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Departing Adelaide
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Departing Brisbane
Travel in November
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Departing Hobart -
Travel in October
Travel to Broome from Hobart with VA Airlines
Departing Melbourne
Travel in October
Travel to Broome from Melbourne with VA Airlines
Departing Gold Coast -
Travel in August
Travel to Broome from Gold Coast with VA Airlines
Departing Perth
Travel in July
Travel to Broome from Perth with VA Airlines
Departing Sydney
Travel in August
Travel to Broome from Sydney with VA Airlines
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Broome Guide

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Broome

Looking to book tickets to Broome? Located in the Kimberleys of Western Australia, Broome is a no-fuss resort beach town that is renowned for its pearls and seafood. It is situated about 2000 kilometres north of Perth, and is a launchpad for seeing Cable Beach and the wider Kimberley region.


It Actually Gets Cold

If you want to book tickets to Broome in the winter months, it’s only best you pack accordingly. While the daytime temperatures hover around 29°C, the nights can get quite cold, sometimes sitting at 14°C or colder. That said, don’t let the cold nights put you off finding plane tickets to Broome for travel between May and August, as the warm ocean waters (25°C to 27°C) will certainly keep you warm.


Keep Your Tank Full

Broome is quite isolated. No matter if you’re booking flights to Broome directly (and you’re renting a car to explore your surrounds), or if you’re driving in from another Australian town, it’s always important to keep your petrol tank full. Petrol stations can be few and far between in Outback WA., sometimes being up to 300 kilometres apart.


Top Things to Do and See With Cheap Flights to Broome

Take A Trip To Cable Beach

Cable Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in all of Australia. It is known as one of Australia's great family holiday destinations, and people from all around the world book flights to Broome to experience the crystal clear, turquoise waters and seemingly endless stretch of sand. If you book tickets to Broome during peak season (November to February), make sure you pack your hat, sunscreen and shades.


Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

Just 10 kilometres from Broome International Airport (BME), you’ll find the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a fun day out with the entire family. The park is home to some of the best animals that Western Australia has to offer: kangaroos, dingoes, wallabies, native birds and (of course) crocodiles.


Make Sure You See Town Beach

The best reason to book flights to Broome is the beach. Now Cable Beach might be the most Instagramable beach, but Town Beach is arguably more fun. Situated on the east side of Broome, Town Beach is beset by grassy parks, cafes and playgrounds.


Visit The Pearl Shops

Broome is Australia’s pearl capital. And if you’re booking return flights to Broome with the hopes of buying a few of these precious gems, you’re in luck. The town is full of small jewellery shops and craft markets where you can find beautiful pearls for reasonable prices.


The Best Time To Visit on Flights to Broome

Broome International Airport (BME) sees many visitors from all around the world every peak season, when the population in Broome practically triples.

The best time to book flights to Broome is for travel between July and October, autumn in Australia. This does happen to be the peak tourist season, so get in early to increase your chances of finding the best cheap flights to Broome.

The thing about summer in Broome (November to February) is that it’s hot. Really hot. Temperatures can reach 40°C during the day, and it is also jellyfish season in the water - something to be mindful of if you’re planning on booking return flights to Broome for summer travel. If you are going to buy plane tickets to Broome for these summer months, do a bit of research around the jellies and when the best times are to swim to avoid them.