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Belfast Guide

What is the best way to get around Belfast?

Transport from Belfast International Airport (BFS)

Bus: The cheapest transport option from the airport is the bus. The Airport Express 300 departs outside of the arrivals terminal and runs seven days a week. The service usually leaves every 15 minutes, and the total journey time into the city is 15 minutes. When your flights to Belfast land, you can buy your transfer tickets from the Visit Belfast information desk for around 8 GBP ($15.13 AUD).

Taxi: There is a taxi stand located just outside the airport terminal. It's the best option for travellers with flights to Belfast who know they’ll be arriving with heavy or multiple bags. The travel time from Belfast International Airport (BFS) to the city is between 35 to 40 minutes. You can expect to pay on average 31 GBP ($58.62 AUD) for a one-way trip.

Car Rental: If you're buying tickets to Belfast and want to explore the Game of Thrones filming locations or the Giant's Causeway, you should hire a car. Webjet gives you the option to book your airfare to Belfast and your vehicle at the same time. Alternatively, you can choose from what's available at the airport when you arrive.

Public transport in Belfast


Keep your transportation costs to a minimum by taking advantage of Belfast's reliable bus service. There are 12 different routes and the buses usually have a departure frequency of between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the stop. A free bus service also operates through parts of Belfast. It connects the city centre with St. George Market and runs from 9am to 6.20pm. The best bus option for travellers buying return flights to Belfast is the hop on hop off bus. The 23 stops cover almost all of the city's top attractions.


Metered taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are available in Belfast. If you're using a regular cab, make sure the driver has a meter and it's turned on for your journey. If your flights to Belfast are arriving in the evening, keep in mind there is a surcharge for all trips between 8pm and 6am.

What are the best places to stay in Belfast?


If you want to stay close to Belfast's top attractions, book a hotel in the Central area. It’s located about 25 minutes from Belfast International Airport (BFS) and the area boasts an excellent selection of restaurants, pubs, and shops. Spend some time searching for souvenirs at the Golden Mile, Victoria Square and St. George's Market and don't miss out on exploring Belfast City Hall and Linen Hall Library.

Queens Quarter

For cheaper accommodation prices than those usually found in Central, Queens Quarter is a good option. Located south of the city centre, this neighbourhood is close to the Queens University and offers an array of hostels, budget hotels and short-term rentals. Queens Quarter is perfect for students buying airfare to Belfast, who want to soak up the city's university life and attend on-campus events like pub quiz nights.

Cathedral Quarter

Cathedral Quarter caters to artists and creatives booking return flights to Belfast. It's north of the city centre and is home to vibrant murals and colourful street art. The neighbourhood also has a good variety of restaurants and is a top choice for LGBTQ travellers who want to soak up the city's nightlife. Some notable attractions include St. Anne's Cathedral, The Metropolitan Arts Centre, and Northern Ireland War Memorial.

Titanic Quarter

The Titanic Quarter is famous for its former shipyard that built the doomed Titanic. Today, it's one of Belfast's newest residential neighbourhoods. It boasts excellent museums, entertainment venues and charming cafes. With its strong maritime theme, it's the perfect area for travellers buying flights to Belfast who have a keen interest in all things nautical.

What should I know before visiting Belfast?

Currency in Northern Ireland

As Northern Ireland is part of the UK, you'll need British pounds for getting around once your flights to Belfast land. If you're planning to visit Ireland as well, you'll need to change your currency to euros once you cross the border.

Costs in Belfast

If you've snapped up cheap flights to Belfast and are hoping to travel around on a budget while you’re there, you'll be happy to know that it's one of the most affordable cities to visit in the UK. According to Lonely Planet, you should budget EUR 110 ($177 AUD) per day if you’re travelling on a budget. Mid-range costs are between EUR 110-180 ($177 - $290 AUD) and luxury travel is usually more than EUR 180 ($290 AUD) each day.

Best time to visit Belfast

The best time to visit Belfast is between June and August. These are the city's summer months and when you can expect the warmest weather. However, it's the most popular time to buy return flights to Belfast, and top choice hotels fill up fast. If you're after a quieter holiday, look for cheap flights to Belfast around May and September.