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Bundaberg Guide

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

Bundaberg Barrel

You’re probably familiar with Bundaberg soft drinks, but did you know you can get a look at how they’re made while visiting the city of Bundaberg? Plan a visit to the Bundaberg Barrel where you can take a tour of the factory and taste the full range of Bundaberg flavours. At the end of the tour and tasting, you can mix and match your own six pack of soft drinks to take with you as a souvenir. Bundaberg Barrel makes for a fun day out whether you’re travelling from Adelaide to Bundaberg with kids or as a group of adults.

Bundaberg Botanic Gardens

The Bundaberg Botanic Gardens are home to more than 10,000 trees and plants. Some of the gardens showcase native Australian flora, such as Australian rainforests, ferns, and palms. Visitors can also wander around gardens dedicated to plants from other parts of the world, including a Chinese garden, Japanese garden, prehistoric garden, and an orchard of rare fruit trees. Several of Bundaberg’s other top attractions are also located within the Botanic Gardens – the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, Australian Sugar Cane Railway, Fairymead House Sugar Museum, and the Bundaberg & District Historical Museum.

Hummock Lookout

Head over to the eastern suburbs of Bundaberg to visit the Hummock Lookout. This popular landmark is a volcanic remnant that sits 96 metres (315 feet) above sea level. Although that isn’t extremely high, the summit boasts one of the most impressive views you can visit while holidaying on Adelaide to Bundaberg flights. The view looks out over the city and sugar fields to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. You can drive up to the Hummock Lookout or enjoy a pretty walk to the summit through a small rainforest.

Public Transport and How to Get Around

Bundaberg has a limited bus network that connects the region. There are six bus routes with stops around the city and inner suburbs as well as routes into the coastal suburbs of Bargara, Burnett Heads, Moore Park Beach, and Elliott Heads. Note that none of the bus routes operate on Sundays, and there’s a reduced schedule on Saturdays.

Alternatively, you could rent a car to help you get around the Bundaberg region. Having a car comes in handy around town and also makes it quick and easy to reach attractions outside the centre like Mon Repos Turtle Centre and beaches along the Bundaberg coast. You can reserve your rental car with Webjet when planning your holiday from Adelaide to Bundaberg.

The Best Time to Visit

Bundaberg has a subtropical climate and benefits from warm daytime temperatures throughout the year. The region also has a wet season and a dry season that you can plan around when booking your flights from Adelaide to Bundaberg.

The dry season falls between May and October and is the best time to travel to Bundaberg. It’s not a true dry season like you’ll see further north in Queensland as there’s still some rain and humidity. However, it’s significantly less wet than the months outside of the dry season. Temperatures reach highs of about 22° to 27°C on the average day, and evening temperatures often cool to about 11° to 17°C.

The humidity and rain levels increase during the wet season between November and April. Temperatures also warm up – they reach average highs of 28° to 30°C and dip to lows of 18° to 22°C. The wet season sees fewer tourists than the dry season, and some hotels lower their rates during the quiet period, particularly outside of the school holidays. This can be a good time for budget-conscious travellers to book Adelaide to Bundaberg flights.

How Much Time to Spend in Bundaberg

Three or four days is the perfect amount of time to set aside for your trip to Bundaberg. The city centre itself is compact, so you can visit many of the central attractions in a day or so. Then base yourself in the city, but plan a couple of day trips to explore more of the Bundaberg region. Head over to the beaches east of the city, visit the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, and enjoy tastings at both the Bundaberg Barrel and Bundaberg Rum Distillery. The region also has several national parks if you’d like to do some hiking while travelling from Adelaide to Bundaberg – Burrum Coast National Park and Cordalba National Park both make great day trips from the city.


How long is the flight from Adelaide to Bundaberg?

Flights from Adelaide to Bundaberg are available from about four hours including a stopover.

Are there direct flights from Adelaide to Bundaberg?

No, you can fly between the two cities with Qantas, but flights include a stopover in Brisbane.