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Beijing Guide

The Best Time to Visit with Cheap Flights to Beijing

If you’re thinking about booking flights to Beijing for the autumn months between September and October, you may be able to find big savings on hotels and airfares. Even better than saving money on plane tickets to Beijing is the prospect that these shoulder months provide respite from the scorching summer heat and large crowds. While summer temperatures may linger into September, the humidity dissipates allowing nights to get as low as 4°C. The best deals on cheap flights to Beijing may be found between November through February. Aside from major holidays, winter sees the fewest tourists. Having many of the tourist attractions to yourself can make for a wonderful holiday, however, winter temperatures in Beijing can drop below freezing. Most winter days only get as high as 4°C, so pack plenty of layers and bring a coat along on your cheap flights to Beijing. Spring months between March through May can be a beautiful time to book return flights to Beijing. Vibrant coloured trees and flowers begin to bloom throughout the city. Daytime temperatures can reach as high as 21°C as summer approaches, but early spring remains cool and relatively dry. If you are planning to book an airfare to Beijing in spring, have a few indoor activities planned in the event you encounter a dust storm. Dust storms are common and most hotels will provide you with precautions to take. Planning business or holiday flights to Beijing in the summer months between June through August can take a big chunk out of your budget. Summer sees high temperatures between 27° to 30°C and increased rainfall. Despite the sticky heat, the city is packed with locals and tourists throughout the season. Hotel rates and the cost of an airfare to Beijing will be at their highest as well.

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

No matter your reason for booking flights to Beijing, a tour of the Great Wall of China should certainly be on your list of things to see before heading back home. There are several areas to tour the Great Wall of China, but the Badaling section is favoured among travellers visiting on return flights to Beijing. This section is 12 kilometres long and features 43 watch towers. You can explore 3.74 kilometres of the wall and 19 of the watchtowers, which have been fully restored. The North section of the Badaling wall hosts 12 of the restored watch towers and can take a little more than three hours to climb. If you’re not up for climbing, you can take advantage of the cable cars that stop at multiple watch towers. Your wish list of things to do after booking cheap flights to Beijing may include a visit to the Forbidden City. This 15th-century palace compound was used as the royal residence for 24 Chinese emperors. It’s a good idea to purchase entry tickets at the same time as you book your cheap flights to Beijing as this is one of the top tourist attractions in the entire city. Don’t let the idea of large crowds deter your visit. The palace grounds are massive and with so much to explore, very few tourists ever feel overcrowded. Leave plenty of room in your schedule to see every detail of this exquisite site. Snap photos of the intricate architecture and visit the Hall of Supreme Harmony, which houses the imperial throne and the emperor’s private garden. For a truly unique experience to follow your flights into Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), visit the Lama Temple. The lamasery was built in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty and is the biggest and best-preserved temple in Beijing. Arrange a tour of the temple when you plan your flights to Beijing. Your tour guide will give you a bracelet or string of beads before leading you into a blessing room. Once you give your bracelet to the eminent monk the ceremony will begin.

Etiquette Tips For Travelling to China on An Airfare to Beijing

If you’re travelling on flights to Beijing on business or to explore the ancient city for the first time, there are a few customs and etiquette tips to keep in mind. You’ll want to bring a small gift of some kind for your host when meeting for the first time. Edible gifts make great gifts for a host family in tight spaces. Pens and liquor are recommended for business travellers on flights to Beijing. Initial greetings should also include a hand shake. While this seems easy enough, there are rules to a proper handshake in Beijing. Men are to be introduced to women; hats and sunglasses must be removed; and unless you are in a wheelchair, you should never remain seated when extending your hand. English, while understood, is not widely spoken in the city. You will certainly want to brush up on your Mandarin during your flights to Beijing. You may want to download a translator app on your phone to help you navigate the city to avoid getting lost. If you’re at a business banquet, take care not to eat or drink before your host begins. Also note, a good host keeps the glasses of his guests full, so you may want to pace yourself to avoid an overindulgence of Chinese liquor. Even if you’re comfortable eating with chopsticks, there are a few major rules to abide by. Don’t point them at anything or anyone and never stick them in your food so that they stand straight up. This is a practice reserved for Chinese funerals and is considered a serious offense. Slurping noodles falls in line with Beijing’s etiquette. If you refrain from slurping, it can be taken as an insult to your host.