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Departing Adelaide - Best Price BA Airlines
$2,166* RETURN
BA Airlines
$2,226* RETURN
SQ Airlines
$2,508* RETURN
SQ Airlines
$2,404* RETURN
$2,166* RETURN
Travel in May
Travel to Berlin from Adelaide with BA Airlines
Departing Brisbane - Best Price LH Airlines
$1,939* RETURN
AY Airlines
$2,251* RETURN
SQ Airlines
$2,327* RETURN
LH Airlines
$2,089* RETURN
LH Airlines
$2,029* RETURN
$1,939* RETURN
Travel in May
Travel to Berlin from Brisbane with LH Airlines
Departing Sydney - - - JL Airlines
$1,793* RETURN
- -
$1,737* RETURN
Travel in October
Travel to Berlin from Sydney with JL Airlines
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Berlin Guide

Major Events and Festivals

Berlin is a city with a long and diverse history, so it’s no wonder its locals fill the streets with vibrant and lively celebrations throughout the year. If you’re planning flights to Berlin near Pentecost, you’ll be around for the Carnival of Cultures. This four-day event celebrates the cultural diversity in the city and features a colourful street parade. More than half a million tourists plan their holiday flights to Berlin around this festival to see the thousands of dancers, artists, and musicians perform.

Perhaps the most iconic beverage in Germany is a stout beer. Plan return flights to Berlin for travel in August for the opportunity to taste craft beer from more than 90 countries. 350 breweries proudly display more than 2,400 unique beers to create the ‘Longest Beer Garden’ in the world. Book your tickets to Berlin early if you want to take part in this fun festival of food, music, and beer. What would autumn flights to Berlin be without taking part in Oktoberfest? The streets come alive with the aroma of Bavarian foods such as pretzels, roasted chicken, and pork knuckles. Freshly crafted beer pours from every stall while lively brass bands perform traditional folk music. There’s no doubt the locals enjoy entertaining families who’ve arrived on flights to Berlin for Oktoberfest too. You’ll find activities such as bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, dancing, children’s rides, and carnival games throughout the festival. No matter if you’re booking cheap flights to Berlin for business or pleasure, schedule some time to catch the Festival of Lights in late October. Tasteful displays of art are featured across the city on every major landmark, monument, and building. This world-renowned festival is an opportunity for local and international artists to present their vivid artworks. The result is a stunning array of lights across Berlin. It is truly magical.

The Best Time to Visit on Flights to Berlin

The best time to plan return flights to Berlin really depends on what you hope to see and do during your stay. The summer and autumn months between May through September are ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Travellers on flights to Berlin during this time can enjoy the 21°C weather with a leisurely stroll in the Tiergarten or a picnic along the River Spree. While the days are perfect for exploring, ideal weather conditions tend to draw in large crowds. Make arrangements for your hotels and airfare to Berlin well in advance to snap up the best deals. If you’re hoping to take part in Oktoberfest or the Christmas celebrations, be prepared for large crowds and colder temperatures. Daily highs between October through December range between -1°C to 10°C. While the cold will turn some tourists away, anyone looking for cheap flights to Berlin and hotel rooms should book early. Berlin is at its coldest between January through April. The bone-chilling days can put a slight dampener on any outdoor exploring you intend to do. However, if you can handle the below freezing temperatures, you may be able to save money on cheap flights to Berlin for late winter travels.

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

A must-visit landmark for many travellers on flights to Berlin is the remains of the Berlin Wall. The ‘Iron Curtain’, as it was referred to, is located in the heart of the city at Bernauer Strasse and extends along 1.4 kilometres of the former border between what was East and West Germany. You may want to brush up on Cold War history prior to departing for Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) to get a deeper comprehension of how this wall shaped the culture of world. The memorial contains the final piece of the Berlin Wall as well as the preserved grounds behind it to convey the extraordinary acts that went into the division of the country. If you’re travelling on business flights to Berlin, consider touring the Tiergarten between meetings. The 519-acre park provides respite from the loud city and is a popular place to relax, jog, walk, or even picnic. The Berlin Zoo, as well as two biergartens, is located within the park. Historians, architectural enthusiasts and culture aficionados travelling on cheap flights to Berlin will delight in the sights and sounds within the Berliner Dom. The dome itself plays a vital role in the cityscape of Berlin, but it’s the impressively elaborate details within the Basilica that attracts tourists who’ve arrived on cheap flights to Berlin. One of the most impressive restoration projects witnessed by visitors on flights to Berlin is at the Brandenburg Gate. The site was nearly destroyed during World War II, and the Gate sat in ‘No Man’s Land’ between East and West Germany during the Cold War - as a result it was left derelict.