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Looking for cheap flights to Bora Bora, French Polynesia from Australia? Compare airlines, find the best deal and save big on airfare to this pristine French Polynesian Island paradise!

Bora Bora Guide

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Bora Bora

Change cash into the local currency

hen you book cheap flights to Bora Bora, you’ll find that many local vendors only accept cash. Unless your hotel has an ATM, you may have trouble getting cash out once you’re in Bora Bora. Plan to exchange some Australian dollars to French Polynesian francs before catching your flights to Bora Bora.

Book to stay in an overwater bungalow

Bora Bora is known to have some of the most lavish hotels in the world. For the ultimate island experience, stay in an overwater bungalow when you have return flights to Bora Bora. Common features of overwater bungalows include a private swimming pool, a sun deck, and excellent views. While overwater bungalows are not cheap, exact price ranges can vary based on the level of luxury and seclusion as well as add-ons, such as butler service. Several hotels with overwater bungalows are available to book through Webjet.

Sit on the left side of the plane flying into Bora Bora Airport (BOB)

In order to receive the best views as you arrive into Bora Bora, plan to sit on the left side of the plane. Bora Bora Airport (BOB) is small, so all arriving flights connect through Tahiti. Flights to Bora Bora from Tahiti do not allocate seats to passengers; in order to get a seat on the left side of the plane, check in and arrive to your departure gate early.

Top Experiences for Visitors with Flights to Bora Bora

Matira Beach

When you book an airfare to Bora Bora, enjoying the beaches and ocean are likely a top priority. One of the top beaches to experience when you have tickets to Bora Bora is Matira Beach, which CNN has previously dubbed the best beach in the world. The majority of beaches around Bora Bora are privately owned by hotels or resorts, but Matira Beach is open to anyone with flights to Bora Bora. The beach stretches for 3.2 kilometres (2 miles), and although it’s a public beach, it is rarely busy. With turquoise water, bright white sand and curved palm trees, Matira Beach is the epitome of paradise.

Coral Gardens

The Coral Gardens are one of the best places to snorkel after arriving on cheap flights to Bora Bora. This colourful coral reef is located offshore of Bora Bora’s main island. The water is warm and clear, offering the perfect conditions to observe coral formations and tropical fish. Several snorkelling tours of the Coral Gardens are available from Matira Beach.

Mount Otemanu

Mount Otemanu is the tallest mountain peak to see when you have return flights to Bora Bora. It reaches 727 metres (2,385 feet) and is visible from much of Bora Bora. In order to experience this rugged side to Bora Bora, hike through the jungle and see Mount Otemanu up close. The jungle trails around the mountain are quite dense, so it’s recommended that travellers with flights to Bora Bora book a local guide to visit Mount Otemanu.


The Cost of Visiting

The local currency in Bora Bora is the French Polynesian france (XPF). $1 AUD is equivalent to about 75 francs.

If you plan to stay in an overwater bungalow when you book airfare to Bora Bora, budget about $900 AUD per night for this luxurious, but unforgettable accommodation option. For a more budget-friendly option, you could book a hotel on land for about $200 to $300 AUD per night with Webjet.

Several resorts offer all-inclusive meal plans that you could purchase for your stay. However, for a more localised experience, visit the local restaurants and cafes. Meals from local restaurants average about 2500 francs ($33.60 AUD), and a domestic beer is about 800 francs ($10.75 AUD).

Snorkelling is another expense to consider when you have tickets to Bora Bora. A day-long snorkelling tour in the Coral Gardens costs about 14,000 francs ($188 AUD), but varies depending on the tour operator.

Packing Tips

When planning for your cheap flights to Bora Bora, pack for sunshine and warm weather. Bora Bora is warm all year round with daytime temperatures of about 26 to 28°C. Bring along shorts, swimsuits, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Many of the resorts in Bora Bora also have nice restaurants, so you may want to bring along a couple of smart outfits to wear at night.

Other essentials for your return flights to Bora Bora are a strong sunscreen and plug adapters for your electronics. French Polynesia uses two types of plugs: type B, which are used in the USA; and type E, which are used in much of Europe. Bring along a plug adapter to fit each of these outlet types.

A major draw to Bora Bora are the plethora of coral reefs around the islands. In order to capture some photos of your underwater activities in Bora Bora, brin