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London Guide

What sets London apart from other metropolitan cities in Europe is its multicultural, vibrant environment. Located on the famous River Thames in the South-East region of England, London’s metro area is home to more than 8 million people, and that number balloons to 14 million, if you count the wider metro area as well.

Experience the famous culture of England in the leading global city of the world! London offers a wonderful blend of culture, fashion, and music. Serving as the economic, cultural, and transport capital of the country, London is also one of the oldest cities in the world, with its origins dating all the way to the beginning of the AD calendar era.

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Things to do in London

Kensington Palace

Ever wondered how those royal people used to live? The Kensington Palace offers just that as you are free to explore, and learn about the lives of British Royals. There is a special exhibition dedicated to Queen Victoria, as well as to some modern icons, such as Princess Diana. You will even get a chance to see her dresses in a breathtaking exhibition.

The Shard

What better way to begin your Adelaide to London trip than enjoying one of the best views in Europe? With a remarkable height of almost 250m, The Shard’s observation deck is currently the tallest building in Western Europe. Visitors will get a chance to see the entire London skyline, including famous landmarks such as the London Eye, Wembley, and the Cathedral of St Paul.

Buckingham Palace

Also known as the Buckingham House, this architectural marvel is surrounded by colourful flowers from all sides. Originally, it was supposed to serve as a grand house for the wife of the Duke of Buckingham, but in 1826 it was transformed into one of London’s most famous landmarks, by George IV. It has officially been the royal residence for many of the United Kingdom’s ruling monarchs, over the years.

Best time to visit London

When is the best time to book cheap airfares from Adelaide to London?

London, being one of the most popular destinations in the world, offers a great experience at any time of the year. Depending on the reasons for your visit, you may choose to travel in spring, when London’s parks are in full effect, or in summer, the peak season.

Visitors seeking to maximise the public tour offers of this city should plan their Adelaide to London flights in late summer or early autumn, as that is when those services are operating on a daily basis. The weather will be the best during this time too, as temperatures will get warm, but not scorching, ideal for a sightseeing tour.

To find the best, cheap airfares from Adelaide to London, travelling in spring is the best option, as airfare prices drop during this season. You can also easily find return flights from Adelaide to London in spring, thanks to Webjet’s airfare finder.


Cheap airfares from Adelaide to London

With London being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Webjet’s airfare finder offers more than 100 Adelaide to London flights each day. Most of the airlines also offer return flights from Adelaide to London, so you will be able to find an ideal offer for you, no matter what your requirements are.


Departing from Adelaide Airport (ADL)

Adelaide Airport is the 5th busiest airport in Australia, servicing around 8 million travellers yearly. The airport is some 6km west from Adelaide’s city centre. 

Getting to Adelaide Airport (ADL)

Located just 15 minutes away from the centre of Adelaide, this small airport is the fifth busiest in Australia. Getting to the airport itself should be very simple, and will allow your Adelaide to London adventure to begin without worries. You may choose to use public transport, in the form of a shuttle bus, with a price of AUD 10 for one person.

As always, you can take the taxi, for a more convenient option, which will cost around AUD 25.


Parking Options at Adelaide Airport (ADL)

Adelaide Airport offers multiple parking options. If you are looking for one with the shortest distance from the terminals, the Terminal Car Park is there at your disposal, however, this is also the less affordable option, especially if you plan to stick around for a longer amount of time.

For a more economically-friendly choice you may opt for the Long Term Car Park, which is also fairly close to the Terminals.


Which International Terminal will your return flights from Adelaide to London depart from?

All international flights from the Adelaide Airport (ADL), including the ones to London, depart from the international T1 terminal.


Arriving at London airports

Known as the busiest system of airports in the world, London holds place to a whopping 6 international airports, with Gatwick Airport LGW, and Heathrow Airport LHR being the busiest. Finding your way to the hotel, from either of those, will be a fairly simple task.


Getting from Heathrow Airport LHR to your hotel

Transportation from the Heathrow Airport LHR to your hotel will not discourage you from beginning your exploration of the city right away, as it will be simple and easy. You can choose to go to your hotel by the 24/7 Heathrow Express, or the London Underground for the most affordable options. Be careful though as the latter might require more patience, so the taxi ride might be a better option for people in a rush.


Getting from Gatwick Airport LGW to your hotel

As the second busiest airport in the city, Gatwick Airport LGW also provides multiple transportation services. Located around 50 km from London itself, Gatwick is slightly farther away than you’d expect, but fear not, as the Gatwick Express train can take you to your London Hotel in just half an hour. For a slightly longer travel time, at a more affordable price, you may also choose the Thameslink train.

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