaying with flights to Cairo to see ancient sarcophagus, mummies, statues, artwork, and items from the tombs of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs. You can also view Ancient Egyptian artefacts at Cairo’s other major museum, the Grand Egyptian Museum.

Cairo Tower

The Cairo Tower is Egypt’s tallest building, standing at 187 metres (613 feet) tall. The exterior of the tower is meant to resemble a lotus plant and features a lattice design to create that effect. There’s an outdoor observation deck on top of the tower, which boasts some of the best views you’ll find while visiting on return flights to Cairo, Egypt. Go to Cairo Tower in the late morning or afternoon for the clearest views across the city and the Nile River.


When is the best time to visit Cairo?

Winter is the peak tourist season in Egypt and the most popular time to book airfares to Cairo. The temperature averages a comfortable 20°C during the day and dips to around 10°C at night. These cooler temperatures bring in large crowds who want to enjoy the attractions of Cairo without intense desert heat. You’ll find that attractions are especially busy if you book tickets to Cairo in winter, and hotels tend to increase their rates to match the demand.

On the other hand, summer is the low season in Cairo. Temperatures reach around 35°C (sometimes higher!), and there’s little to no rain to cool things down. As Cairo is surrounded by desert, the Egyptian summer is dry rather than humid. This is the least busy time to travel on flights into Cairo International Airport (CAI). Visitors who book airfares to Cairo in summer may encounter fewer tourists than during other seasons, while also benefiting from lower hotel rates.

Autumn and spring are the two shoulder seasons in Egypt. These are great times to book tickets to Cairo if you want to avoid the heat of the summer and the high volume of tourists in winter. Daytime temperatures average between 25° and 30°C, and the evenings get some relief from the desert heat with temperatures hovering around 15°C.



Which airlines fly to Cairo?

Flights from New Zealand to Cairo are serviced by a number of airlines, including Qantas, Ethiopian Airlines, Oman Air, Cathay Pacific Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airline, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways and more.

How long is the flight time to Cairo?

As there are no direct flights available between New Zealand and Cairo, Egypt, the total flight time varies depending on the route flown and the length of each stopover. On average, the journey from New Zealand to Cairo is more than 27 hours in duration.


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