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Beirut Guide

What are Beirut’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque

Although construction on Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque only began in 2002, it has quickly become an icon of the Lebanese capital. It stands out from other mosques in Beirut thanks to its bright blue domes and towering minarets. While holidaying on flights to Beirut, you’ll discover that the Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque dominates the city’s skyline. After admiring the mosque’s Ottoman-inspired exterior, head inside to take in its elaborate design of colourful paintings, calligraphy, and artistic stonework.

National Museum of Beirut

The best way to learn about the history and culture of Lebanon is by planning a visit to the National Museum for after the first leg of your return flights to Beirut lands. The National Museum of Beirut houses artefacts that tell the chronicle the history and culture of Lebanon. Some objects date back to the Prehistoric era, while other artefacts convey what life was like during Ottoman rule. If you visit the museum while holidaying on flights to Beirut, pick up an iPad from the information desk to take the self-guided tour.

Martyrs’ Square

Martyrs’ Square is a monument dedicated to the Lebanese who were killed while the country was under Ottoman rule. The square has played a central role in many of Lebanon’s most historically important events; most notably the Lebanese Civil War when it served as a line to divide the city in half. When you book airfare to Beirut, plan to spend some time at Martyrs’ Square. It has a commemorative statue and is surrounded by cinemas, cafes and hotels.

Pigeon Rocks

Pigeon Rocks is a stunning natural landmark, made up of limestone arches and stacks, on the western edge of the city centre - just offshore. Take a stroll along the Corniche to see Pigeon Rocks while exploring the city on cheap flights to Beirut. The Corniche is a coastal promenade that hugs the city centre and takes wanderers past a viewpoint overlooking the rocks. The best time to see Pigeon Rocks is at sunset when you can sit outdoors at a nearby cafe and admire the view while enjoying a drink.


What is the cost of visiting Beirut?

After arriving on cheap flights to Beirut, you’ll find that Lebanon uses two currencies – the Lebanese pound and the US dollar. The pound is the official currency, but USD is widely accepted. If you have USD from a previous visit to the States, pack it for your flights to Beirut to spend in Lebanon.

Once you’ve booked tickets to Beirut, you can also use Webjet to find a hotel. The average nightly rate of a hotel room in the city centre averages between $150 and $200 AUD.

Once your cheap flights to Beirut have landed, make your way to the city by taxi. Taxis from Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) to the centre cost about 30,000 pounds ($29.35 AUD). Make sure you agree on a price in advance or ask your driver to turn on the meter to avoid being overcharged. Once you have arrived into the city, public buses are widely available. Tickets to Beirut buses range between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds (between $1 and $1.50 AUD), based on how far you go.

Food and drink are another cost to consider when you book return flights to Beirut. A main meal from a local restaurant typically costs about 20,000 pounds ($19.50 AUD). Ordering a pint of domestic beer costs about 5,000 pounds ($4.90 AUD), while a latte from a local cafe averages about 4,000 pounds ($3.90 AUD).


What are the dos and don’ts of visiting Beirut?

Do tip locals who provide a service

When you book airfare to Beirut, be sure to budget for tipping. In Lebanon, visitors are expected to tip anyone who provides a service. This includes restaurant servers, taxi drivers, and hotel porters. 10 to 15% is standard, but it’s polite to tip a bit extra if service is particularly great.

Don’t arrive to Lebanon with an Israeli stamp in your passport

Visitors arriving into Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) can be refused entry into Lebanon if they have an Israeli stamp in their passport, regardless of whether or not they have a valid Lebanese visa. If you have previously visited Israel, consider renewing your passport before your flights to Beirut to avoid any issues upon arrival.

Do plan day trips out of the city

While Beirut is an exciting city that has a lot going on, heading out of the capital for a day or two will show you another side of the country. Some of the best day trips to take between return flights to Beirut include the ruins of Baalbek, Byblos and Tripoli.