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Budapest Guide

Major Events and Festivals

Budapest Christmas Festival

Book your return flights to Budapest around the festive season and experience the most magical time of year in the ultimate winter wonderland setting. During the month-long Budapest Christmas Festival, there are tons of markets and events to explore that the whole family will love.

Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival is considered one of the largest music festivals in Europe. Each year, thousands of people buy tickets to Budapest to attend the event. It's also been nominated for the Best Major European Festival and the Artists' Favourite Festival.

The Budapest Wine Festival

If you love a good glass of wine, book your flights to Budapest around the city's wine festival. You can taste some of Hungary's best wines and sparkling varieties while attending jazz concerts and browsing craft fairs. The event takes place on top of Buda Cast Hill and along the terraces of the Royal Palace.

Budapest Spring Festival

The Budapest Spring Festival is one of the biggest events on the Hungarian Calendar. Each year, people buy flights to Budapest to attend the incredible classical concerts that feature some of the world's top musicians.

Etiquette Tips For Travellers With Return Flights to Budapest

Keep small change in your wallet

In Budapest, most of the small local shops won't take credit or debit cards. Once your flights to Budapest have landed, go to the nearest ATM and withdraw some cash. You'll want to keep any small change on you and try to pay the exact amount due.

Stand on the right side of the escalator

What most people who buy flights to Budapest don't know is that the city's escalators have two lanes. People stand on the right to make room for people on the left who want to walk down instead of waiting. This rule applies to any escalator in the city, and you'll cause a traffic jam by ignoring it.

Board the bus correctly

If you're catching a bus from Budapest Airport (BUD) after your flights to Budapest land, board at the front of the bus and have your ticket ready for the driver to validate. It's also considered good etiquette to give up your seat on trams and buses for the elderly or people travelling with kids.

Tipping in Budapest

If you're planning to eat a few meals out at Budapest's restaurants, it's common to tip 10% of the total bill. If you think your service was outstanding, you can leave a 15% top. However, many of the restaurants automatically add a 12.5% service charge so always check your bill before leaving anything extra. After you’ve confirmed your tickets to Budapest, be sure to budget for tipping.

How Much Time to Spend in Budapest

When booking flights to Budapest, it can be hard deciding how much time to spend in the city. As a good rule of thumb, you'll need three full days to see the city's top sights like the Buda Castle, the Parliament Buildings, St. Stephen's Basilica and Fisherman's Bastion which was used as a set in the Harry Potter movies.

If you want to buy airfare to Budapest and explore its hidden gems, you should add more time onto your itinerary. There is more than enough to do in Budapest so you won't get bored. You can add a food and wine tour to your list to learn more about Hungarian cuisine, go to the Hospital in the Rock or plan a trip out to Margaret island.

However, if you're buying airfare to Budapest and you're working the city into a greater European itinerary, three days is the perfect amount to see the major attractions and to get a taste of the nightlife. Plus, there are plenty of cheap flights from Budapest Airport (BUD) making it easy to country hop.

The Best Time to Visit with Cheap Flights to Budapest

The best to visit Budapest is during the city's two shoulder seasons. From March to May and September to November, the weather is still comfortable, and there are fewer crowds at the top attractions. You'll also have an easier time finding cheap flights to Budapest and hotels will drop their rates. You'll also be in time for some of the city's best food events like the OTP Bank Gourmet Festival and the Budapest Wine Festival. However, you will need to pack an umbrella, especially during spring! June to August is high season in Budapest.

Tourists from all over Europe and around the world, buy flights to Budapest to soak up the warm summer weather. As a result, airlines increase prices, and you'll need to book your accommodation well in advance to get your first choice hotel. Low season in Budapest is the city's winter months. From December to February, the chilly temperatures keep most travellers at bay. However, if you don't mind bundling up, you'll find excellent deals on flights to Budapest, and you'll be around for the city's famous Christmas markets.