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Need to know

Brussels is a city cleaved in two, split between Flemish and French, the old and the new. The Belgian capital is renowned for its grandiose Art Nouveau and Renaissance Revival architecture, as well as a dining scene smothered in a mixture of chocolate, beer, mussels and fries.

Walking the cobbled streets of Brussels, you’ll discover a number of remarkable attractions. The Magritte Museum contains hundreds of surrealist masterpieces, the Espace Léopold is home to the European Parliament, and the iconic Manneken Pis (a statue of a urinating boy) is said to represent the “irreverent spirit” of Brussels and its inhabitants.

Whether you’re interested in the boutique stores, art galleries and flea markets of Sablon (Zavel), the artsy, bohemian atmosphere of Saint-Gilles (Sint-Gillis) or the upmarket lifestyle on display in communes like Uccle (Ukkel), Brussels has something to offer everyone.

Getting around

Many of Brussels’ main tourist attractions are located within walking distance of one another, with many pedestrian-only roads to be found inside the old town. That said, Brussels’ rainy disposition means that sturdy walking shoes are always a good idea. Public transport is another easy way to navigate Brussels; the city’s 17 tram lines make up one of the largest tram networks in Europe, and the convenient inter-ticketing system allows commuters to use their tickets on both trams and buses. Although new bike lanes have started to improve the situation, a combination of cobbled streets, inconsiderate drivers and extensive tram tracks have traditionally made cycling in Brussels a difficult and sometimes dangerous exercise.

Brussels is home to an oceanic climate with mild summers and cool winters. An average summer day in Brussels can fluctuate between 12 and 23 degrees, while winter temperatures generally sit between 0 and 7 degrees. Summer is peak tourist season in Brussels, with higher rates and crowded sites bundled in with the pleasant weather. Visiting during spring and autumn will grant you access to cheaper rates while temperatures remain reasonable. Be aware that Brussels sees more rainy days than any other European capital, with these becoming more common in winter. 

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is located roughly 15 km northeast of the city centre. Flights travel to Brussels Airport from a number of locations, including Toronto, Amsterdam, Mumbai, New York, Abu Dhabi and Edinburgh. A bus or taxi from the airport should take about 20 minutes to reach the centre of Brussels.

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